Pence Asks Americans Not to Go to Church Services With More Than 10 People

Vice President Mike Pence says the outcome of coronavirus is up to the American public.

In an interview on CNN on Wednesday, Pence said the outbreak of the virus in the U.S. could resemble the situation in Italy and urged Americans to follow the social distancing guidelines, as IJR has previously reported.

During an interview on ABC News’ “Nightline” on Wednesday night, Pence asked Americans to avoid going to church services with more than 10 people. 

“We really believe this is a time when people should avoid gatherings of more than 10 people,” Pence said, adding, “And, and so, we continue to urge churches around America to heed to that.” 

He added, “We’re so grateful to churches and synagogues and places of worship around America that have heeded the president’s coronavirus guidelines for America.” 

President Donald Trump had previously said he would like to see restrictions lifted by Easter, but on Sunday, he said he would recommend that restrictions remain in place until the end of April

On Tuesday, the White House coronavirus taskforce revealed new projections that estimated between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans could die from the virus — with mitigation efforts. 

Additionally, Pence suggested that if Americans follow the social distancing guidelines, the outbreak would be past its worst part by late-May.

“If every American will put these guidelines into practice, if we all continue to do our part, we really do believe that by Memorial Day weekend or by early summer … we can be through the hardest part of this.”

Pence’s comments come as several pastors have been arrested across the country for continuing to hold services despite public health orders prohibiting large gatherings. 

According to reports, there more than 200,000 confirmed cases of the in the country. 


  1. Well, that remains to be seen.

    We either self-quarantine or more of us will die and thus gets dragged out longer.

    What’s it going to be? Evidence shows that “not enough people have gotten the message” yet.

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