US Senate Democrats Unveil $400 Billion-A-Year Plan To Tackle Climate Change

Senate Democrats on Tuesday unveiled a wide-ranging plan to tackle climate change that calls for the U.S. government to spend more than $400 billion a year to eliminate U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The plan is the latest in a series of blueprints from congressional Democrats detailing how the United States can combat global warming. None are likely to proceed in the current Republican-controlled Senate but could get traction if the chamber flips in November’s election.

The plan calls for accelerating wind and solar energy deployment, public investment in electric vehicle infrastructure and incentives, and funding public transit.

The Trump administration has downplayed the risks of climate change and cut regulations on the fossil fuels industries. The plan offered by Senate Democrats also calls for reforming lobbying laws to reduce the influence of those industries.

The Senate Democrats’ plan would target creation of at least 10 million jobs in areas like clean energy manufacturing and research and development for new technologies, the report by the Senate Democrats’ Special Committee on the Climate Crisis said.

The report said the price tag, equal to about 2% of U.S. gross domestic product, is justified by the urgency of the crisis and the far more expensive economic disruption caused by changing temperatures.

“There is no viable scenario in which our country avoids significant spending,” the report said.

The report, more than 200 pages long, outlines a range of policy goals to help eliminate emissions while creating jobs in industries like electricity, agriculture and transportation. At least 40% of the benefits from the government’s climate spending would benefit low-income communities and people of color, the report said.

Trump and some Republicans have said the science of climate change is not settled and argued that a rapid shift to renewable energy could destabilize the grid, raise electricity costs, and kill jobs in drilling, mining and other industries.

(Reporting by Nichola Groom; Editing by David Gregorio)


  1. Ken: you are really, really confused.

    The Earth’s MAGNETIC FIELD moving does NOT mean that the Earth changes its axis. The axis is very stable. The magnetic axis changes all of the time and it has even accelerated, recently. The Earth hasn’t moved.

  2. How about tackling rioting and looting in your own, Democrat-run, cities? Pathetic politicians.

  3. Baghdad recently has had a week with temperatures above 120 degrees F. This is close to the temperature, I am told, where it is impossible to live.

    Climate changes all the time. Usually much more slowly than has been happening. Scientists tell us it’s carbon dioxide and methane that’s driving the rapid change. I see no reason to disbelieve the science.

    It makes sense to spend money to reverse the emissions, to find alternatives to fossil fuels that permit us to live our nice life, and make room for the other six billion world citizens who want to live as well as we do. There are some levels of warming, I am told and don’t dismiss out of hand, that will lead to a vicious feedback loop, where warming begets even more warming. Best not to get there, not test that hypothesis.

  4. Yes, man is contributing to the rise in temperature, but not in the way we are being told.
    According to NASA, the science guys, the North Pole has begun moving in an Easterly direction.
    If the North Pole continues to move in that direction it will eventually be somewhere in Europe.
    The Equator will be up around the Chicago area, leaving a majority of the US a desert.
    So what do the scientists think is causing this?
    The removal of ground water as India becomes more populated and the millions of tons of concrete the Chinese are using to build their industrial nation.
    They are throwing the balance of the Earth off.
    Nothing we can do unless those two countries stop what they are doing, and that’s not going to happen.
    Currently no type of energy production is “harmless” to the Earth.

  5. ”The climate changes all the time.” Ron

    The TREND is well known, PLUS it has been correlated to what Man has done to make it move in that trend.

  6. I think controlling the Sun and the earth cant be done by throwing money at the idea. Everyone is still stuck on warming when we are entering a solar minimum and a cooling period. The climate changes all the time.

  7. Corporal Putz,
    The big guy being “Nancy Pelosi?”
    The Demonrats can do that but they won’t help the American people
    through this pandemic? SHAME SHAME!

  8. When are these morons in the house and senate both dems and republicans going to quit spending money on stupid worthless shit.

  9. Note to the American Fascist Party:

    See? This is how you show what some in your party stand for, not some cockamamie scheme of “let’s do whatever the Big Guy wants”.

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