Piers Morgan Says His Friend Donald Trump Is ‘Failing the American People’

Journalist Piers Morgan is not afraid to weigh in on President Donald Trump’s plan to combat the coronavirus, even if they are friends.

Morgan opened the exchange with CNN’s Brian Stelter claiming Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are playing politics as opposed to being true leaders during this time.

“What I’ve noticed with both Boris Johnson and with Donald Trump is an apparent inability to segue into being war leaders. They’re still playing the old games of party politics,” Morgan said.

Check out his comments below:

Morgan went on to explain how he has a feeling of “mounting horror” after watching Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings.

He pointed to the significance of Trump’s position as president of the United States and said he should be calm, honest, accurate, factual, have the ability to show empathy, and act with authority

Morgan claimed Trump is failing to do these things.

“On almost every level of that, Donald Trump at the moment is failing the American people,” Morgan said.

He added, “He’s turning these briefings into self-aggrandizing, self-justifying, overly defensive, politically partisan, almost like a rally to him. Almost like what’s more important is winning the election in November. No, it’s not Donald Trump.”

Stelter referenced a column Morgan penned with the message “America doesn’t want a King Trump” and asked him if he is risking his friendship with Trump by calling him out.

Morgan said he tries to be balanced and fair but at the same time is not concerned with Trump’s reaction to his comments.

The conversation came to a close as Morgan listed the things Trump has to do moving forward.

“He has to put the country before himself. He has to put Americans before electioneering,” Morgan said. “He has to remind himself every day what can I do today to prevent more lives being killed, not how can I score more petty points.”


  1. Has Piers Morgan ever listened to Democrats blaming Trump for the virus?

  2. john, Hillary “THE PSYCHOPATH MURDERER” Clinton lost the election….. Remember to take your meds today!!

  3. Meano, FACT CHECK: H1N1 deaths in the U.S. from the duration of the pandemic April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010 were 12,469. COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. from Jan 1, 2020 to date are 40,683. The count less than 4 MONTHS in is already 3.2 times the H1N1 deaths! So, NO, I am not confusing Obama’s response to H1N1 to Trump’s response to COVID. They are not in the same ballpark.

    Apparently YOUR attention span is the limited one since you apparently have not read that 40,000 travelers FROM China entered the U.S. AFTER Trump’s limited travel ban from China. BEFORE the limited travel ban and AFTER the Intel community briefed Trump and Congress on the likelihood of pandemic spreading to America, 400,000 travelers from China entered. SAME results with the EU ban—Apparently you missed the “stable genius” congratulate the Prime Minister of Ireland for the UK’s lackluster response.–Seriously, how obtuse does one have to be to NOT know the PM of the UK is BoJo, so if the guy sitting next to you is a PM, then he isn’t from Northern Ireland, THAT is part of the UK! AFTER Trump’s praise of the UK’s response and their increase in spread, Trump was forced to add the UK to the travel ban!! BUT that was after NYC was exposed to the virus. Really, WHAT is it that you see is Trump’s response deserving of your praise??

  4. There’s no question we should be mighty thankful President Trump is at the helm of the ship; rather than some bumbling, expected-to-be-inept D’RAT/Fascist. All one has to do is compare what is happening NOW to what didn’t happen during the H1N1 “Swine flu” epidemic in 2009/2010. Trump acted within DAYS when the kung flu was reported; not SIX MONTHS (from April 2009 to October 2009) and 1,000 America deaths later as with the Odumbo/Biden team. Of course, when we have a President who loves America and the American people as opposed to a Hate America, race baiting Marxist, actions do speak louder than eloquently read speeches off a teleprompter by a lawless, self-aggrandizing, do-nothing chair warmer masquerading as an American DemocRAT.

    TRUMP: The ONLY choice in November (regardless of what the blind Fascists have been fed and spew).

  5. The much despised and despicable trolls are here! Looks like a new one was added to the squad. john performs about as well as his name. I was not a fan of the community organizer but could not find that much hate to spew no matter how inept he was. During the swine flu of 2009, Obama was not chastised for ineptness. Of course, now he is a multimillionaire thanks to trolls like the ones here. No shame but lots of hate.

  6. Everyone who thinks that THE PSYCHOPATH MURDERER is doing a great job is a stupid fool with standards of excellence lower than the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

  7. This is getting more ridiculous every day. Are we all watching the same press briefings? I guess I need to sit down and watch one from beginning to end. I keep reading these same examples from people about how Trump SHOULD BE handling this, but every time I’ve watched one of his updates that’s EXACTLY how I DO see him handling it! Am I hallucinating or are they?!

