Rashida Tlaib Briefly Detained After Joining Protest at Airport Over Low Wages

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) found herself briefly detained by police on Friday after she joined a group of people protesting over low wages and health care

At Detroit Metro Airport in Michigan, Tlaib joined in a protest of roughly eight others sitting in the middle of a road. Others who joined the protest were along the sidewalk, as Fox News reports. Those who protested appeared to be airline catering workers for Delta airlines.

While Tlaib was only briefly detained, she noted on Twitter later that some other people were arrested.

“We won’t stop until we get [fair wages and health care]. These courageous people got arrested tonight at [Detroit Metro Airport because] they believe workers deserve human dignity.” Tlaib tweeted on Friday evening.

The Michigan lawmaker added, “Shame on you [Delta] for leaving workers behind and letting them live in poverty.”

“Workers are done with unaffordable health care and poverty wages—and aren’t giving up until they get the good jobs we deserve,” a Unite Here union member tweeted.

“One Job Should Be Enough,” several of the signs read at the demonstration.

Tlaib told The Hill, “These workers are suffering and living under unimaginable conditions all because Delta wants to make more profits on the backs of the poor.”

“The airline catering workers are desperate for a better quality of life and put their bodies on the line in their fight against the exorbitant corporate greed by the airlines denying them of their right to a living wage and good healthcare,” she added.


  1. Hmm. Perhaps what the workers do is not worth what they think it should be? Detroit Metro is highly-unionized. Are they? Maybe their “officers” blew the money on political campaigns instead of member benefits.

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