Schumer Scolds Senate Republicans for Launching ‘Fishing Expeditions’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Senate Republicans are turning their focus to a series of new investigations into “all things related” to the Russia investigation.

But Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) blasted his colleagues for holding “fishing expeditions” instead of focusing on addressing the coronavirus pandemic. 

“We were sent here to do the nation’s business, at the moment that means helping our constituents through a time of immense challenge and large hardship,” Schumer said during a floor speech on Tuesday.

He continued, “But Senate Republicans are using their committees to hold fishing expeditions dictated by the president’s Twitter feed.”

Watch the video below:

Schumer’s comments come a day after Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) announced that he would hold a vote to subpoena a host of current and former officials as part of his investigation of the Russia investigation and alleged “FISA abuse,” as IJR reported

Graham’s announcement comes after President Donald Trump has called for investigations into a series of alleged prosecutorial misconduct that he claims was designed to target him and his associates — an allegation he has dubbed “Obamagate.”

Last week, Trump urged Graham to call former President Barack Obama to testify before the Senate about the beginning of the Russia investigation. However, Graham dismissed that idea. 

Schumer added on Tuesday, “Last night, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee announced that his committee will soon consider subpoenas related to another conspiracy theory pushed by President Trump.”

He continued, “This time to try to re-write the history of Russian interference in the 2016 election to match the fantasy in President Trump’s head.”

“What does Leader McConnell devote most of his floor remarks to today? That wild conspiracy theory aimed at somehow smearing the fine reputation that President Obama has well deserved,” Schumer continued.

Earlier on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) vowed that senators would work to “get answers” about alleged abuses committed by members of the Obama administration.

However, instead of investigating what he said are conspiracy theories, Schumer urged his Republican colleagues to act to pass more coronavirus relief measures.

The House recently passed a $3 trillion coronavirus relief measure. But so far, Republicans have shown little interest in passing another massive spending bill. 

Schumer has argued that the country needs “Franklin Rooseveltian-type action.”

He previously said, “This is a crisis. This is not simply you take out a page out of a conservative playbook, conservative economics handbook of 2017.”

“This is new, adopt to the times. Let me say something, when we had the Great Depression, there were people who said let’s sit and do nothing. They didn’t go down in history very well. Franklin Roosevelt did,” Schumer added.


  1. Yes Schumer lost his mind. Abortion happens because of the virus. The Kennedy center needs repairs because of the virus . Mail in votes is needed because of the virus. Yes it could but shouldn’t . Lots of people lose their vote this way. Service men lost their vote because of Obama. Now were counted or were they.

  2. “We were sent here to do the nation’s business, at the moment that means helping our constituents through a time of immense challenge and large hardship,” Schumer said during a floor speech on Tuesday.” This is interesting considering that for 3.5 years the Democrats have conducted no less than 10 fishing expeditions in support of Witch hunts and a phony partisan impeachment base on blatant lies, some of which are being done right now in the face of the outbreak. Where was all his concern over that time. Well, that’s what can be expected by Democrats, especially Gloom and Doom Schumer. He wants to get the Democrats wish list passed post haste. Strange that he didn’t mind his crony, Pelosi, blocking no less than two aid bills to help American citizens and small businesses. Of course the Democrats have been constantly lying about their intentions, blaming Republicans. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats!!

  3. WAIT A MINUTE!! Schumer!!! Fishing expedition? As opposed to the democrats BULLSH*T investigations?? REALLY??? WOW….. Step down down there my man before someone knocks you down!!

    1. You can take that picture of Trump and shove it up your ass the only one who needs to be knocked down is Trump needs a ride on a caisson in his coffin

  4. It is impossible for a Democrat to take the oath of office without all of their fingers and toes crossed because they and the DNC have openly proclaimed they want socialism and dictatorial control of the country and to overthrow the Constitution. All of their witch hunts, bribery, stimulus bills, open borders, money to illegals, voter fraud, vote by mail, proxy voting etc. proves it!

  5. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. What comes around goes around. The dems are kings of the Russian conspiracy theory. Typical hypocrites.

  6. Since WWII the U.S economy had done better (GDP, employment, stock market gains) under Democrat Administrations than Republican. If you dig into the data/numbers it’s easily proven.