  8. “How about the utter shambles in governance of the last three years?” Just what in hell are you talking about? WHAT “utter shambles” are you moaning about?

    AND, philly-“with a functioning brain”. Typical libtard, nothing original, has to use other people’s comments used about her lack of a fully-functioning brain and then she still blows it.

    contusion-“this dangerous fascist”, your opinions are old and tired.

  9. Phyllis:

    What do you expect Jim Jordan to do to change an old, incompetent narsisistic baffoon? Seriously? NOBODY has been able to change this dangerous fascist since he first sat on his golden throne. You know that.

  10. Morgan and Syphilis raise their ugly heads and show their ignorance and lies. Have a nice day in your fantasy worlds.

  11. Phyllis,
    Phyllis : “Everyone in this country with a functioning brain is aware and have attempted to since January to convince him to take the pandemic seriously. Trump tried employing his usual tactics but the virus is impervious to childish nicknames and the blame game.”
    Apparently your short attention span caused you to forget about nasty Nancy telling everyone that Trump’s “racist” border closing, and banning flights from China were bad, and that people should get out and go to ChinaTown to eat. . . That was THREE WHOLE WEEKS after Trump stopped incoming flights from China. He has followed the advice from ALL of his advisors on this situation. You could also be mistaking this for Obummer’s reaction to the H1N1 virus. Tell everyone again at how this is all Trump’s fault. . . We’ll wait. . .

  12. Oscar, Apparently you missed the box in the upper right hand corner of the Cisco Web screen. Piers was giving the interview FROM London—WHERE he is from. WHERE he is employed at Good Morning Britain. Piers has not been an employee at CNN since he was fired in 2014. He NEVER worked for MSNBC, but he did appear on Trump’s NBC reality show. Piers is attempting to HELP Trump. That is WHAT friends do.

  13. Piers thinks we needed a Brit to tell us or Trump that “[Trump] has put the country before himself. [Trump] has to put Americans before electioneering.”?? Everyone in this country with a functioning brain is aware and have attempted to since January to convince him to take the pandemic seriously. Trump tried employing his usual tactics but the virus is impervious to childish nicknames and the blame game.
    Trump performance today was a clear demonstration of his emotional immaturity on full display. We need someone to speak to Trump that is smart, concise and articulate, cares about his own family’s safety, AND has a track record of loyalty to Trump. Does anyone have a better suggestion than Rep. Jim Jordan? I am begging the guy via his twitter account to TALK TO TRUMP. If anyone can think of someone more qualified, I would love to hear suggestions.

  14. As for Dorothy…. (IJR must be screwed up again since reply is not working) She should look for the Yellow Brick Road and take it. She’s the one who needs a brain.

  15. What a disappointment. Wasn’t Morgan just praising “his friend”?
    President Trump did not create the virus. That’s on China. Cuomo the split personality Governor was praising the president until he evidently was instructed otherwise.
    Guess old Piers won’t be receiving an invitation to the White House.

  16. It’s difficult, but I actually pray for TDS sufferers, like Dorothy. Liberal/Socialist to the core, they just can’t look at President Trump’s HUGE list of accomplishments and how they have helped US and U.S! And Piers Morgan a “journalist”? Please! He’s a chaos-monger, happy only when he gets clicks and a stint with PMSNBCNN. I wish he would get a J O B. Morgan is a “nobody” with a soapbox. Please, Piers….go back to wherever you spurted from.

  17. Mr. Morgan,
    If you want us to care about what you think, your ancestors should have fought harder in 1776.

  18. President Trump is playing politics, Mr. Morgan???? President Trump???? The only people politicizing this are the vacuous, demented, hateful Democrats! Their hatred and anger because this great President beat their queen, Hillary, has absolutely blinded them to truth and facts. And they refuse to work with him even if it means the destruction of the Constitution and the liberties and freedoms it affords us. Not to mention the economy! They would rather have their temper tantrums like the bratty, petulant children, they are, than to put our country first! Power and control hungry hypocrites every one!

  19. So piers has whored himself out to the CNN network. Figures! He’s like Biden and Romney they’ll say anything where ever the money is for them!

  20. It’s just dawning on Morgan NOW that his ‘friend’, the manbaby Drumpf, is failing the American people? How about the utter shambles in governance of the last three years?
    Beggars description.

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