Pompeo Tears Into Bolton: He ‘Thought He Was More Important Than the President’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says former National Security Advisor John Bolton is a “traitor.”

Those were not the only strong words he had for Bolton. In an interview on Fox News on Monday, Pompeo said Bolton had a haughty view of himself and compared Bolton to Edward Snowden — who leaked classified information about the National Security Agency’s surveillance operations in 2013.

“It was a really difficult situation where John Bolton thought he was more important than the President of the United States and the American people,” Pompeo said.

He also claimed that Bolton was “cut out of” meetings because he was “leaking or he’d twist things, or he’d lie.”

Watch the video below:

Bolton’s book “The Room Where It Happened” contains alleged information about President Donald Trump’s decision making process and actions that could be damaging to the president. 

But White House officials and allies of the president have blasted Bolton and suggested that his book contains falsehoods and classified information that should not be published. 

In an interview with ABC News, Bolton said Trump’s decisions are driven by his desire to win re-election, as IJR reported.

“There really isn’t any guiding principle that I was able to discern other than what’s good for Donald Trump’s re-election,” Bolton said. 

However, Pompeo roundly rejected that notion, “[Trump] didn’t kill Qasem Soleimani to get re-elected. He isn’t pushing back against [the] Chinese Communist Party to get re-elected. He didn’t get out of the Paris Climate Accord to get re-elected. He did this to secure the basic rights and security for every American.”

He added, “This president’s foreign policy is something John Bolton should have been proud of. And instead, he stepped away in a way that fundamentally misrepresents what we’ve done.”

Finally, Pompeo suggested that Bolton’s book puts him at risk for criminal charges. 

“We’ve all saw what’s happened when people leak classified information like Edward Snowden,” Pompeo said.

He continued, “What John Bolton did here is not dissimilar from that. And while we’ll leave open for the Justice Department to take its action, this kind of information getting out it presents real risk and real harm to the United States of America.”

Last week, the Justice Department asked a federal judge to block the publication of Bolton’s book as it claimed the book’s release would “damage the national security of the United States.”

Some have said it is dubious to insist the book contains classified information and noted that a pre-publication review of the book by the White House initially said the book did not contain classified information.

But after an “additional review” officials said the book did in fact contain classified information.

On Saturday, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth denied the department’s request. Still, Lamberth issued a rebuke to Bolton who he said “has gambled with the national security of the United States.”

Additionally, Lamberth said an injunction to block the book’s publication would not prevent damage to national security, “With hundreds of thousands of copies around the globe —many in newsrooms — the damage is done.”


  1. Bolton knows more about foreign affairs, Mr. “Puppet Pompeo”, puppet of Trump. Being controlled by Trump, your ‘leader’, makes you a fool, full of greed, and full of junk like McDonald’s and Whoppers, as you are obese as well.

  2. In Bitter Bolton’s smug interview, he appeared clueless and lacked any remorse or responsibility. It’s easy to see why he’s called a war hawk. What an arrogant, selfish, fool he is.

  3. Gee, Bolton sounds like a Democrat. Adam Schiff maybe. He is a leaker and thinks he is important too. Never mind. There are too many to name.

    1. Even the Democrats ripped into him. Schiff called him a coward for not testifying at the impeachment hearing.

  4. If you listen to what President Trump says, and watch what he does, you don’t need a book to tell you whom to vote for in November.

    1. Going to school you on the use of who vs whom. Since you seem to fancy yourself a know it all. Whom is used after a preposition. Phew! My job is done here.

      1. That’s right, Cheri. Thanks for the lesson. I am not even going to tell you against whom to vote; because, you know who.

    2. I’m an Independent voter. I have always voted for the person, not the party.
      But right now, I wouldn’t vote for a democrat if my life depended on it. My country means too much to me.

  5. I am still having difficulty understanding how reading Bolton’s opinion that Trump is “incompetent” or “unfit for office” is damaging to national security. HAVING a POTUS that is “incompetent” and “unfit for office” IS the national security threat! It is NOT a secret to world leaders!

    1. You should start listening or reading non biased news that tells the truth. Peoples unfounded hatred of Trump is warping the truth. He has done more for this country, you and me, than any president in the last few decades or more. He is not a typical politician and you just can’t handle that. He doesn’t need lobbyists and doesn’t care if the swamp is afraid of losing their perks of D.C. Anyone who can survive the attacks he has endured and is still there deserves a second term. The lefties like you who will do anything to try and bring him down, and I do mean anything, are so desperate and why? No logical explanation. You are either part of the swamp or you are against doing things right and with common sense.