        1. I did. I learned that democratic socialists will manipulate people by calling themselves, “centrist” while always leaning far left, just like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are neither democratic, republic, or the people’s. Kind of like how Antifa isn’t against fascism and is instead actual fascism. If it’s one thing democrats have taught me, it’s the art of projection and Saul Alinsky tactics to use someone’s values against them.

          1. I picture Tommy, Johnny and Scotty all laying in their play pen kicking and screaming. They’re so butt hurt over the 2016 loss and will be crying some more in Nov when the results are read. Schumer and Pelosi will be joining them crying for one investigation after another.

    1. Centrist? – BS!!! What Democrats have done since WW 2 is get us into war after war through their actions and inactions. FDR’s inactions resulted in WW2; Truman got us into Korea, then stopped McArther from winning it, Eisenhower had to finish it; JFK got us into Vietnam, then was killed when he lost the stomach for it; Johnson built the troop strength to 960,000 in country, then quit, leaving Nixon to end it; Carter did nothing about terrorism/Iran/Iraq and Reagan/Bush had to deal with Hussein; Clinton did nothing about the rise in terrorism/BinLaden/Muslims training in America, Bush had to deal with 9/11/Iraq/Afghanistan; Obama pulled the troops out of Iraq, gave money to Syrian Rebels that ended up starting ISIS, lied about getting Syria to destroy it’s chemical weapons they got from Saddam, Bin Laden was killed only because the Seals worked out a plan, Obama did nothing about ISIS, called them the JV team, Trump had to eliminate ISIS through air strikes and cooperation with Russia. Democrats have hindered our military throughout the years, Obama cutting funding and capping military pay for several years. Democrats are calling for cuts in military funding now. Republicans have been the only ones that have supported our military, veterans and soldiers.

  7. Anyone who still believes the democrats have anything to offer the USA have rocks for brains.

      1. Scotty – The only thing Democrats can offer is more lying, cheating and corruption. They only think about power and control. They wish to be dictators.

        1. Why don’t you stick your head up your ass where in belongs. Its the GOP who are doing all those things and Trump want to be like his dictator friends. Trump for a ride on a caisson in his coffin draped with a Russian flag soon.

  8. Come on Chuckles, a fishing expedition. what else are you going to do during the Wuhan virus.

  9. “Schumer has argued that the country needs “Franklin Rooseveltian-type action.”
    The following was sentnto Senator Schumer
    Obviously you and today’s politicians most democrats but some republicans have never read or understood Santayana’s words “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.
    Had any bothered to review the Roosevelt Years of the Great Depression they would have found that in 1939, ten years after the crash on Wall Street, the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., told the House Ways and Means Committee and wrote in his diary:
    “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong…somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises…I say after eight years of this administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started…And an enormous debt to boot!”
    Does history repeat itself? Yes, it does. The politicians in Pelosi’s House are attempting to force the White House and the Senate to repeat the errors of the last Depression.
    The Great Depression ended with WWII, the men and women went into the military or went to work building the weapons of war. What the politicians must do is put America back to work without WWIII.

    1. “The Great Depression ended with WWII, the men and women went into the military or went to work building the weapons of war.” E.Patrick

      Don’t forget that our military is our biggest socialist program.

      1. Wrong scott the confuction projectioneat. The military is NOT a socialist program. Only in a brainless communist asshole like you would that be true.

        1. Confused Bob The Projectionist lives up to his wonderfully appropriate nickname – AGAIN!

          Dear Bob, if something is funded through the government purse, guess what? It is a socially funded program, and the military is one of the largest public expenditures possible. Get over it, buddy!

          See? I told you that you were confused and you just proved me right AGAIN!

          1. Wrong again confuction scott the communist/fascist POS. The military is NOT a socialist program. It is the #1 responsibility of the government and that would be to protect the nation from enemies foreign and domestic which would be the likes of you and all members of your communist/fascist party. Stop trying to project your attitude and beliefs on us as we think nothing like you or your party. We are the party of the Constitution (remember 1776) and you are the party of communism/fascism. Take your lies and deceit and shove them up your ass.

