Arizona Rep Rejects Calls for Mandatory Mask Wearing Amid Surge in Coronavirus Cases

As almost every state in the country is reporting an increase in coronavirus cases, some are suggesting there should be a mandate to wear masks to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

In an interview on Fox News on Monday, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) explained why he does not believe Americans should be required to wear masks. 

Biggs insisted that health officials can “identify the people who are most vulnerable” and “take care of those folks” without implementing a mask-wearing mandate. 

Instead, he said private businesses should be able to require mask-wearing, and then people can decide whether or not to patronize those businesses based on their mask-wearing policies.

“What would happen is, in a retail store, I would be able to go in. If they require a mask, I might say, ‘That’s the store I want to shop at cause I feel safer.’ If they don’t require a mask, I might say, ‘That’s where I want to go because I don’t want to be subject to masks.'”

To clarify his position, Biggs said, “If a store wants me to wear a mask, I’m going to wear a mask if I want to go into that store. That’s the point I’m trying to make. We should be able to that determination.”

Watch the video below:

Additionally, Biggs blasted previous mask-wearing mandates, “A lot of theses mask orders were initiated without authority or process, and that’s important in a free society that you do things by process,” Biggs added. 

Biggs said he has a “stack” of studies and noted that some medical professionals have said masks help prevent the spread of the virus, but others have raised questions about their effectiveness.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has voiced support for a mask-wearing mandate, which she said is “long overdue,” as IJR reported

Arizona has reported a surge in new coronavirus cases, but Biggs argued that in the “whole context,” the numbers are not as bleak as they appear and said he is confident that the state can handle the new surge. 


  1. Yeh, sure, and in WWII we passed laws about rationing food, about saving metal for the military? People were patriots then. If you go out in a group of people without a mask, or near someone without a mask, Biggs, YOU ARE NOT A PATRIOT. You are spreading a deadly disease perhaps, without even knowing it.

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  3. After returning to read all the latest posts and being called stupid, tyrannical, etc. by all of you libertarians and conspiracy theorists, this is clear. This country has never been more divided on anything whether it’s race, the economy, the police, healthcare, law and order, historical statues, open borders, illegal aliens, how to vote, etc, . . . and how to deal with the pandemic, if even a pandemic exists. The bottom line is, “I want to do what I want to do, and if you don’t agree with me, or if you don’t like it, shut up, go away, or just stay home.

    With those attitudes, the United States of America is finished. No one, and I mean, NO ONE, is going to work together to solve any problems or issues. It’s only a matter of time before the nasty verbal conflicts and name calling evolve into physical conflicts. But, then, I’m stupid and need to screw myself so take anything I say with a grain of salt.

    Those who refuse to wear masks because it’s government overreach should do whatever you want. I apparently have no choice to stay home to avoid being infected, or go out and risk death because I’m old and not in the best of health. Not a problem, if I am out and I see you in any kind of need of help, I’ll just continue on my way. Apparently, your position is that there is no reason to inconvenience myself or compromise my beliefs to aid or benefit a fellow human being.

    I truly hope none of you are wasting your time going to church, adhering to the Ten Commandments, or the Golden Rule, since your egotism and narcissism flies in the face of any of those tenets.

    And yes, I am stupid and naive enough to trust your mask to protect me. In the meantime, you libertarians should ingest human fecal matter and live. God Bless You All.

    I’m done.

    1. Ed, those people are a loud and obnoxious minority. Many people wear masks even if just so they can loudly complain about it while doing so.

      Recognize you’re on a right leaning site and don’t put too much weight behind it. The US may be divided on some topics, but its hardly finished. 😉

      1. Phoenix, thank you for your comments. Unless the right stands and votes as a bloc in Nov to keep the Presidency and Senate and retake the House, I see the left Eating away at the fiber of our nation. They may be a few, but they are committed, relentless, and command the media. Most elected Republican conservatives are not taking a vigorous stand on any of the issues. I can only hope the vast silent majority comes out in November to set things right. To quote Mr. Trump, a leftist democratic victory in Nov would be “not good.” Thanks again for your kind words.

      1. Obsidian, my first response to you was censored. So let me say it differently. Keep you bible-spouting platitudes to yourself. Then engage in the oxymoronic practice of inserting your tiny man bits into yourself. If you have trouble doing that, ask your mom to come down to the basement and help.

        Speaking of mom, she should have told you that if don’t have anything nice to say about someone, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

        1. The typical leftist hypocrisy abounds, Special Ed. You should take your own advice and not say anything at all, Mr. Erectile Dysfunction.

