Pelosi Shreds Trump for Firing Intelligence Community Inspector General

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is voicing her disapproval of President Donald Trump’s decision to fire Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson.

Pelosi released a statement condemning the president’s “late-night firing” of Atkinson — who told Congress about a whistleblower’s report alleging Trump sought Ukraine interference in the 2020 election.

“The shameful late-night firing of Inspector General Atkinson is a brazen act against a patriotic public servant who has honorably performed his duty to protect the Constitution and our national security, as required by the law and by his oath,” Pelosi said.

The California lawmaker went on to criticize the president as she argued that his actions have “a chilling effect against all willing to speak truth to power.”

“This latest act of reprisal against the Intelligence Community threatens to have a chilling effect against all willing to speak truth to power.”

Pelosi also expressed concern about Trump’s timing. Since the country is at the center of a pandemic, Pelosi believes the president should refrain from firing those “who sacrifice to keep America safe.”

“The President must immediately cease his attacks on those who sacrifice to keep America safe, particularly during this time of national emergency.”

Pelosi’s remarks come just hours after Trump’s official statement was sent to the Senate and House intelligence committees. The president confirmed that Atkinson’s firing would be effective in 30 days.

“This is to advise that I am exercising my power as President to remove from office the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, effective 30 days from today,” Trump wrote.

Trump went on to say he doesn’t have the “fullest confidence” in Atkinson’s ability to serve as inspectors general.

“As is the case with regard to other positions where I, as president, have the power of appointment, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, it is vital that I have the fullest confidence in the appointees serving as inspectors general. That is no longer the case with regard to this inspector general.”

At the moment, there are no recommended replacements for Atkinson. Trump also noted that he would submit a nominee for the position “at a later date.”


  1. Pelosi has a hard time shredding a sheet of paper.
    I doubt her attempt to shred Trump would be successful.

  2. I’m concerned with Atkinson doctoring the whistleblower definition to include hearsay for partisan reasons

    1. Atkinson’s investigation verified the info in the whistleblowers’s complaint. WHAT is it that you perceived was for “partisan reasons”? You appear to be forgetting or overlooking that many R Senators admitted the call was “not perfect” and Trump’s actions were as charged by the House. WHAT is it that you thought Sens. Alexander and Collins were thinking when they said Trump “learned his lesson” from the House IMPEACHMENT? WHAT is it that you think Sen. Rubio was referring when he said just because the actions are impeachable does not mean a POTUS should be removed from office???

      1. “WHAT is it that you thought Sens. Alexander and Collins were thinking when they said Trump “learned his lesson” from the House IMPEACHMENT? WHAT is it that you think Sen. Rubio was referring when he said just because the actions are impeachable does not mean a POTUS should be removed from office???” I don’t know, philly, but you are the professed mind reader and armchair psychologist here(which makes you look really stupid to people with full functioning brains), so why don’t you tell all of here what was going on their heads.

  3. She is voicing her disapproval, not shredding anyone. Who cares what Blinky says. She will tell any lie to promote the Liberal agenda.

    1. What is the “Liberal agenda” in pointing out that Inspector General Atkinson was fulfilling the legal obligations of his job? WHAT is the “lie”?

  4. The Cryptkeeper is nothing more than a bloviating hypocrite who simply criticizes anything President Trump does. She just exists to stay in power. She has no moral compass or rudder.

  5. Speaking as someone who had executive decisions to make, you can never have full faith in anyone who does not support you. Had they doubts they should have resigned or removed themselves.

    NOBODY can judge. especially when dealing with these persons except by their demonstrated performance or loyalty. Atkinson failed that test.

    1. The only test Atkinson failed was the “Trump loyalty test.” Atkinson was appointed by Trump, but PAID by the U.S. TAXPAYERS, not Trump or Trump Org. An Inspector General’s oath is to the U.S. Constitution, not to a person. Our government is not a reality show where you make up the rules as you go along and pick and chose what laws you wish to abide. History will JUDGE all Americans, not just Trump. You appear to fail U.S. Government 101.

    1. Sen Grassley is 86 and has 4 yrs left on his term. McConnell is 78 and is running for another 6 yr term. Sen. Hatch called it quits at age 84. Pelosi is 80 and running for a 2 yr term. It is up to Pelosi and her district when it is time for her to go.

  6. I wonder what she actually stands FOR? I’m getting tired of listening to this woman and her constant shrill condemnation of anything she doesn’t agree with connected to Trump. Which is EVERYTHING. Get a life lady, wouldja!

  7. Bla Bla Bla !!!
    IThink she was pricked by a splinter from her broomstick!

    1. Someone did there best to pick a most unflattering g picture they could find to deliberately make her look foolish, shame on them, it was probably a stupid Republican that picked it.

      1. THAT is all you get out of the story? Times are tough. Maybe her makeup crew is keeping their distance. In case you don’t want to notice, her face is always screwed up when she is bad mouthing President Trump.

      2. After all the work on her face, she can’t have a flattering picture. Blinky became perpetually surprised. She does look better than the lying crone she really is.

  8. You mean the fake “whistle blower” letter that was created through a conspiracy between the unidentified “blower” and Schiff over several weeks of script writing, involving Schiff’s lawyers, that letter? Another in the vain attempt at overturning the election in 2016. After 3 years and no evidence, the sore loser Democrats failed once again. But, not to be deterred, Pelosi has already signaled another investigation (and possible impeachment?) to be started soon. This will be the eighth investigation of Trump in 3 years, (while Democrats obstruct the government) at taxpayer expense, with no evidence and nothing to show for it except more division in America. Shame on the Democrats, they have no decency.