          2. “we think nothing like you or your party”

            NO $hit, Shakespeare! Thank gjd that I DON’T think like YOU. If I did, I just might kill mfself. That would be the honorable thing to do. You should consider it, though.

            You STILL are wrong.

      2. A meaningless comment that has nothing to do with the fact that FDR’s massive government spending failed to end the Great Depression and so would Schumer’s.

      3. More lies from Scotty. The military is the largest single supporter of our economy.

  10. “We were sent here to do the nation’s business, at the moment that means helping our constituents through a time of immense challenge and large hardship,” Schumer said during a floor speech on Tuesday. “But Senate Republicans are using their committees to hold fishing expeditions dictated by the president’s Twitter feed.”

    So Schumer say’s….while at the exact same moment House Democrats are suggesting another Impeachment Inquiry against Trump as per crooked Jerry Nadler and lying Adam Schiff, basing it off of redacted Grand Jury material from Special Counsel Robert Muellers report in regards to …… guessed it………the “Russia Probe”. Yhis after we spent 35 Million and 2-12 years to investigate and then a bullshit Impeachment Trial!!!!! So who the F _ _ K is FISHIN?????

    I forgot……’s different for the Dems cause they do a better job of covering each others ass!!

  11. Wow, Schumer really doesn’t know when the shoe fits. The democrats pulled their nonsense for 3 years. Why would anybody listen to this guy? Talking about a spin doctor, it makes me wonder what would happen if these idiots got control back of the presidency. If the truth ever came to light of the crimes the democrats have perpetrated, Schumer along with Pelosi and many others in their party would be heading for prison. Let them talk all they want, what’s really happening is that they are getting the medicine that they tried to feed America. Go Trump.

  12. Priceless! The Democrats when on a fishing expedition to impeach Trump and were almost all going to vote to impeach/ remove before the investigation started. The Democrat House couldn’t find a crime but voted to impeach. They then demanded the Senate investigate more to find a crime. Republicans didn’t but still every Senate Democrat voted to remove. During these “fishing expedition” proceedings, the Coronavirus emerged and Trump started to take action. The Democrats accused him of trying to deflect from his impeachment. Now this from Schummer?!? Wow!

  13. Schumer has the b*lls of an eagle to denounce anyone. This summer was disgrace in the Trumps hearings. He is a professional politician that has never done anything good for his voters. Best thing he could do would RESIGN!

  14. If King Donald The Loser can’t start a foreign war as a distraction away from this administration’s deadly response to the Trump Virus, then I guess a foreign investigation will have to do as a substitute distraction. Right, Your Majesty?

    Don’t be confused or fooled by this blatant, silly maneuver.

    1. You sir are a professional blogger for your Democrats!

        1. We all read it, the problem is the demoncrats like to convolute everything to the point that nothing is ever clear. Or maybe schumer has a hand up his arse and it’s really Obama speaking. Then everything would be very clear, right?

          1. You need to take your attention deficit syndrome medicine.

            Dear Leader is trying to set up a distraction away from this administration’s horrific response to the Trump Virus. That is clear.

          2. If anyone has their head up their ass its Trump, we need a Postage Stamp with Trumps face on it the only problem with that is you have to be dead in order to get you face on a stamp but that works for me

          3. No tom, it is you and all you democrap/communists that have their head up their ass.

        2. You scott the confuction projectionist would be best if you left your head up your ass and stopped spreading lies.

    2. Scumer needs to have a talk with his pal Pelosi about focus. A Coronavirus bill full of unrelated wishes is counter to the country’s health. So was the “fishing expedition” that began even before inauguration

    3. OK. It’s time to stop the “Dear Leader” and “King Donald “ BS. You’re not influencing anyone or changing any one’s mind. And most times you’re just ignored. But you are worth a good laugh.

      1. Not a chance, Cherl. His Majesty doesn’t get off THAT easy, on YOUR command. Forget it. He EARNED all of his nicknames.

        You are earning your own nickname, soon, too, so wear it with honor when you graduate.

      2. you can’t change the minds of Trump supporters because they don’t have one why don’t you all go and drink the grape Kool-Aid

    4. Don’t be fooled by scott the confuction projectionist as he is a communist asshole and not an American. He is brainless and has NO knowledge of anything he states. He is a liar.