    2. We live in interesting times, Ed. At this point all we can hope for is a leader to “Make America SANE Again.”

  4. Congressman Biggs – The retail store scenario you used to illustrate how mask use would be implemented without a government mandate is based on a fallacy. You presume that all of the shoppers will be socially responsible, and there is no basis for that assumption. I live in Washington State. We have had mandatory masks for a period of time, then the requirement was rolled back to the type of situation you are supporting for Arizona citizens now, but as of a week ago today, we are back to mandatory masks again – at least in the part of the state that I live in, metropolitan Seattle/Tacoma. During the window of time where masks were not mandated, I saw instances of people without masks entering stores with a clearly posted mask policy who were not only not wearing a mask, but who were militantly not wearing a mask. By militantly I mean that the lack of a mask was a point of defiance. Several times these people walked past lines of people who were waiting in line outside of the store because there was also a maximum occupancy number posted by the store owner/management along with the notice requiring masks. My roommate of 13 years, and who I thought I knew very well, is one of these people who are STILL convinced that COVID-19 is a hoax targeting President Trump. The 126,000 US citizens who have died? “They were all sick and were going to die anyway. The could have died from the hiccups.” Even this past week, when he could be fined for not wearing a mask, he won’t wear one. He does his grocery shopping for the week on Sunday, and this week, rather than going to just one grocery store, as is his habit, he went to all 3 of our local grocery stores, pointedly, militantly, without a mask – which he doesn’t even own. Your plan would work, ever every citizen shared social responsibility and were willing to “play by the rules”. That isn’t the world we live in however, or at least not the country we live in, so while I might, maybe, be able to agree and support the position you are taking in theory, as a practical decision, and certainly in your case where the lives of your constituents are the potential price tag if you miscalculate, I can’t agree at all. I think you are making a huge mistake.

    1. Lowell: If you don’t have enough confidence in your own mask to protect you, why are you putting confidence in someone else’s mask to protect you?
      We don’t need to be ORDERED to put on a mask just to protect you and any other scared person.
      FREEDOM is the word. If you don’t like my freedom to not wear a mask, YOU can be the one to stay at home.

    2. My thoughts, wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, YOU may not suffer the consequences, but maybe your loved one that becomes infected because of you, will, so while your sitting by their deathbed having to now wear a mask, that would be ironic, no? As for me and my family, being “high risk” with other chronic health issues, we WILL wear a mask, for how long? Until the word covid19 is no longer part of our vocabulary, OUR CHOICE! Which is what the United States of America is SUPPOSED to be built on, CHOICE, so, wear it, don’t wear it, that is on you, you think that little of those around you, family or friends fine, like someone mentioned, if you are out in public without a mask and seem t be in need of assistance/help I, too, will walk on by!!!

  5. Andy Biggs is spot on… this is the biggest scam, and it is perpetuated by a complicit media… Trump needs to step on the media’s neck… just check death rates… and the media fails to mention of all covid 19 deaths, only 7% are solely the result of Covid…

    Facts are facts and context is context.., the US media ignores both

      1. And you, johnnie boy, are responding just as we have come to expect from liberals — with insults and name-calling and denigration of others, like a petulant child, simply because you disagree with their opinion! Even the “experts” have differing opinions on the mask fiasco. And OSHA recently came out indicating wearing masks is not a very healthy thing to do. So, who you gonna believe, johnnie? This has been a “panicdemic” plain and simple, perpetuated by the hateful liberal media and Democrats. Had they let this play out from the very beginning, reminding people to practice good hygiene (and what adult should need to be reminded of THAT?), stay home if you’re sick, don’t visit others who are sick, social distancing perhaps, protect the most vulnerable among us (and not the way Cuomo did it when he sent the elderly to nursing homes when they tested positive!), just as all other epidemics/pandemics have been allowed to, it would be over now! I’d sure vote for Congressman Biggs if I lived in his State. 😊

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        2. Carol, the hate runs deep in those democRATic/libtards… Spay and neuter ALL liberals for a democRATic free world!!!

        3. Gee, Carol, when Donald Trump responds with “name-calling and denigration of others, like a petulant child” simply because someone disagrees with him, YOU thought he should be POTUS! Are you thinking of nominating John, or as you called him “jonnie boy” to be a future POTUS?

    1. Mikey, where do your ‘facts’ come from? Please site your sources. Only 7% are the solely the result of Covid? I have never heard more bullshit in my life!!!

      1. Hankering to hear more BS, Centrist? Turn to CNN — they’ll fill your desire 24/7, nonstop! 😊

    2. Again Mikey…where do you get your facts? “7% are solely the result of Covid” Where has that been mentioned other than in your head?

  6. I’m not at all convinced that mandating masks during a pandemic that has killed over 100,000 Americans constitutes “tyrannical government.”

    The greater issue is the A-holes who claim they have a Constitutional right to not wear a mask and therefore can infect the rest of us.

    Finally, if masks are mandated, what’s the penalty for not wearing one? I suggest a double tap to the head.

    1. Ed: Showing your penchant for total control over others, aren’t you.
      If you can’t trust your own mask to keep you safe, why are you trying to trust mine to keep YOU safe?
      Maybe it’s just that you are virtue signalling while trying to control me.

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      1. Not surprised you would make fun of the mentally challenged. You probably bullied all the kids at school who took the small bus.

        Wearing a mark is hardly like requiring a religious minority to identify themselves for persecution. That is fascism. Wearing a mask to protect fellow citizens from an infection you may not know you have and which may kill them is compassionate and caring.