      1. Thank you, Sandra for your advice that I suggest you follow yourself. I read and watch MANY news outlets, read many books, including history books, listen to Trump’s own words as well as the words of those IN the White House. I READ the Mueller Report of under oath testimony. I watched the testimony of Trump’s impeachment inquiry and hearing. I suggest that you do the SAME!
        Can you honestly say that YOU would not find it unpatriotic if Obama or Clinton stood on the world stage and claimed to believe an ENEMY of the United States and NOT all the U.S. Intel agencies?
        Can you honestly say that YOU would not be concerned for the national security of America if any other POTUS was praising dictators and falling for their deception as in the case of Kim Jung Un?
        Can you honestly say that YOU would not be concerned for the strength of our democracy if elected officials who took an oath to the U.S. Constitution abandoned the oath for a loyalty pledge a person?
        I am interested in hearing what it is that you believe Trump has done for ME. You may have a relative from whom you will be inheriting a $22 million estate, but that does not apply to me. I am not into symbols of security, I am reassured with 21st century technology being used to secure the nation. I don’t want to be embarrassed when the POTUS is on the world stage. I don’t believe childish insults is a sign of strength or maturity. I am FOR personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility, rule of law, and states rights. I exercise common sense and I can not see how anyone with an ounce of common sense wants to give Trump 4 more years. I listened to his rally and I did not hear what it is he plans to do in those 4 years. Four more years to whine, lie and embarrass the country?

        1. “damaging to national security” Spreading lies about the President when he’s negotiating deals with foreign nations or businesses does damage national security. You know about lies, Syphilis, it’s what you Liberals/Democrats come on here to do daily.

          1. Chuck, Please indicate WHAT in my post you consider a “lie.” Please tell me what behaviors and actions of Trump you would remain silent if committed by ANY other POTUS.

  6. But King Donald The Loser TOLD us that he knew the best people.

    If elected, he would “surround himself only with the best and most serious people. … We want top-of-the-line professionals.”

    So, again, His Majesty lied to his cult following. I can understand him lying to ME, but why would Cult-45 accept him lying so often to THEM?

    1. LOL….They do not considered a “lie” if Trump says what they want to hear. They wanted to hear Trump praise Bolton when he hired him and they wanted to hear Trump criticize Bolton when he was fired/resigned. It is not as if Bolton is the first (or the last) case of Trump doing a 180 on his hiring choices—Gary Cohen, Omarosa, Gen. Mattis, Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson,…..

      1. And Michael Cohen, Gordon Sondland… plus many more.

        The point is that King Donald The Loser lies to them and gaslights them and they all willingly accept whatever he does or says, just like being zombies in a cult. Oh, wait…

        1. If you and I recognize that Trump supporters “all willingly accept whatever he does or says” it is clear TRUMP KNOWS and takes full advantage. WHY would he stop?? They love it. But, the fans of gaslighting also believed everything Sarah Palin said and did–until the kool-aid suddenly wore off.

          1. We do not just accept every thing Trump says or does , we just oppose every thing the evil left democrats say or do !

          2. So you’re a mind reader for all President Trump supporters? Good to know. In that case, what am I thinking about know it alls like you and the fascist hunter Scott the U something or other? You marinate yourselves in Trump hate. How very sad.

        1. AMELIA is confused.

          King Donald The Loser doesn’t get rid of those in his administration because he has lost confidence in them. He gets rid of them because they are competent and doing their job too well. He gets rid of them because it gets too inconvenient to keep them investigating him, for example.

          Get this through your head. He is a fascist doing fascist things.

        2. Amelia, Did Trump fire AG Sessions because he “couldn’t do the job” or because Sessions insisted on following the ethics rules of the DOJ? Sessions gave Trump the anti-immigration policies that Trump espoused during the campaign.
          Did Trump fire Gen. McMaster because he couldn’t do the job?—No, he fired him because his national security briefings were too detailed for Trump’s short attention span.
          Did Trump fire General Mattis because he could not do his job?—Mattis resigned because of Trump’s erratic military actions, but Trump fired him before the transition period when Mattis’ resignation letter was released to the public.
          Is there any evidence any of the 4 Inspector Generals “couldn’t do their job”? Oversight WAS there job!! Trump did not want oversight. Pompeo did not want oversight. THAT is why they were fired.

      2. That’s true…why have people work for you who are unwilling to or incapable of forwarding the platform for which you were elected. He did not come to Washington with a slew of loyal “insiders” who knew how to work within the system. He did have to choose from outsiders and/or “insiders” who fall within the realm of being swamp-dwellers!

          1. If you can’t recognize the corruption in this administration, then you should not be allowed to vote. This has to be our most corrupt administration since the Gilded Age ended.

          2. Corruption are these congress members who haven’t done anything in 50 years but you want to blame it on someone in office for three…

          3. Poor Scott.
            Still loving letting his hate eat him alive because the President isn’t a democrat.

      3. “They do not considered a “lie” if Trump says what they want to hear.” You’re in such a hurry to lie that your writing comes apart. Calm down.

        1. Chuckie. You are just the typical dem/leftist that says the very things about others that actually suits himself to a tee. And just the typical dem/leftist that’s still crushed because the corrupt, career criminal politician lost the 2016 election. Or is it because the socialist/communist Sanders lost?
          You love rolling around in that hate, don’t ya Chuckie.