      1. And you are very confused, Confused Bob The Projectionist. You can’t even think up a new nickname on your own. What a loser, just like King Donald The Loser is a loser.

        1. We all know that you are not confused confuction the communist/fascist piece of shit. Everything you do is with deliberation to destroy America and put Her under communist/fascist authority. You try to project what you and your communist/fascist party actually are onto us. Everyone here knows who you are and what you are trying to do. Nothing would please your party more than to grab power and control from the people and instigate your totalitarian form of government. I bet you practice your “da comrade” or “seig heil” in the mirror every day. History knows who the real losers are and it is NOT President Trump. It is your heros (spelled hemorrhoids) stalin, hitler, mao, pol pot, amin, castro, un and on and on that you worship. After all, you would not be a party without your violence and criminals.

    5. General Confusion The Loser, what foreign war did President Trump try to start? The dems are professionals at silly maneuvers. Your China virus is being overblown and exploited to damage the prosperous Trump economy that obozo needed a magic wand for. Now Trump will have four more years to Make America Great Again.

      1. “what foreign war did President Trump try to start?” OBSIDIAN

        You really should pay more attention to what your Dear Leader does, OBSIDIAN, and do your homework before asking questions with obvious answers. He has antagonized China, North Korea, even tried to overthrow Venezuela AT LEAST twice, and nearly pushed buttons against Iran twice, just for starters. What WILL he do if given a second or third term?

        That isn’t making America “great” in a good way.

        1. He’s the first president to meet with North Korea. Overthrow Venezuela? You can’t be serious. What is with your love for China, are you a self-proclaimed communist? Our President stood up to Iran while obozo had our Navy on their knees with their hands behind their heads. That’s not starting a war, that’s standing up for yourself. Get a grip. I wish Trump did get a third term to make up for the bs Congress did to sabotage his Presidency.

        2. Says confuction scott the communist/fascist POS. He lies again as always.

        3. I guess he should have just been an asskisser like Obamanation during his 8 year reign of terror and hand them all money!!!

  15. trumphisamurderingpsychopath’s ass is big enough for all repukelicans to kiss at the same time.

    1. Does that mean the democrats should do the same. demoncrats can’t even find their white asses in a schumerstorm. The only thing they will be doing is kissing Trump’s ring once he takes office again. I’d say that demoncrats should, shut the F%*K UP but they can’t hear cause their heads are so far up their asses

    2. WOW johnny the butt. Your ass is big enough to have all the heads of the demorat/communist party up your ass at the same time. Doing that however impares your ability to squeak out your lies. Besides the stench you have is really bad.

    3. portajohnpottytalkfullof$#!+infatuatedwithasses is a demopuke with no substance who likes to hear himself talk while he distance-learns in his final days of third grade. I hope you pass this year.

      1. Seems that my comment hit home and Steve, Bob, and Obsi are really really really pissed.
        EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Stupid Caucasian trash rise to the bait every time.

        Only delusional fools support trumphisastatutoryrapist.

        1. You aren’t putting out bait just lies and deceit as always. You will know when we get pissed. The second shot heard around the world will go off and you, as in 1776, will once again be the loser. Your totalitarian form of government along with you will no longer be a threat to freedom.

        2. I’m not mad, I was just giving you a taste of your own rhetoric so you’d maybe realize how idiotic you sound. Alas, you need to pull the racism for whatever reason. Do you even know what race I am? So, your whole goal is to just piss people off and you get your kicks off of that. That’s why people don’t take democrats seriously. Treat others how you want to be treated.

    4. John, John, John STOP confusing our beloved POTUS with the Clintons and Obamanation, really… Just ask the 4 brave men in Benghazi, ooh, wait, you can’t, that POS administration watched on real time closed circuit those men being slaughtered from the comfort of the Oval office and DID NOTHING!!!!

      1. Blow it up your ass Mary.
        This should be easy as your head is always there.
        But you trumpukelican yahoos always
        find the way to make the easy impossible.

        1. Looks like someone forgot to change little Johnnies diaper again. The rash has him irritated.

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