Schumer Says He Believes Majority of U.S. Senate Backs Iran War Powers Resolution

U.S. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said on Tuesday he believed a majority of 51 U.S. senators will approve a war powers resolution to block President Donald Trump from further military action, which would be a rebuke of the president’s policy in the Republican-controlled chamber.

“We believe (it) will get 51 votes that is needed to pass. And so, we will work out the timing,” Schumer told a weekly news conference. If passed by the House of Representatives and Senate, the measure does not need Trump’s signature to go into effect, although Democrats and Republicans disagreed over whether it is binding.

(Reporting by Patricia Zengerle; Editing by Sandra Maler)


  1. Good luck with that, UpChuck! Even if they did, Scotus might have a different opinion!

    1. upchuck needs to read the Constitution. As it states, only Congress has the power to declare war. Trump did not attack Iran. No war was declared. Trump sent a drone to take out a terrorist on the field of battle while that terrorist was directing his minions to attack a US Embasy while he was in a foreign country. Nothing to do with Iran, except the terrorist was Iranian.

  2. can someone please tell the Democrats they are worthless snd to sit down and be quiet and listen to the American folks that put Trump as President

    1. Democrats, You’re worthless!!!

      Didn’t work.

      Maybe organizing a huge voting base for 2020 will work!!! I’m not kidding! It’s time to get involved and rally for our President!!!

  3. I can see this going to SCOTUS to reaffirm the President’s Constitutional authority as Commander in Chief to deploy the military as he sees fit. IF Trump were war mongering President, such restraints might be needed. But, Trump has been extremely lax in deploying troops and this sort of tying of his hands as CiC is unwarranted.

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