WH Advisor Calls Comparison of Unemployment Numbers to the Great Depression a ‘Pity Party’

White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro said this week that comparing the current unemployment numbers to the Great Depression amounts to a “pity party,” adding, “This is not the Great Depression.”

Navarro appeared on Fox News to hit back after widespread news coverage over the weekend noted that the current unemployment figures are the highest that they have been since the Great Depression.

That figure lead the front page of most of the nation’s major papers, including The New York Times and The Washington Post. It was also a common topic on the Sunday shows.

In April, 20.5 million jobs were lost amid the coronavirus pandemic, while the unemployment rate went up to 14.7%, as IJR reported.

When the numbers were mentioned on Monday morning, Navarro shot back, “Let me say something about that — that was a pity party yesterday on the Sunday shows … It was a pity party. This is not the Great Depression.”

Navarro continued, “Anybody who thinks this is the Great Depression doesn’t understand either history or economics,” adding, “Here’s what we have here, President Donald J. Trump built up the strongest and most beautiful economy in three-and-a-half years and then the Chinese communist party dropped a virus on the world that within 60 days has temporarily shut us down.”

He added that “all we need to do here is focus on the mission, the original mission of Donald J. Trump, which is to bring manufacturing onshore, to have the American people make things here and we will move forward in a way where we will rebound.”

Moments later, Navarro returned to his previous point, saying, “This Great Depression pity party stuff I saw yesterday, this ain’t that. And we’ve got a president here who built up this economy once and he can do it again and will do it again.”

See his comments below:

Navarro has previously expressed frustration with the handling of the coronavirus and particularly with infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The trade advisor reportedly fumed with Fauci behind closed doors and, in a CNN interview in early April, brought that feud into the public light, declaring himself a “social scientist.”


  1. What kind of ludicrous comparison is that even more so than comparing war deaths to a global epidemic. The great depression was the absolute downfall of the entire economy not parts all of it. Masses in the streets homeless creating shantytowns or Hoovervilles as they liked to call them. With this covid-19 hysteria there are literally protections in place so all these people forced to be unemployed don’t lose their homes or even their damn utilities. Now you tell me where the hell the true comparison is beyond percentages of those now forced to be unemployed. Again great depression no safety nets even the rich were worried and the possibility of the country collapsing was very real and on the horizon. The world war saved our asses by creating a demand for something we could supply. That being bodies and weaponry which solved a lot of the issues at home since war is a money maker regrettably. Now with the covid-19 nobody is even allowed to be removed from their homes and they have jobs literally waiting on them to come back to. Comfortable in their homes are fed and entertained so tell me where the hell the comparison is. Unemployment rates are not a valid reason to say there is any real comparison between the two events. It’s all a ploy because the left knows that most of it’s masses are mindless sheeple, and the rest who they can’t manipulate don’t care because they are getting free hand outs.

  2. He doesn’t need to consult, all he needs is my magic 8 Ball. I just checked with it and I saw something I’ve never seen on it before, It read

  3. Another heartless, mindless, self absorbed, soulless, Anti-Humanity, trumpukelican, ass hole complete disconnected from reality.

    1. Did you have a point to make Christopher, or maybe even a coherent sentence to put forth? You literally made no point beyond you expressing your apparently ceaseless disdain for Trump or Republicans. I’m neither Democrat or Republican but you sound like the most brain washed leftist sheep I’ve ever heard.

  4. The unemployment rate during the Great Depression stayed above 14% for about 10 years. It PEAKED at just under 25%. Our current rate is about 15% and RISING.

    Don’t let these fascists gaslight you.

      1. Thank you, since it seems that I am one of a tiny few around here that accurately understand EXACTLY what a fascist is.

    1. Since you love to pretend you’re intelligent and not a biased mouthpiece. Answer me this don’t give me some non answer or skirt around to another topic. What was the great depression and how exactly did it effect people? Now tell me what is currently going on with this covid-19 hysteria and then compare the two with factual events. You do this by the letter and I’ll consider you no longer just some troll shooting his mouth off behind the safety net of a faceless filter.

      1. William is confused.

        I don’t pretent to be intelligent nor biased. I am intelligent AND biased (but in a fair and intelligent way). We ALL have biases, but at least I try to back mine up with honest reasons and logic.

        I also was not redefining the Depression. I only compared their rate of unemployment to our current numbers and pointing out some similarity (go back and check).

        Try to keep up, William. You should be confused less.

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