Bernie Sanders Tosses Support Behind Cardi B’s Desire to Become a Politician: ‘It Would Be Great’

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is backing the idea of rapper Cardi B becoming a politician.

The Vermont senator told TMZ that “it would be great” if the Grammy Award-winning artist stepped into politics.

“Cardi B is deeply concerned about what’s happening in the country,” he said, adding, “She knows what it’s like to live in poverty and struggle, and it would be great for her to bring that experience to politics.”

The rapper shared that she might want to become a politician via Twitter on Sunday, as IJR previously reported.

“I think I want to be a politician. I really love government even tho I don’t agree with [the] government,” she wrote.

Cardi B wrote on the social media platform the next morning, “I do feel like if I go back to school and focus up I can be part of Congress. I deadass have sooo much ideas that make sense. I just need a couple of years of school and I can shake the table.”

In 2019, Cardi B interviewed 2020 Democratic contender Sanders on several issues.

Watch the interview below:

“We have a bully as president,” Cardi B said in the interview, adding, “And the only way to take him out is somebody winning.”

She has expressed previously her dislike of President Donald Trump, including slamming him over the partial government shutdown that lingered into the beginning of last year, as well as bashing Trump over the border wall controversy.


  1. Proving once again Comrade Sanders is a f++cking idiot and must have had part of his brain removed at Moscow General.

  2. lol….first of all to Cardi, follow your dreams, work hard to be whatever you desire to be. Don’t take Bernie’s condescending approval deter you. He will support anybody that doesn’t pose a threat to him. Prove him wrong Cardi. I know you can if you just try. Good luck.

  3. When she goes “back to school” and focuses up perhaps grammar and English could be the first thing that she studies. Bernie really is nuts or desperate.

  4. The only thing less newsworthy than Cardi B expressing a desire to be a politician is Bernie Sanders supporting the idea.

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