Report: 65,000 Mail-In Ballots Have Been Rejected This Year for This Reason

As state officials push to expand access to mail-in voting ahead of the November election, a new report is highlighting a few problems that have left thousands of voters’ ballots uncounted due to no fault of their own. 

A new report by NPR found that some 65,000 absentee ballots have been rejected this year alone because they arrived after the deadline for mail-in ballots.

Another issue mail-in ballots have previously gone uncounted is due to the form not having a signature.

While the report found that in most states, the percentage of rejected mail-in ballots represented about 1% of all the votes cast by mail, it could be enough to make a difference in the outcome of a close election.

This report comes as many states have moved to make mail-in voting more accessible to ensure Americans can cast their ballot without risking potential exposure to COVID-19 by going to a physical polling location. 

Democrats are challenging laws in 10 states that require ballots to arrive on or before Election Day. They have argued are that delays in mail deliveries may lead to their votes being rejected at not fault of their own. 

However, Republicans argue that relaxing deadlines for mail-in ballots could delay the results of the election and sow concerns about the validity of the results.

A separate report in The Washington Post found that 1% of the 33.2 million mail-in ballots cast in the 2016 election were rejected due to a variety of reasons, including: The ballot did not have a signature, it arrived after the deadline, or there was a “problem with return envelope.”

In contrast, the Post said that a third fewer in-person votes were rejected. 

The Post also found that younger and minority voters made up the largest demographic of voters who saw their ballots rejected in 2018. NPR’s study found similar results in terms of which voting blocs saw their mail-in ballots rejected.  

Additionally, the report suggests new voters may see their ballots rejected because they do not know how long in advance they have to send in their ballots to ensure they arrive before the deadline. Or they may not know how much postage to use when they send in their ballots.

And, voters who cast their ballots by mail do not have the assistance of a polling station worker to help them if they have a problem. 

The Post also suggested that local officials could do a better job of educating voters on the process of mail-in voting, provide prepaid postage, helping voters send their ballots in, and change laws to require that ballots are counted if they are postmarked by Election Day to help ensure more voters’ ballots are counted. 


  1. Someone citing Project Veritas FOR ANYTHING immediately loses ALL credibility, Francis.

    Do you know anything AT ALL about P.J.? Anything? If you did, you would never cite them and make yourself look as foolish as you just did here. Get some self-respect and never cite them again.

  2. What a great name for this troll General Confusion just missing ed. Why do you think the Dems want mail-in-balloting. You don’t need to look very hard in who has been cheating our elections. Project Veritas has documented this over and over from the mouths of DNC members

  3. Don’t worry, Matthew, the truth about your “stolen” election is known and you are a liar, just like your King Donald The Loser is.

  4. Generally Confused
    “He has no idea how many states have been using mail-in voting, for years, without any concerns or which party runs those states.“
    They have used ABSENTEE BALLOTS. Big difference.
    So here’s some examples where they failed. There were 3 tubs of ballots found in Wisconsin after the election. Ballots in South Carolina were found in Baltimore. IJR won’t allow the sites but as smart as you are you’ll find them….I guess

  5. Being from a state already using the mail in only system – if you’re too dumb to get it mailed after TV, radio and the instructions written all over the ballot – tell you to… maybe you shouldn’t be voting. Also re : voting fraud… read about the stolen Governor’s election in WA state Rossi Vs Gregoire where illegal ballots kept getting “found” after the Republican challenger won the election… up to the point where the lying Democrat was declared a winner and the Democrat controlled State Supreme Court allowed the illegal/fraudulent votes to stand. This is what we’re going to get if this system goes national.

  6. “Why are Democrats always trying to cheat the voting system?” Eric

    They aren’t, but that never stopped an American Fascist from accusing them of cheating, now has it?

    1. If you’re going to cheat and lie about not cheating, don’t get caught at it. It makes you a liar.

  7. Gary is confused.

    He has no idea how many states have been using mail-in voting, for years, without any concerns or which party runs those states.

    Only now are disingenuous people like him parroting complaints made by their Dear Leader because they are scared of losing, in November.

  8. Amazing how only the Democrats want Mail-in Voting. It sure smells like a Rat to me.Only one Side wants it and not the other????It does not make Sense.

  9. No matter how badly the democrats try to steal the election, president Trump will be still YOUR president for 4 more,hahahahahahahaha

  10. Come November, it won’t matter HOW we vote. The American Fascist Party and their Cult-45 will biotch, moan, and whine while they make up fantasies about why their King Donald The Loser lost.

  11. What we saw in 2016 is that roughly half of all registered voters saw no “lesser of the evils” between the two parties/candidates. They either voted third party or withheld their votes. And as the record shows, the party that loses will shout, “Fraud!”

  12. Mail in ballots with no ID requirement, no pre-registration requirement, no retaining voter’s ballots equals massive cheating. There will be no accountability. Of course, Democrats have been planning for this and made sure all the voting requirements were eliminated in time. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  13. The Democrats are capable of everything and anything to keep or retain their power and control. Fortunately with President Trump running for a second term the Republicans, his team and supporters are on high alert.

  14. What did the brain trusts expect to happen? Dump millions of extra pieces of mail into the system and expect the same results. Absentee ballots were not a problem. But, of course, they were verified as legitimate votes. Mail ins also caused extreme stress on the election boards. What could possibly go wrong?

  15. Trump has talked about defunding the Post Office, which will throw a major blockage against those wanting to vote by mail.

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