          1. Peggy, get a grip. Chuck is as big a fan of ignoring Trump’s corruption and incompetence as you.

    2. i guess Bolton got more attention than Pompeo.

      Bolton IS a TRAITOR however and that is the albatross

      he will carry on his neck for the rest of his life.

      As to trumpuke’s cult accepting his constantly lying to them :

      being constantly lied to and phuhked by the angry,old,

      bastard living in the big house is their normal.

      If it wasn’t happening they would think that

      something is very wrong.

      1. You must have had a major man crush on Donald Trump and got rejected because you are way to but hurt to just be apposed to his policies !

        1. Amelia is another stupid, Caucasian n*gger

          who never graduated grade school.

          Bless the poor child.

      2. Crying John.
        Just close your eyes and picture that folks.
        Never mind.
        Open you eyes and see it.
        You can “guess” all you want Crying John.
        Just like we are allowed to not listen to you.
        Besides, constant crying and complaining gets annoying.

        1. Yet you DO listen AND reply.

          Peggy is another schizophrenic

          piece of shit trumphuhker.

          1. Hello Crying John.
            I don’t so much as listen as wait for you and your dem/leftist pals to say something ridiculous so I can point it out.
            And you, Crying John. are a wealth of material for me to use.

    3. People will say or do anything to gain a high position and then you see their true colors come out !
      Isn’t this the same as like when we elect any politician based on what they say they will do and then get in to office and do as they please ! For example Obama , Killery , just about every Democrat in the house and senate !

      1. You don’t get to put all of the blame on Democrats, AMELIA. Uh uh. No way.

        There are corrupt politicians in both parties. Denying that or not acknowledging that is plain dishonest.

        I call out many corrupt Democrats because they NEED to be called out. When you do that with any of the many corrupt American Fascist Congress members, THEN we can have an adult conversation. Until that time, learn more about them because you clearly know nothing about them.

        1. Why not, little Scott?
          You blame the Republicans, Independents and anyone else that doesn’t agree with you for everything.
          Double standard?

    4. Awwww.
      Little Scott jumps back on the comment boards to spew his jealousy and hurt feelings.

      1. So, then explain why YOU accept King Donald The Loser lying to you so often? Why would you let him gaslight and lie, lie, lie to you? Have some self-respect.

        1. Peggy has no self respect Scott.

          She’s a loyal trumphuhker and

          being one eliminates all self respect

          by definition.

        2. As you Trolls look across the basement at each other and comment, do you fist pump and woohoo. I’ll bet you look like the writers at MSNBC or CNN, making up BS.

          1. i guess that since Caucasian n*gger trash

            have never lived in home with a basement

            you think that those who do spend all of their

            time in it because you would if you had one.

            Just one of many reasons you dipshits are jealous

            of non n*ggers

          2. Chuck, be specific. WHAT is made up BS.” No one needs to make up “phony” birth certificate accusations, or claim “phony economic numbers” or fret over what color of suit Trump wears. For one moment imagine the actions of the last 3.5 yrs occurred between 2009 and 2017 and tell us what your reaction would be.

          3. Syphilis – Glad you asked. Made up BS? Well, how about Dan Rather forging fake documents of George Bush’s military service. Before you deny, it got Rather fired. Rather began lying in the 70s, one notable example was the 60 minutes episode of Guns of Autumn and the followup. Rather made a career of lying as did the other cohorts on 60 Minutes. Then we have the fake reports of the Hillarrhoid landing in Bosnia under sniper fire, in an effort to make her brave. Until, that is, until the video surfaced showing her being given girl scout cookies, no snipers. Brian Williams and his fake “Helo crash”. The fake dossier, compiled by foreign agents, paid for by the Hillarrhoid and used by the Obama administration to fraudulently obtain illegal wire taps on the Trump Campaign. Those are just a few of the enormous pile of BS that Liberals/Democrats spew out on a daily basis. You and the rest of your lowlife Liberal/Democrat cronies spew it out, cut and paste, every day right here, especially the confused Squat and John, mommy’s tortured boy. You’re not fooling anyone. You’re laughable.

        3. I’m not the one spewing hate and jealousy of President Trump. You make the accusations, the burden of proof is on you, dear.
          You and your dem/leftist pals love, love, love wallowing in your hate and pitiful desperation and you enjoy being eaten alive by it.
          Does that mean you all enjoy masochism?

          1. This is for Scott U.
            When? All the time, dear.
            And saying something about me that actually suits you to a tee is, to say the least, desperation.

          2. Anybody jealous of trumpuke, the biggest piece of

            Caucasian n*gger shit in history, is insane.

    5. Snakes are good at hiding who they are. Trump didn’t lie. Funny how you blame the innocent while giving a pass to the one actually trying to leak information and destroy the country.

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