    1. No decency and no soul. Their supposed investigations are the only things that are transparent. Their goal is to remove President Trump. And they obviously are not very good at it with the concocted charges. As for old Nancy …..does anyone even pay any attention to her now that AOC is in charge?

      1. He should be removed as he is bankrupting our country and trying to take the spoils but I think God has another plan for him and he will not like it.

        1. Bet you weren’t whining when the stock market was hitting all time highs last year. If you understood it that is. And what “spoils” are you talking about? How dare you involve God’s name in your silliness. But since you did He also has a plan for you.

        2. Please explain to us how “he is bankrupting our country and trying to take the spoils”. All you liberals do is constantly repeat the same old garbage but can NEVER explain it. So,PLEASE explain, we are all eyes and ears.

          1. Have you looked at the national debt lately? LOL..Perhaps you need Prevagen to remember the R’s constant mantra of “THE DEFICIT” “Balanced Budgets” NO Socialism! For the last 2 yrs the taxpayers have been paying farmers to compensate for the damage from Trump’s “easy to win trade war.” The recent vote for $2.2 trillion free money to workers, corporations, & small businesses passed the R controlled Senate 96-0. Not one Republican shout of “The DEFICIT” or “NO SOCIALISM.”

          2. Seriously, philly. You’ve let everyone here know that obummer was your messiah, but you bring up the deficit. According to Business Insider, “The debt surged by 41% in Obama’s first 1,012 days in office, ultimately ballooning by about 84% as fiscal 2016 drew to a close. Under Trump, the debt has grown by roughly 15% in three years so far, and the Congressional Budget Office projected that it could swell by 43% more by the end of fiscal 2024 at current spending levels.” Not even close, but go ahead and mention the deficit. As far as your comment about the vote in the Senate, 48 R’s voted for it, 46 dims voted for it and 2 Independents voted for it. In the House, all 223 Dims present voted for it. The 40 dissenting votes were ALL cast by Republicans. So, just WHAT is your point about the vote?

          3. SILENCE as always when a fool like philly gets called out for her foolish comments.

    2. Does being a Trumper require you to believe every RW conspiracy?? Simply refusing to read the Mueller Report does not make it go away. If there was no evidence of wrongdoing, WHAT were Senators Alexander and Collins referring to when they claimed to believe Trump has learned his lesson? WHAT was Sen. Rubio referring to when he claimed that just because Trump committed an impeachable offense, it does not require removal from office??

      Were the 8 congressional investigations of Benghazi an attempt to overturn the 2012 election?? Was the 4 yr Starr investigation of Whitewater an attempt to overturn the 1996 election?

      If the POTUS lies to the Grand Jury as in the case of Clinton or Trump commits obstruction of justice, as outlined in the Mueller Report, or Trump withholds congressional appropriated funds in order to obtain foreign assistance in the 2020 election, ARE YOU SAYING that Congress should just OVERLOOK IT?? THAT sounds logical to you??

      1. More lies from you, the media and the democrats. The Mueller investigation was a bust. Proof? If there was anything they could have used, that would have been the basis of the impeachment. There was NOTHING and that’s why Schiff had to come up with the fake “whistleblower” and his “papar”, a paper that was created by several weeks of script writing between Schiff, his lawyers and the so called “whistleblower”, a person that doesn’t exist. If he existed, he would have been identified and called to testify, but he doesn’t exist. One other thing about your claim that the Mueller report proved obstruction. When Mueller testified, he was asked point blank whether the President hindered or obstructed his investigation in any way. Mueller’s response was, “NO!”

        Trump never lied to a grand jury. Saying “if” means you have no substance, no evidence, just “ifs”. Why was Benghazi investigated? Because 4 people died because of the incompetence of the Obamanation and the Hillarrhoid. It was investigated because of the blatant lies told by the Hillarrhoid, Susan Rice and the Obamanation about what happened, who caused it and the reason why the State Dept. didn’t respond. The Hillarrhoid told the relatives that it was all caused by an anti-Muslim video with the comment “we’re going to get him”, however she had already sent emails to Chelsea, President of Egypt, President of Libya blaming Ansar Al Sharia. The three stooges told the American public that it was a demonstration that turned violent over said video. Again, a lie, they knew it was a coordinated attack to co-inside with the anniversary of 9/11. The Hillarrhoid and Obamanation stated that they couldn’t respond because Republicans had cut the State Dept funding. Another lie, their funding was increased in 2011 and 2012. In addition, the Obamanation could have used the Overseas Contingency Operation fund to fund rescue attempts, a fund that totaled $87 Billion. Their incompetence comes into play because the attack came at 3:42PM on a Tuesday in Washington (9:42 Libya time). The Obamanation was briefed, but didn’t respond because he didn’t want to offend his Muslim friends.

        The reasons that the House fake impeachment of President Trump represents an attempt to reverse the 2016 election:
        1. The Democrats talked about doing just that in July of 2016 when asked what they would do if, by some miracle, Trump was elected. They responded, “Well, there’s always impeachment”
        2. There was no real basis for the impeachment. Fake “whistleblower letter”, fake “whistleblower”, opening statements by Schiff before each hearing and the managers statements to the Senate were blatant lies about the content of the phone conversation. The transcript doesn’t match Schiff’s statements in any way.
        3. The impeachment was totally partisan and an obvious attempt at a coup.

        That pretty much covers all you BS.

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