‘We’re Sick of This’: People Caught on Camera Defacing ‘Black Lives Matter’ Mural in CA

Two people were caught on camera painting over a “Black Lives Matter” mural in Martinez, California.

Over the weekend footage of the incident began circulating on social media. The video captured a white woman wearing a red shirt as she poured black paint over the letters.

She was accompanied by a white man wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat and a red shirt in support of President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

When confronted about their actions, the unidentified man told the group of onlookers, “No one wants Black Lives Matter here.”

He also dismissed the “narrative” of police brutality and racism in America, deeming it “a lie.”

“We’re sick of this narrative,” he said. “The narrative of police brutality, the narrative of oppression, the narrative of racism. It’s a lie. It’s a lie.”

See the footage below:

Amid protests and heightened calls for police reform and racial equality, “Black Lives Matter” murals have been painted in cities, nationwide.

The Martinez Police Department is conducting an investigation into the defacing of the city’s mural.

On Sunday, Martinez Police Chief Manjit Sappal released a statement about the incident and criticized the people who defaced the mural “in a hateful and senseless manner.”

“The community spent a considerable amount of time putting the mural together only to have it painted over in a hateful and senseless manner,” Martinez Police Chief Manjit Sappal said in a statement, adding, “The city of Martinez values tolerance, and the damage to the mural was divisive and hurtful.”

Despite the man’s claim about the “narrative” of racism being a “lie,” statistics on police brutality and racism–including systemic racism–have been widely proven otherwise.


  1. I say paint over it cause there is no reason to paint a racist slogan in the street

  2. blm is a self-admitted Marxist domestic terrorist organization! These people are vorrect!

  3. John, any website that calls itself “friendsutrust” is unlikely to be trustworthy or a friend. If somebody has to tell you what his qualities are, they’re probably untrue.

    True, the black demographic has a homicide problem. I don’t say “black people have a homicide problem”, because few of them kill anybody. Half the homicides in this country (roughly speaking; statistics on unsolved crimes are just not there) are by black people, and half the people killed by murderers are black. It looks like the great majority of black killers seek out black victims.

    Now, where the big lie in your untrustworthyfriends statistics comes up: Most of the police interactions with black people, and with white people, are not cops chasing down killers. They’re getting pursued or detained for other offenses. The friendly site says “Is there any reason that we should not expect the number of blacks killed by police to be more than 2.5X that of whites when their rate of homicidal offense is almost 8X larger than for whites?” (The per capita statistics they use are essentially true.) The answer is, NO, it doesn’t make sense, because the cops are not solving homicides most of the time, and no evidence is presented that says how many whites or blacks died while cops were trying to apprehend on a murder rap.

  4. Michelle: They don’t like links here so please go to the following page, adding the dot between “friendsutrust” and “com” to read the paragraph, and get back with us with your answer to the one question there: friendsutrust com/MSM_and_Race_Relations-Quick_Facts.pdf

  5. Uhhh, WAT??? WOW…. But by all means, tear down those monuments/statues, burn down those buildings, STEAL from those businesses, YES, by all means, show America that your LIVES DON’T MATTER!!!!

  6. Johny Boy, funny you should make a remark to give the hamsters a break when you switched to gerbils.

  7. Need to take that roller and run from one end to the other…get rid of that trash!

  8. I suppose that if painting a mural (or a slogan) in the middle of a street is a legitimate example of protest, then painting it over has nearly the same legitimacy. Both ways, it’s defacing a public street to leave a message.

    However, listening to the pronouncements of the two white folks is sort of a master class in modern racism. Black lives matter is a racial message, therefore, whoever is making that message is racist. There’s no racism in society now; there’s no racial inequality shown by the police; complaining about racism just aggravates racial divisions.

    I worked for a trucking company once, where the COO of the company told me that race relations had been fine until Martin Luther King came in and stirred up trouble.

    The idea that all lives matter is exactly what “black lives matter” is about. The black ones should matter as much as the white ones, when facing the police. However, that’s supposed to be racially divisive, I guess. A true egalitarian isn’t supposed to notice the differences, much less be bothered by discrimination.

  9. “Two people were caught on camera painting over a “Black Lives Matter” mural in Martinez, California. … She was accompanied by a white man wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat and a red shirt in support of President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.” Article

    This, QUITE LITERALLY, the right-wing, caught redhanded, practicing their rabid cancel-culture.

  10. Did they “deface” the BLM graffiti after BLM burned down, robbed, looted, beat and murdered innocent people? Just wondering.

  11. Michelle: “How ignorant can two individuals be?”

    Ignorant implies that they are unaware of something. In this case, they knew EXACTLY what the want to know. They knew what they were doing, so I hope that they get the book thrown at them, made an example of for others.

  12. This isn’t a mural, it’s defacing public property. Tax dollars are spent on road work and if BLM wants to paint a mural, paint a mural. Don’t deface property that tax payers pay for.

  13. How ignorant can two individuals be? They haven’t a clue about truth. As many videos that have been shown concerning Police Brutality against Black People as well as other Minority People, they have the nerve to say it’s all a lie. The woman painting over the Mural further displayed her ignorance of not knowing what a Mural can consist of. I pray that all these ignorant people will open their eyes and see what is truth and what is truly a lie.

  14. When did BIG letters in the middle of th road become a mural? Isn’t a mural a drawing or picture, and not letters?

  15. I’m wondering at Martinez’s choice of mural location. Does it imply that it’s okay to drive vehicles over BLM protesters? Better choices might have been a city building or buying a billboard.

    Since Martinez is over 77% White and 3.6% Black, and 14.7% Hispanic, and 8% Asian wouldn’t “All Lives Matter” be more appropriate? Is this a sop to ease White Guilt?

  16. Poor Caucasian trash n*ggers are being oppressed by the truth.

    Too Bad So Sad

    1. Hey johnny the butt, you ignorance and stupidity are showing. You are one sad excuse for a human? being.

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