Pence Grilled on Trump’s Call to ‘Liberate’ States From Coronavirus Lockdowns

Vice President Mike Pence was grilled on President Donald Trump’s call to “liberate” states from coronavirus lockdowns. 

“Can you explain what the president is trying to liberate Minnesota from?” Chuck Todd asked Pence during an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday.

“No one wants to reopen America more than President Donald Trump, and I think the American people have known that,” Pence said. “We have to make sure the cure isn’t worse than the disease.”

“The truth is that there are real costs, including the health and well being of the American people, to continue to go through the shut down that we’re in today,” he added.

Watch the video below:

Pence continued to cite the new guidelines that Trump unveiled on Thursday aimed at providing states a pathway to lifting the restrictions on public life. However, Todd noted that he did not directly answer the question, he said, “I’ve given you a lot of leeway here.”

He continued to suggest that Trump was undermining his own guidance on reopening the country, “Why is the president trying to undermine the guidance you’ve been laying out? … He laid out this guidance on Thursday and undermined in on Friday.”

“Chuck, I don’t accept your premise, and I don’t think most Americans do either,” Pence responded. “The president has made it clear he wants to reopen America. And we laid out guidelines for every state in the country to safely and responsibly reopen their economy at the time and manner of their choosing.”

On Thursday, Trump unveiled new guidelines that provide a three phase plan for states to lift restrictions if they meet certain criteria with their coronavirus cases.

However, Trump was accused of fomenting protests against the shutdowns in states on Friday after he sent out a series of tweets encouraging people to “liberate” their states, as IJR has previously reported


  1. Michael has been indoctrinated by the MSM. He believes everything they say because he doesn’t have the ability to think for himself.

  2. Chuck Todd, the lackey of the Democrats. He spreads miss-information on a weekly basis.

  3. **Micheal**
    And you win the award for just being ignorant every day. Your sniping is about your hate. What a miserable sniper you will be for 4 more years.

  4. Sometimes, when a leftist is interviewing Spence, I think I see this look come over Spence’s face that says. You Dimwit.

  5. Steve, they can see and understand. The media and left know that if the economy fails they can make new empty promises to win the election in November

  6. Steve you are right Colleges closing, stores ( mom and pop) are closing.. it’s horrible for a 11.25% of death rate for every 100,000 people! Do the math! We need to “liberation” of our states to get back to work. People die everyday from stuff that isn’t covid. Why don’t we stop the economy for those, we don’t and we shouldn’t have for this either!!

  7. The leftist media just can’t seem to understand that if Americans don’t get back to work soon there won’t be any America to restart again. Destroy the economy, destroy the nation. It’s simple.

  8. >Stan<

    You spotted that too I see. It is so easy to distinguish between the anti-America, indoctrinated adolescents (low and no-IQ) and those adults with an education who have their eyes and ears open to reality. Fortunately those foreigners as propaganda (BS) parrots are only a small minority of the World population since their Socialist philosophy has a record of failure. Guess they keep spouting off to keep their parrot id card in force.

  9. michael watches nbc and pmsnbc. Believes what he sees, too. And he has the nerve to call OTHERS low IQ voters.

  10. So VPOTUS continues to attempt to explain away the crazy of his boss while Jim cluelessly continues to act as the proverbial pot shouting at kettles.

  11. When did Chuckie Todd begin pretending he was a news anchor on Meet the Press? That hack doesn’t have the sense to come in out of the rain. And who watches NBC or the Commie Noise Network except the low-IQ voters?

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