Planned Parenthood Endorses Biden: ‘He Is ‘100% for Sexual and Reproductive Health’

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) is picking up another endorsement in his presidential bid. 

Planned Parenthood Action Fund offered its support for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee on Monday. 

In a statement, Alexis McGill Johnson, the acting president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund said, “Joe Biden is the only candidate in this race who will stand up for our health and our rights.”

“This election we have a choice — between Donald Trump, whose incompetence and disregard for the law are a danger to us all, and Joe Biden, who is committed to fighting for reproductive health and rights for all,” she added.

In a video announcing the endorsement, Biden said he supports the “constitutional right to choose,” and said he would roll back restrictions on Planned Parenthood funding. 

Some of those restrictions include a regulation issued by the Department of Health and Humans Services (HHS) that prohibits family planning clinics that receive federal funding from providing privately funded abortions.

Biden has previously said he no longer supports the Hyde amendment, which prevents Medicaid from paying for abortions.

“As president, I’m going to do everything in my power to expand access to quality affordable health care for women, especially women of color,” Biden vowed.

McGill Johnson said that Biden has “committed to champion access to sexual and reproductive health care — including access to abortion — and to fight for our communities.”

She added, “When he left the Senate, Vice President Joe Biden had a 100% voting record from Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and has been clear he is ‘100% for sexual and reproductive health.’ And we are going to hold him to that.”


  1. Biden is supporting killing babies??!! I thought he loves little kids sitting on his lap and rubbing the hair on his legs!!

  2. What part of abortion is reproductive, and what part is health? What part is about parenthood?

  3. Can we finally get rid of the term “reproductive health” as it applies to Planned Parenthood? “Reproductive” means “reproduce” which is 180 degrees out of phase with Planned Parenthood. Henceforth we should say anti-reproductive health.

  4. PPH says Biden will uphold sexual and reproductive health which is such a lie by Biden and PPH. Sexual irresponsible activity eg not using birth control leads to birth any idiot knows that. Reproductive health of an abortion is a joke the number and severity of complications from abortion are horrendous and they call that health. They lie lie lie.Their goal is to eradicate the black population and the general public is a bonus for these globalists

    1. Giving birth is a lot riskier than having an abortion. There’s a higher rate of death, higher rate of physical and mental complications. Anti abortion propagandists lie lie lie, as you might say, inventing stories of untrue dangers in abortion. The undeniable truth is that childbirth is a hazard, and nobody opposed to or favoring abortion is ever surprised if a woman’s health is wrecked by having a baby.

      1. OMG, one is natural, one is not. You’re not a woman though so, your opinion is invalid.

      2. What bizarre rational to justify murdering babies. This has got to be one of your most off the wall comments Delbert.

        1. It’s a fact based denunciation of lies that are told to make the anti abortion argument. Why the opponents need to lie, I can’t say. It’s a moral argument, not a public health matter. If it were mainly about health, there’d be nothing to argue about. Pregnancy and birth are somewhat dangerous; termination, much less so. Stop lying.

        1. I stood around and watched four of mine being born. It was pretty intense for me; more so for the lady on the table, for sure. What does your question have to do with anything, anyhow. Does not being a woman mean you shouldn’t have an opinion on women’s rights? Does being a woman make you confident you know what’s going on with every other woman, and make you qualified to decide for her?

  5. Reproductive Health does not adequately describe what Joe Biden stands for. He stands for aborting children up to the birth of the child. If you do not know it, planned parenthood was founded to control the number of Black babies being born to control the numbers of inferior blacks. Planned Parenthood continues to kill Black Babies at an alarming rate. More than any other race. Joe Biden shows that Black Lives do not matter to him by his supporting the Godless Killing of these Black Babies and he shows a complete disregard for life by supporting a Planned Parenthood. He supports the selling of the body parts of aborted children by supporting Planned Parenthood. That is the reason to not support any DemocRAT.

    1. Interesting, that on this conservative-leaning site, when the topic is fetuses, black lives matter. After they are born, not so much.

      1. Conservative leaning site? Are you sure you know you are logged into IJR?

  6. If one or more of the many birth control options were used, including abstinence, it would be an absolutely wonderful way to prevent pregnancy and then the thought of having an abortion will not have to enter anyone’s mind. And, as they have admitted in undercover videos, Planned Parenthood selling baby parts will not be happening.

  7. Average Joe has been known to say things that could easily be perceived as racist and Planned Parenthood (or more accurately…UNplanned UNparenthood in the hood) have their roots in racism with PP founder Margaret Sanger who not only was VERY racist but wanted to “exterminate” Blacks through her “Negro Project” that used Blacks own religion to try and abort as many Blacks as possible.
    So Joe, whose been known to practically grope little girls, may be losing some possible victims of his groping due to his fellow Democrats aborting so many of them. Demoncrats is what these mass murderers are. And Sanger is in hell still hoping for a racial genocide.

  8. “Joe Biden, who is committed to fighting for reproductive health and rights for all,” she added.” Well, surprise!!! Biden has been about killing babies for decades. He will also say or do anything to scrape up some more votes. PP isn’t about reproductive health and rights. What about the fetus’s rights? Once a woman is pregnant, there are now two living humans. It’s no longer about just her body. There’s another one inside her. How is killing a baby about health? Is the woman healthier because the baby’s dead? What BS. The Government should in now way fund PP or any abortion clinic. Let them pay for it themselves, not with my money. Before the the liars step up, the fetus is considered a living person and PP’s income is based largely on abortions, despite what the killers say.

    1. I’m glad I read your post before I wrote mine. You said everything I was going to. Planned parenthood is not about health it’s about killing babies! It’s no different than Japanese soldiers throwing babies into the air and bayoneting them during the rape of Nanking in WWII. How are supporters of this genocide going to explain their support of these murders to God.

  9. Did anyone think Planned Parenthood would endorse anyone other that a Democrat.

  10. Doubt if Biden even understands what the endorsement means. Call it what you want to feel better. It’s killing.

  11. So let’s choose a President who slobbers over women and supports killing babies. Right.

  12. In other words, he’s a racist MURDERER just like the rest of the DemonKKKrats (300 black babies aborted daily, or 30% of all abortions – yet blacks make up <13% of the U.S. population)….

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