Pelosi Says Trump’s Comments on Stone Case Are ‘an Abuse of Power’

U.S. President Donald Trump’s comments this week weighing in on the trial of his longtime associate Roger Stone amount to political interference in the judiciary and are “an abuse of power,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters on Thursday.

“This is an abuse of power — that the president is again trying to manipulate federal law enforcement to serve his political interest,” Pelosi said at a news conference. “This is not what America is about. It is so wrong.”

(Reporting by David Morgan and Susan Heavey; additional reporting by Tim Ahmann; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama)


  1. A very CONSERVATIVE judge agrees.


    I think that this action could develop into a real problem for this administration. Nothing ELSE has stuck to Teflon Don, but now judges are starting to rebel and we are SUPPOSED to be a country founded on laws and a Constitution. What do you think?

    1. WHY weren’t the LAWS supported, adhered to and ENFORCED when the corrupt members of the Jackass Party – Barry/Biden/HRC/Holder/Kerry, et al – were in power? Don’t the LAWS apply to EVERYONE – or, are the Marxists and Socialists (Fascists) exempt?

      1. Deflection. Misdirection.

        That doesn’t relate to what the A.G. has done regarding the Baez-Sanchez case nor Stone’s, for that matter.

        1. NO “misdirection” at all. YOU continue to slander MY America, MY President and HIS Administration while simultaneously IGNORING those corrupt DemocRATs in the Marxist Kenyan’s abysmal, anti-American regime who should be in prison rather than walking around freely; including the corrupt, inept, lying #44 for treason. I would think that with the near death of the DemocRAT Party and unexplained interest in the failed Socialism/Fascism ideology, someone with a working brain cell (as in ONE) would wake up to reality – Socialism, Communism and Fascism authoritarianism has never worked anywhere. Does appear there are those uneducated individuals who cry out with a dire need to be led around by their nose because of pure ignorance, laziness and radicalized indoctrination. THEY have an incurable mental disorder.

      2. “are the Marxists and Socialists (Fascists) exempt?” Confused James The Projectionist

        Get it through your thick skull that socialists are NOT the same as fascists! They both are totalitarian but on the OPPOSITE side of ideology. Your Dear Leader is on the fascism scale.

        All you are doing, AFTER I reminded you that the word even exists, is projecting its attributes onto a group that you don’t like. That’s what projectionists like you DO. It won’t work.

        1. CHECK the DEFINITION of FASCISTS. I have found it for YOU and relayed it to YOU on at least THREE occasions. Can’t YOU read? Are YOU really that ignorant? Twisting the FACTS to suit YOUR Socialist/Communist/Marxist/Fascist anti-American narrative won’t change any FACTS.


  2. OMG they never stop. The president has 1A rights like everyone else. Barr made his decisions with no pressure or discussion with Trump and Trump’s tweet was after the decision was made (not that it matters – 1A). I’m am sick to death of the dems. Go ahead Nancy. Impeach again. Do it!

    1. Surely the dimwits will try again to impeach and remove Trump in order to keep him off the November ballot. The Jackass Party knows they have NO ONE who is even remotely qualified or capable of being POTUS; but have to keep up their bias and non-stop hatred to try and influence the 2020 election in their favor.

      Vote STRAIGHT GOP in 2020.

  3. Well then, IMPEACH him. IMPEACH his children. IMPEACH his wife. IMPEACH his dog(if he had one). IMPEACH Pence.

    Some OLD, dried up, useless, demented Jackass Party females – exactly like Pelosi – are way past due for the funny farm.

  4. So he could have pardoned him completely. Even if he pushed for and/or demanded a reduced sentence, it could have been a bigger issue if he pardoned him and everyone else illegally investigated as a result of the fraudulent FISA warrants.

  5. No surprise here. In Pelosi’s mind the flipping of a light switch is an abuse of power by the president.

    Hmm….is she desperately flailing for another reason to impeach him?

  6. Why can’t he have a opinion? You dont have a problem speaking your mind

  7. PELOSI you are not the president. GET OVER IT!!! Your mouth is abusing the very air it is flapping in.

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