Dozens of Journalism Professors, Journalists Sign Letter Slamming Fox News’ Coverage on the Coronavirus

Fox News is receiving some poor reviews for its coverage of the coronavirus crisis.

More than 70 journalism professors and journalists wrote a letter addressed to Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch accusing the network of spreading misinformation about the coronavirus outbreak.

“Viewers of Fox News, including the president of the United States, have been regularly subjected to misinformation relayed by the network,” the letter reads.

Read the full letter below:

The letter outlines the information the professors and journalists believe to be false, including “downplaying” the coronavirus, “misleading” measures Americans should take to protect themselves, “recommendations of untested drugs,” and “false assessments” of measures encouraged by government officials.

The letter cites a poll suggesting the information spread by Fox News has been effective on audiences.

“A Pew Research poll found that 79% of Fox News viewers surveyed believed the media had exaggerated the risks of the virus. 63% of Fox viewers said they believed the virus posed a minor threat to the health of the country,” the letter says.

The professors and journalists did acknowledge some of the “solid reporting” the network has done, as well as some of the guests the network has had on.

The letter takes issue with Fox News’ rhetoric surrounding statements made by experts. It reiterates the dangers of the information as it makes the nature of the epidemic worse. It also emphasizes the responsibility networks have to tell the truth.

“The basic purpose of news organizations is to discover and tell the truth. This is especially necessary, and obvious, amid a public health crisis,” the statement reads. “Television bears a particular responsibility because even more millions than usual look there for reliable information.”

The statement closes with the professors and journalists calling on Fox News to base the information they provide on scientific fact.


  1. This is not simply an issue of bad coverage, the absolute deliberate lies told by Trump, Fox News, and the GOP to completely downplay COVID-19 and call it a hoax constitute crimes against humanity. These people should all be put on trial Nuremberg style, and then hopefully convicted and hanged. It is horrendous to think of how many additional and completely unnecessary deaths there have been and will be due to the unconscionable deception committed by these criminals. Certainly tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands.

    1. “the GOP to completely downplay COVID-19 and call it a hoax”. willie boy, you are just a liberal tool. The GOP calling this a hoax has been debunked by even liberal outlets, like Politifact, for one. Next time you call for hangings, maybe you should ACTUALLY INFORM yourself before making a fool of yourself with your comments.

      1. William is correct. Sean Hannity called it a hoax (I heard him myself) and so did Dear Leader (you can still find the video clips).

    2. willie boy and contusion-talk about the blind leading the blind. WOW!

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