Protestors Shout Down, Chase Fox News Reporter as Tensions Escalate Over George Floyd’s Death

A Fox News reporter was chased off by protestors while covering the demonstrations outside the White House.

Fox News reporter Leland Vittert and his crew were covering the confrontations between protestors and the Secret Service.

But people were not happy with the reporter being there, as they shouted, “F*** Fox News.”

“Imagine what it’s like to be a black man, feeling like this every f***ing day,” someone was heard shouting.

Additionally, the White House went on a brief lockdown on Friday as tensions continued to escalate across the country.

Watch the video below:

Protests have broken out in multiple cities across the United States over the death of George Floyd, who had his neck kneeled on by a police officer and then died in Minneapolis Police Department custody. Demonstrators are seeking justice for Floyd, an unarmed black man.

The police officer was charged with murder on Friday after three days of protests in Minneapolis, as IJR reported.

The CNN building in Atlanta, Georgia, was also approached by protestors on Friday evening. The protestors vandalized the building as they defaced the CNN logo and broke some of the glass.

See the post below:

Following the protests in Atlanta, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said, “This is not Atlanta. This is not a protest.”

She continued:

“This is not in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. This is chaos. A protest has purpose. When Dr. King was assassinated we didn’t do this to our city. So if you love this city, this city that has had a legacy of black mayors and black police chiefs and people who care about this city where more than 50 percent of the business owners in metro Atlanta are minority business owners, if you care about this city then go home.”

Lance Bottoms also said, “We are better than this. We are better than this as a city. We are better than this as a country. You’re throwing knives at our police officers. You are burning cars. You have defaced the CNN building.”

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, there was a curfew placed for 8 p.m. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz tweeted, “I urge residents to comply with 8pm curfew and go home immediately. Law enforcement needs to respond to emergencies, restore order, and keep Minnesotans safe.”


  1. If your so pathetic to be a “blackman and feel like this everyday” then it’s time to do something else with yourself! There are plenty of examples of every color who have bettered themselves in this country and without whining about and causing chaos at every opportunity. And feel like what? A loser? Well get your act together and stop hiding behind your color moron.

  2. Turn the water hoses on the rioters and anarchists. The Dems were alright with Antifa thugs when they were beating up people in Portland Oregon. They had a chance to kick the jackbooted aholes into a nice jail cell but they didn’t. Now they are paying the Piper. Rioters, looters and anarchists have one thing in common….they flow like a stream of excrement. The people peacefully protesting, the neighborhoods they have destroyed are paying a huge price for Dems inaction in the last 2 years. I’m sure there are people posting that are gonna whine…they have a right to break the law. Please publish your address so people can break into your home, torch your house and walk away. Don’t like it much do you.

  3. ANTIFA at it again. Black clothing, back packs with spray paint, etc., gas masks. Need to have the National Guard and Police get these people and put them in jail for good. They’re nothing but trouble thanks to George Soros’ money. Anarchy fomented by criminals of all colors and races. There to instigate trouble.

  4. I was watching Leland last night but didn’t see this??? I must have cha he’d the channel by this time?

    1. Wow. They get what they deserve, Scott? You like seeing hateful violence against people you don’t like?

      1. You are confused, Joy.

        I don’t get any joy seeing anyone hate anyone, for any reason. That includes NOT hating orange Chetos.

        However, nobody who works for FOX should ever expect to constantly get away with the lies, misinformation, racism, misogyny and partisan bullshit that they spew out every hour of every day and NOT expect SOME sort of blowback.

        Am I right, Joy?

  5. These headlines are lies.
    A lawful protest, guaranteed by the Constitution is peaceful.
    Threatening safety and life, is not a protest.
    It is a mob action and should be dealt with equally.
    We saw CNN taunt and get arrested for failure to obey a lawful order.
    (You must watch the entire 6 min. video. Not just the edited 2 min. version)
    But CNN is fanning the flames, once again.
    Either way, animalistic behavior needs to be addressed, before lives are lost.

    1. Were you born with your head up your Allen or is it a life choice ?

      1. Johnny boy after reading your posts I come to the conclusion that you were inbred. No normal human makes the comments you come up with.

  6. There are reports of Caucasian Inferiorists and other agitators stoking violence in the protests.

    This could end up being far worse than the summer of 1968.

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