Senate Approves Resolution to Limit Trump’s Military Authority as Republicans Break With POTUS

The Senate voted to approve a resolution limiting President Donald Trump’s authority to take military action against Iran with Congressional approval.

In a 55-45 vote on Thursday, the Senate approved legislation pushed by Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) that would require the president to end any military action against Iran within 30-days without the approval of Congress.

Eight Republicans — including Sens. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), Bill Cassidy (La.) Susan Collins (Maine), Mike Lee (Utah), Rand Paul (Ky.), Jerry Moran (Kan.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), and Todd Young (Ind.) — voted along with every Democratic senator in favor of the legislation. 

Republicans who supported the measure said they were doing so to reclaim Congress’s power regarding war-making decisions.

On Wednesday, Trump warned Republicans against voting for the resolution on Twitter, “We are doing very well with Iran, and this is not the time to show weakness.”

The resolution gained traction in Congress after Trump ordered the strike that killed Iran’s top general, Qasem Soleimani, in early January.

Senate Democrats cast the measure as a check against the president to ensure he does not “bumble” the country into an “endless war.”

Trump is expected to veto the legislation, and there are currently not enough votes in the Republican-controlled Senate to override his veto. 

Despite the threat of a veto, Kaine said he thinks the vote will impact Trump’s decision making when it comes to foreign policy, “If he vetoes it, I think the fact of us getting it to him may still influence his thinking.”


  1. Well I see that confuction and syphilis are still alive and well and still lying their asses off. The three of you and the whole of your communist party do not know anything about the Constitution, in fact, you don’t even like freedom or anyone having rights except the government. The War Powers act DOES NOT take the power to answer another nation’s aggression against us when war is not declared. ONLY if a war is declared does it come into play. All Presidents have had the power to act without congressional approval. Did you ever hear of the action along the Barbary Coast between the pirates and US Navy???? That was an action not a war. This is just one example of MANY that the President of The United States has had the authority to do without congressional approval. The same goes for IRAN. I understand you are totally ignorant and hateful about anything American, especially the Constitution. so please, take your fascist, communist and totalitarian desires and put them up your collective asses. Just for information, the D’s are only a party because of their love for criminals, violence and lies.

  2. See? We can be bipartisan, even if we cannot get a super-majority to override Trump’s inevitable “pocket” veto of this resolution.

    1. LOL…Did you think we forgot that you posted that the D’s were LIARS when they said they had the votes to pass it? I do not have Trumpers’ selective memory.

  3. The Confused General: “ In the end, it is all meaningless because there wasn’t a 2/3s vote that can overrule the president, and Moscow Mitch and Dear Leader get to play their little game.”

    You say that as if it’s a bad thing!

      1. The replies work. For now. Or until IJR makes yet another unannounced reformatting. Nothing wrong with playing it safe.

  4. “Break” with the Dear Leader? No, it is a well used trick.

    Moscow Mitch “released” the eight Senators to vote against it knowing full well that King Donald The Loser is going to veto it. The two “moderates” get to tell their constituents that “hey, look, I voted for this honorable bill to help stop war”. Makes THEM look good, right? Rand Paul and Lee do this anyway and Alexander is quitting his job, so what does HE care?

    In the end, it is all meaningless because there wasn’t a 2/3s vote that can overrule the president, and Moscow Mitch and Dear Leader get to play their little game.

    1. The bill does NOT stop war. The bill requires Congress stop shirking their CONSTITUTIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES. The Constitution clearly states war powers is the responsibility of CONGRESS. If 45 R Senators are not up to the job they campaigned for and accepted, then they should find another line of work.

      1. “The bill does NOT stop war.” Phyllis

        I didn’t say it did. All I said was how Moscow Mitch released a few Senators to allow them to play their little disingenuous “I am a moderate” game.

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