        Your intellectual ability to identify relevant and salient points of an argument is sadly deficient. It explains why you assumed my comment suggested murder. It merely implied there needs to be a penalty for putting others’ lives at risk by being selfish and not wearing a mask voluntarily.

        As Mr. Gump once said, “You can’t fix stupid.” Keep drinking that libertarian leftist Kool Ade, a-hole.

        1. Fascism = fascism.
          I didn’t assume your comment suggested murder. You said it point blank, “Finally, if masks are mandated, what’s the penalty for not wearing one? I suggest a double tap to the head.”
          Keep backpedaling, domestic terrorist. Those who sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither.

    1. Kate is confused.

      Not if their choice put everyone ELSE at risk. You don’t have the right to put me and my family at risk. You don’t.

      1. Scott is confused
        Playing the guilt card doesn’t look good on him. Stay home. There. His problem is solved. Lock the doors and windows.
        By the way, since you’re a stickler for criticism,,,, it’s “my family and me”.

          1. Correction, Scott — not “pandemic” — “panicdemic.” Fixed it for you. 🙂

          2. You wouldn’t try to mock the pandemic if you had organ damage and hugely expensive insurance costs, if you were unlucky enough to end up on a ventilator for weeks.

      2. Scott:
        And YOU don’t have the right to force stupid masks on me and my family.

      3. If people feel so afraid and at risk, why don’t THEY stay home, and let the rest of us exercise our Constitutional rights and freedoms? As I said in another response, there are varying opinions among the “experts” about all of this, including wearing the masks. Ben Franklin said: “They who are willing to give up their freedom for a bit of temporary safety, deserve neither freedom nor safety.” I stand with Ben!

        1. The virus doesn’t care about our Constitution. I have just as much right to expect my neighbors to not put me at risk as you hopefully do.

        2. In a functioning society, we have to give up certain freedoms. The very nature of structure is that there are certain things we can’t do, certain lines we can’t cross. For the most part, that structure is based on “Do what you believe is right, but don’t hurt anyone.” In this case, refusing to wear a mask (even if one doesn’t believe in the pandemic) will, in fact, increase the chances of you and other people contracting the virus. America was founded on freedom, but not absolute freedom, which is anarchy.

  7. Tyranny is not the only issue. The public has lost confidence in our so-called decision-makers. We are told that xyz is effective then not, then it is. It is as if they don’t know what in the hell they are doing. Further, it comes down to one thing, how do we want to live our lives, free or subservient?

    1. Can you remind me when any of those experts told you wearing a mask was not effective? I don’t remember hearing that… ever.

        1. That is NOT what fauci said in February. In February he said to STAY HOME and leave the medical supplies to hospitals.

        2. Mikey you moron….’no masks’ was the mandate in February and into March because there weren’t enough to go around. The first line health & ICU personnel needed what few masks the U.S. had. Now, masks have become more readily available and are a key part of social distancing.
          Are you that naive about the facts?

  8. I don’t agree with that either.

    The federal government should set thresholds for safety requirements. Those thresholds should be based on local populations and consider potential risk factors (areas with outbreaks have higher safety requirements). The federal standards should set bare minimum requirements per threshold and business and cities should compound from there as they want. That way middle-of-nowhere, AZ wouldn’t be held to safety measures required of a major city outbreak elsewhere unless its also currently dealing with its own outbreak.

    But leaving things open to a business decision completely ignores that individual decisions ultimately impacts others. It also causes anger and confusion which has led to fights at stores for people wearing masks, not wearing masks, etc…

    This isn’t that freaking hard – unfortunately a national issue needs a national solution. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be overly supressive.

    1. Simply said… if YOU feel threatened, stay at home…

      So damn tired of liberals telling me how to live my life, while they do whatever they want to do.

      1. And YOU don’t have the right to put MY life at risk through your REFUSAL to following accepted safety guidelines for everyone to employ.

        1. Scott: Then you can stay home and order everything online if you are so scared.
          YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to dictate to me what YOU want.
          You can buy the kind of mask that will protect you for anything in the air that might scare you.

          1. Scott can be infected by somebody else in a store, especially if that other person is not wearing a mask. The microscopic droplets in someone’s breath is the primary way the virus is transmitted, and if that someone is wearing a mask, most of the droplets will get caught in the fabric.

          2. That is, Scott’s mask will not help him as much as the infected bystander’s mask will help him. You help your brother by wearing a mask. No mask = f*ck your buddy. As I understand these cheap surgical masks we’re all wearing, they are best at filtering out droplets that come from inside you. Not as good at trapping the droplets that come from somebody else.

          3. I am not scared. I only use N95 masks and I always use them to protect OTHERS. You see, asymptomatic victims may not know that they are carriers and are shedding virus for up to 45 days. Imagine how many people you meet in 45 days. I don’t want to be that person spreading a pandemic. Why would YOU?

            Why is it that you can’t understand the basics?

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