RNC Chairwoman Knocks NYT Op-Ed Claiming Republican Women Are ‘on the Brink of Extinction’

An op-ed in The New York Times claimed that women identifying as Republicans are “on the brink of extinction.”

In the op-ed published on Tuesday, Dr. Nancy Cohen argues that suburban women voters — who at one time reliably voted for Republican candidates — are abandoning the party.

Cohen references a survey from the Pew Research Center that found “women favor the Democratic Party over the Republican Party by a 19-point margin,” and the decrease in the number of Republican officeholders that are women.

But in an interview on Fox News on Thursday, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel rejected that notion as “fake news,” and cited a slate of 181 female candidates recruited to run for House seats in 2020.

“I think this is fake news. Elise Stefanik had a great response to this. The House has recruited 181 women to run for Congress heading into 2020. It’s a record.”

Watch her comments below:

McDaniel credited the record recruitment to Trump’s handling of the economy.

“And why are Republican women lining up to run for Congress? Cause we have a message to women across this country, that President Trump’s policies have worked for them. Things like doubling the child tax credit. Paid leave we’ve now seen for federal workers. That over half of the new jobs created, over four million new jobs have gone to women. And record-low unemployment.”

She also pushed back on the notion that Republican women are facing “extinction” by noting that there are several female members of the administration.

“While they keep pushing this narrative, they always ignore women that are leading the way in the Republican Party. Like Kellyanne Conway, like Ivanka Trump, like Elaine Chao, Gina Haspel, me being only the second woman to chair the RNC raising record money.”

Additionally, McDaniel claimed that many suburban women oppose scrapping private health insurance or increasing taxes to pay for a variety of progressive policies.

Finally, she said she would like to see a greater representation of women in the Republican Party. And she urged female voters to consider voting for President Donald Trump and Republican candidates, arguing that conservative policies have led to record low unemployment and wage increases across the board.


  1. This is beyond being asinine even for the NY Slime bird cage paper. Cherl hit on the reason for this absurdity (paraphrased): the Donkey Party is running out of (lies) issues to spread as propaganda against Trump.

  2. confuction you are still just a lying, deceiving communist turd who has absolutely no relevancy to anything.

  3. “Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel rejected that notion as “fake news,” and cited a slate of 181 female candidates recruited to run for House seats in 2020.” Article

    Don’t let Ronna McDaniel confuse you. Those numbers are NOT impressive.

    “Four hundred and seventy-two [472] women have entered the race for the House this year, which is a lot of women. Fifty-seven women have filed or are likely to file their candidacies for the Senate. A useful comparison is to 2012, which marked the last big wave of female candidates: two hundred and ninety-eight ran for the House, thirty-six for the Senate. The number of women likely running for governor this year, seventy-eight, is a record high.” The New Yorker, April 2018

  4. Appears that Democrats are running out of issues. This is the best they can do? Who wouldn’t be proud of Maxine Watters, Pelosi , AOC and her hateful clan. Looks as though more Republican women are stepping up in 2020.

    1. I was thinking about those women also. Maybe candidates need some kind of mental screening process.

  5. Hopefully the people going extinct are the ones who are deceived by the constant drumbeat of faux editorials.

    1. People tire of the media and the Democrats rooting for the failure of our country. Don’t worry the Bankers and wall street, our debt will soon make your dreams come true. This stuff is beyond Trump’s control.

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