Pelosi and Top Dems Criticize Trump for Commuting Roger Stone’s Prison Sentence

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is not pleased with President Donald Trump’s decision to commute Roger Stone’s prison sentence but she is proposing a solution to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

During an appearance on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” on Friday, the top Democrat shared her reaction to Trump’s pardon, calling it a “terrible decision.”

“I think it’s a terrible idea. Just look at this administration, the President and his henchmen,” Pelosi said. “So many of his friends, advisers, campaign chairmen, et cetera, are in jail.”

The California Democrat continued, “And for the President to be able to issue a pardon on the basis of a crime that the person committed assisting the president is ridiculous.”

Pelosi went on to suggest a law that would prohibit presidents from having such authoritative power.

She added, “There ought to be a law, and I’m recommending we pass a law that presidents cannot issue a pardon if the crime that the person is in jail for is one that is caused by protecting the president, which this was. It’s appalling.”

See Pelosi’s remarks below:

Pelosi’s remarks came shortly after Trump made headlines for commuting Stone’s sentence despite Stone being convicted and sentenced to prison on seven charges — obstruction of a congressional investigation, lying to Congress and witness tampering.

Despite calling himself the “law and order” president where protesters are concerned, many Democratic lawmakers agree the president commuting Stone’s sentence proves otherwise.

Like Pelosi, Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Kamala Harris (D.Calif.), and many others have criticized the president for his decision.

See a few of their reactions below:

On Friday evening, Schumer released a brief statement criticizing not only the president but also the Republican Party for allowing his actions.

“The American ideal of equal justice under the law is once again being undermined by a lawless president who regards the Justice Department as his personal plaything.

By refusing to hold President Trump accountable, the Republican Party bears responsibility for his lawlessness.”

Schiff also appeared on “The Rachel Maddow Show” where he blasted the president for his misuse of the United States justice system, as he noted. Describing the day as “another tragic day for American democracy,” Schiff insisted there are “two systems” at work under Trump’s watch.

“There are two systems of justice now in America, one for criminal friends of the president like Michael Flynn and now Roger Stone and one for everybody else,” Schiff said.

See Schiff’s comments below:

Stone was scheduled to begin a 40-month sentence at a federal prison in Jesup, Georgia, on Tuesday.


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  2. The Walking Dead and Shifty Schiff are butt hurt. The Democrat inquisition is reversed, like the Obamanation. Outstanding!!!!!!

  3. Polosi and Schiff had something bad to say about our President. Fancy that.

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  9. And yet when Super O commuted the sentences of murderers, bombers and assorted dealers most Dems were mute.

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