Rand Paul Calls for the Reopening of the US Economy: ‘We Cannot Indefinitely Quarantine’

Before the Senate voted to approve a $484 billion coronavirus relief bill, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) called for the reopening of the United States’ economy. 

The Senate approved the bill on Tuesday by a voice vote, but Paul made his opposition to it known beforehand; however, he did not move to block the bill. He cited the “hardships” senators would go through to return to Washington, D.C. for a recorded vote. 

“The one choice that will get our economy going again, reopening American commerce,” Paul said during a speech on the Senate floor on Tuesday night. 

He continued, “I rise in opposition to spending $500 billion more. The virus bailouts have already cost over $2 trillion. Our annual deficit this year will approach $4 trillion. We can’t continue on this course. No amount of bailout dollars will stimulate an economy that is being strangled by quarantine.”

“It is not a lack of money that plagues us but a lack of commerce,” he added. 

Watch the video below:

“The massive economic calamity we’re experiencing right now is caused by government. Passing out $1,200 checks indiscriminately to people who haven’t lost their jobs will do nothing to rescue the country,” Paul said, adding. “A recovery only comes when the quarantine has ended.” 

Paul said noted that even with mitigation efforts, there would be deaths from the coronavirus, but he said, “We cannot indefinitely quarantine.”

President Donald Trump has repeatedly signaled his desire to see restrictions on businesses and business lifted as soon as possible.

However, public health experts and lawmakers have said that the U.S. needs increased testing capabilities to safely reopen the country.

While members of the Trump administration have said, they believe that several governors have said that claim is “absolutely false.”


  1. James, did you notice that Sen. Paul VOTED FOR the BILL? It was passed unanimously in the Senate. I do agree that the nation can not continue to add to the deficit without CONSEQUENCES—taxes are going to need to be raised AND government services are going to need to be cut. Trump’s tax cuts for corporations was already costing $1.1 Trillion a year and Congress has added an additional 3.1 TRILLION in budget deficit since the virus.

  2. LOL….James, is it your contention that Smithfield hired these Chinese workers after Trump’s often touted as “successful” ban of Chinese travelers? Have these workers been infected since leaving China and they only became contagious in the last 2 weeks??
    Since Tyson plants are having the same COVID outbreaks, did TYSON hire infected Chinese workers too? Smithfield is owned by a Chinese corporation, but Tyson is not.
    Once again, thank you for reminding me of my paternal grandmother who I did love despite her desire to apply logic before drawing a conclusion.

  3. “this is hiccup a Socialist’s dream – destroying capitalism to gain CONTROL of the population and its’ future” Confused James The Projectionist

    Confused James The Projectionist is confused by his own projections. HE is the one who wants “CONTROL of the population”. That is what fascists DO.

    NOBODY on the left with any desire to have political power wants extreme power the way King Donald The Loser and his American Fascist Party wants to control us.

    Confused James The Projectionist is just projecting.

  4. Sen. Paul is correct. The Nation cannot continue printing money to keep operating when there is so little income to sustain our economy. And the majority of the citizens would not want to continue sitting at home – some of the lazy ones would – without their usual income for food, bills and self-respect. While this is hiccup a Socialist’s dream – destroying capitalism to gain CONTROL of the population and its’ future – America is still a Constitutional Republic; not another of their failed Socialist Third World Sh**holes like their model “utopia” – Venezuela.

  5. Phyllis: Be reminded a few of the so-called American pork processing plants – Smithfield – in the Western and Northern States are Chicom owned and staffed with foreign (Chinese) workers. One such plant shut down after 800 of it’s (Chinese) employees were found to be infected with the Wuhan flu. They apparently brought it with them from home.

  6. Has Senator Paul identify ANYONE that is suggesting keeping the restrictions in place “indefinitely”? I have not heard anyone in or outside government making that suggestion.

    Did anyone hear Senator Paul explain how it is a hardship for Senators to fly to Washington, but not a hardship for workers to go into meat processing plants and work side-by-side with co-workers? Did he explain how someone gets a haircut or manicure while social distancing?

  7. Answer a question, for once. Go back into your comment history and answer a question. Or, get your mommy to answer for you.

  8. john- does your mommy tell you how proud she is of you EVERY time she changes your diaper, or just every other time she changes your diaper?

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  10. another stupid, uninformed comment from a less than fully functioning brain, john. Please bring something worth talking about to the table dipshit.

  11. “The one choice that will get our economy going again, reopening American commerce” Rand Paul


    No, you dummy, TESTING millions of us is what will allow us to re-open. Without testing most/all of us, we risk having to quarantine longer, keeping businesses closed longer. Of course Rand knows that, but he doesn’t care about us.

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