Rush Limbaugh Claims Trump Told Him to ‘Never Apologize’ After His Controversial Remarks About Buttigieg

Conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh has said that President Donald Trump advised him to never apologize for his controversial remarks about 2020 Democratic hopeful Pete Buttigieg’s sexuality.

On Monday, Limbaugh used his radio platform to respond to Buttigieg. Limbaugh insists he didn’t lecture Buttigieg on family values. He went on to reveal that he’d discussed the situation with Trump.

While many found Limbaugh’s remarks to be offensive, he claims Trump advised him not to apologize — ever.

“Hell, the president even called me about this!” Limbaugh said on his show. “He said, ‘Rush, I just got to tell you something. Never apologize. Don’t ever apologize.'”

“I had no idea this thing had even bubbled up,” Limbaugh said. “You know, I’m up doing the medical thing that I have to do here, and I wasn’t even aware of this.”

Limbaugh went on to share why he thinks so many people were outraged by his comments. He believed many “low information voters” were not aware of Buttigieg’s sexual orientation.

“I think they think that there’s a lot of people that don’t know he’s gay and that I sort of dropped the dime on it and let people who otherwise didn’t know that Mayor Pete is gay,” he said. “I think that’s what they’re really mad about, that I even mentioned it.”

The latest news follows remarks Limbaugh has expressed about Buttigieg’s presidential campaign. He firmly believes America “still isn’t ready” for an openly gay president.

However, Buttigieg believes otherwise. On Sunday, Buttigieg appeared on “State of The Union” with CNN’s Dana Bash.

When asked about the controversial remarks, he made it clear that Limbaugh’s comments wouldn’t change his stance.


  1. I somewhat agree. No apologies needed, especially when it will not be acknowledged except to signal further attacks.

    Does one apologize to human feces/dog turds on the bottom of one’s shoes? Maybe in Scat Francisco. Does a single Leftist apologize for smearing someone else. No. F them and sue them.

    You’re asking for civility and courtesy from people who would never have offended if they had those qualities. No prisoners. No apologies. Shoot, shovel, shut up if you can get away with it.*

    *make sure to remove heads and hands as those are used for identification. Remove prominent tattoos. Dispose of those away from the body. Bury in water or wetlands if possible. Remote is always best.

    1. Just saying. In theory.
      Tattooed skin fries up and becomes unrecognizable just like pork skin. Dogs and cats love it. Make sure to flay down to the flesh.

  2. “Gay”, just like “women” or “x” racial identity should NEVER be qualifiers, unless you are a Dim who evaluates people in those terms.

    That being said, there are a lot of persons, of all political and other persuasions who are not comfortable with public displays of affection, gay or not. In reality, there are a lot of people who will accept gays, but not PDAs of either persuasion.

    Ever see a Muslim smooch his hijabed honey in public? Remember the last time the Obozos casually kissed in public? How about the Clintons? No, throwing things at Bill in private does not count.

  3. Rush asked a question – Are Americans ready to vote in an openly gay man as president? Personally, I don’t care what Buttigieg is other then he, like the rest of the dems, are at a minimum socialist. Pete was raised Marxist. People, wake up. The left want massive wealth confiscation (unless it’s theirs, just ask Bernie) and wealth is anyone making about $35K on up. They want to control every aspect of your life. Take your money and spend it how they see fit. They are socialists, which is moving right into communism (Bloomberg thinks Xi in China has to listen to his people – LOLOLOLOLOLOL). Any dem will work to continue the destruction of America that Obama was given free reign with (he didn’t start it – both parties are to blame). Trump has been fixing it. All these left thinkers, government controls everything thinkers, better hope they don’t get their wish.

  4. Rush is right. This is what happens when Rush says something that is true but goes against the Leftist way of thinking. Rush is not the problem here. Stating truth is what Rush does and it’s exactly why Leftists hate him.

  5. Well he isn’t lying I could careless if he is gay or not but I will still not vote for any of the democrats because they don’t care about the people all they want is power Pete needs to go back to his state and fix his town before running as president

    1. Ok, but Rush specifically said that America isn’t ready for a gay president. You agreed with that then said it wouldn’t matter. So which is it, would you refuse to vote for someone who is gay because they are gay or are you just not wanting to vote for someone who is supportive of liberal values.

      It’s two separate things and you seem confused on that.

    2. “I will still not vote for any of the democrats because they don’t care about the people all they want is power” Bonnie Keaver

      This is an interesting statement, Bonnie, which confuses at least me.

      Are you saying that only Democrats running to be our president are power-hungry, that that same scrutiny can’t apply to any previous president, such as all of the Republican presidents or our current American Fascist president? Tell me that isn’t so, Bonnie, because that is REALLY confusing.

      By the very act of running for president, ALL candidates want the awesome power that comes with that office. Some, such as your Dear Leader, may accidentally win their office, but he still wanted some of that power, too.

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