Protesters Head to California Beach to Push Back Against Newsom’s Stay-At-Home Orders

In the wake of California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) extended stay-at-home orders, frustrated protesters have flocked to Huntington Beach to push back against the extension.

According to Huntington Beach Police Chief Robert Handy, approximately 2,500 to 3,000 protesters arrived at the pier in Huntington Beach, California, on Friday afternoon.

Handy explained that the beach closure went into effect that morning. However, their efforts to enforce the closure were relatively light due to their lack of signage.

Protesters carried an array of their own signs and banners. Some of the protestors were heard shouting “No more Newsom” and “Freedom.”

One of the demonstration organizers, TIffany Garcia, spoke with Los Angeles Times to explain the purpose of the protest, arguing their demand to reopen the state.

“We are moving to fully reopen CA now. Our First Amendment rights are being trampled on completely and we aren’t going to stand it anymore,” Garcia told the LA Times. People work their whole lives for their business and they are losing their businesses in a month.”

The protests came hours after Newsom’s press conference on Friday. Although there was a request to override Newsom’s closure of the beaches, a California Superior Court judge declined to do so.

During his conference, Newsom offered a brief statement to protesters warning them to be cautious, noting that the disease does not discriminate. Newsom also urged Californians to protect themselves and the people they love.

“This disease doesn’t know if you’re a protester, a Democrat, a Republican,” the governor said. “Protect yourself, protect your family, your kids, your parents, your grandparents, your neighbors.”

As of Saturday morning, there are more than 52,000 positive coronavirus cases in the state of California. The death toll has topped 2,000 in the state.

California Judge Nathan Scott has scheduled a May 11 hearing to reconsider the request for an injunction.


  1. Hopefully we’ll begin seeing more and more AMERICANS living under the Constitution standing up to the tyrants calling themselves Governors; those persons who are supposed to be working FOR those who voted for them; NOT kowtowing to their Fascist mentors hiding in the Party’s sewer headquarters somewhere.

    GET BACK TO WORK, AMERICA. You have been released from unnecessary incarceration. ONLY the sheep should remain in their pens.

  2. I never cease to be amazed by the arrogance of the bureaucrats imposing their draconian forced quarantine of the entire population. Never before have the healthy been quarantined along with the sick and high risk. The forced quarantines trample on both our constitutional as well as our inalienable rights. The forced shuttering of nearly all small business commerce is also a disaster in the making. Millions out of work, burning up financial reserves and nest eggs just to survive. Small businesses doing the same. Sweden did not shutter their economy, nor did they force their citizenry into quarantine. Yet they are not stacking bodies like cordwood in the streets. And Sweden is a monarchy, not a constitutional republic, as we pretend to be. I hope the people of California, and America wake up to the fact that, “The welfare of the people has always been the alibi of tyrants.”

    1. Amen, bro. Also I am wondering how many deaths were strictly from Wuhan virus. Probably none. Case dismissed.

      1. Carlos, Thank you, and I agree, I too believe the Corona death statistics are seriously skewed to deliberately make it appear that Corona is more of a threat than it actually is.

  3. Newsom is really governor of Mexico’s most northern state. No surprise that the people are a lawless mob.

  4. Can we send all the Democrats there? It would be a healthy solution for the country.

  5. Mr Newsom, you want to keep everybody enclosed on the pretext that they are protecting their family and neighbors. This is even when medical professionals have said that sunlight and open air are harmful to COVID-19 as it is to most viruses. However, it has gotten to the point where many people cannot afford to take proper care of themselves much less others and it will only get worse if this is kept up.

  6. These Democrat dictators are greeting scared that their formally cooperative minors are now revolting. The MI Gov. is trying to paint protesters legally following the state law as terrorists. Now she claims their recall petition that is gaining traction isn’t legal. Soon they will carry her from office. As she’s one of the least liked Governor’s in the country she’s in deep doo doo.

  7. You notice how California Judge Nathan Scott put off the hearing for 10 days, if it had been something that the Dem Gov. wanted he would have ruled immediately. Democrat Judge protecting Democrat Governor. Nothing new in California. Sadly all I can say to the people of CA and the entire country for that matter is you get what you vote for.

    1. Most petitions for injunctive relief are not ruled upon immediately, giving the party against whom the injunction is sought an opportunity to reply to the factual allegations and a hearing to argue the merits. But not you. Tell us the basis for your opinion that the judge would have given Newsom an injunction if he had sought one? Tell us what law school from which you graduated.

      Newsom is following safety measures that infection disease specialists insist must be followed to avoid a new chapter of increased infections. Do you know that many more Americans lost their lives by abandoning stay-at-home orders by rushing into the streets to celebrate the end of WWI in 1918 during the Spanish Flu than had died before WWI ended with the Treaty of Versailles? No one is free to spread an existing pandemic in the name of liberty.

      1. Then those who don’t want to get sick can stay at home and/or use plenty of protection when they go out. Why should the majority suffer?

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