Pence Says He Would Be ‘Happy’ to Have Michael Flynn in the Administration Again

Vice President Mike Pence says he would not have a problem with former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn joining President Donald Trump’s administration again.

In an interview with “Axios on HBO,” Pence was asked if he was “fine” with the idea of Trump giving Flynn a post in the administration. Pence responded, “I think General Michael Flynn is an American patriot, and he served this country with great distinction in uniform.”

“And now, I believe the decision by the Justice Department lays bare what was clearly prosecutorial abuse, and for my part, I’d be happy to see Michael Flynn again,” Pence added. 

Watch the video below:

The interview, set to air on Monday night, comes days after the Justice Department filed a motion in court that sought to drop the prosecution of Flynn, as IJR reported

Flynn was facing prosecution for making false statements to the FBI during an interview at the White House in 2017. But in its filing on May 7, the department wrote, “We do not believe that the Government can prove either the relevant false statements or their materiality beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Flynn had pled guilty to the charge, but earlier this year sought to withdraw his plea. 

The Justice Department’s decision came after a series of newly released documents raised questions about the FBI’s handling of the case against Flynn.

After several pages of internal FBI documents related to the Flynn case were released, Trump said he would “certainly consider” giving Flynn a post in his administration. He also said he believed Flynn would be exonerated.

Flynn was removed from his position in 2017 after he reportedly lied to Pence about a phone call he had with the Russian ambassador — Sergey Kislyak.

Earlier this month, Pence was asked about Flynn’s case, and he said, “I’m deeply troubled by the revelations of what appears to have been investigative abuse by officials in the Justice Department, and we are going to continue to look into that very carefully.”  

He added, “I know what Gen. Flynn told me, and I’m more inclined to believe it was unintentional than ever before.”

The move to seek to drop the prosecution drew swift criticism from Democrats who demanded answers about the decision, and claimed it was evidence of a politicized Justice Department.


  1. Yes after what Flynn went through he should work for the White House. I understand fully why he had to go. But it is a shame he lost everything. Be nice to put a go me fund to get him back on his feet. He didn’t g wrong and he defended this country. The American people needs to repay him some how. They say he lied to F.B.I . Yes to protect his son. Now what is Adam Shiffless excuse .

    1. Flynn is a crook he deserves to be in jail, strip him of his pension anyone who works for Trump belongs in jail for no other reason than being a moronic idiot.

      1. No he isn’t Problem is your looking and hearing things with your demarcate rage glasses . Or 4th grade education

    1. Seems your wrong again . Traitor no. He served this country for about 33 years. When There was a draft he served. When no draft he served. Bill Clinton and Mr Barry Obama was draft dodgers . Seems Demarcates ran from service. But thanks to BARRY lots of good soldiers died because of his term of engagement orders . When he left office like Trump said we had no bullets. Now that was aid and comfort to the enemy . That is the definition of a TRAITOR.

      Yes lots of Demarcates stood home collecting Welfare while good men stepped up to serve. So were you only listen to the Communist Network News you wouldn’t heard the Truth Obama was in on setting up Flynn up. Reason he had the dirt on Obama and it is all coming out. Seems they might not be an election . Seems the heads of the Demarcate will be in jail. Funny they will love Biden were he can’t keep his hands to himself.

  2. Considering what was done to this man out of pure hatred and scheming he should be given a chance at redemption. The witch hunt appears to be close to prosecution of the real guilty schemers.

    1. You think he is pure as a new born baby? Wake up he lied or he lied about a lie either way he lied and deserves to go to jail.

      1. You are confused at how it works at IJR, TOM.

        If Dear Leader does or says something, then it is good.

        If his opponents do or say something, then it is bad.

        If something happens to any of Dear Leader’s sycophants, then call the cops!

        1. It should work another way I would love to call the cops when something happens to Trumps cult members, but if it was Trump or Pence I would wait awhile before I called anyone to make sure help arrived too late.

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