Pelosi Says Trump ‘Gets an F’ for Failing to Produce and Distribute Testing

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is grading President Donald Trump’s performance on producing and distributing testing amid the coronavirus crisis.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace opened his exchange with Pelosi by pointing to Trump’s new guidelines he unveiled in recent days.

He asked Pelosi if she believed Dr. Anthony Fauci’s opinion this plan could work.

“Yeah well he said if this were to be done properly, well it hasn’t been done,” Pelosi said.

Watch her comments below:

Pelosi released an additional statement criticizing Trump’s plan.

“The White House’s vague and inconsistent document does nothing to make up for the president’s failure to listen to the scientists and produce and distribute national rapid testing,” the statement reads.

She went on to explain testing is a part of a bigger plan to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus including contact tracing, treatment, and quarantine.

Pelosi noted the delay in testing as a point of failure in Trump’s new guidelines.

“We’re way late on it and that is the failure,” Pelosi said. “The president gets an F, a failure, on the testing.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) joined Pelosi in criticizing Trump’s plan, as IJR previously reported.

Schumer said he believes testing is the key component missing from the plan.

“The testing regime is scattershot and totally inadequate for the job that’s needed to get the country back to work,” Schumer said.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) called for more federal funding to ramp up testing in recent days, as IJR previously reported.

He also issued an executive order calling on both public and private labs to work with State Department of Health to focus on diagnostic testing.

Coronavirus cases continue to rise across the United States. As of Sunday afternoon, there are reportedly more than 737,000 coronavirus cases and over 39,000 deaths.


  1. Dorothy lies and Friend swears to it. Your comments are the stuff of nonsense. Jim’s racist comments? Exactly when did he mention race ever? Pelosi was never on vacation? Well, actually she was and flew back to Washington to block the original CARES bill. She wanted to add the Dems wish list of special interests funding, like endowment to the arts, endowment to the humanities, airline carbon emissions restrictions. What did they have to do with American unemployed and small businesses that were hard hit by the virus shutdowns? Nothing. But, that’s what the Dem obstructionists are all about – never letting a crisis go to waste.

    1. Yep, and the President signed the bill and sent, I can’t remember the amount, to the Kennedy Center and they fired the orchestra and then closed the doors. One of pig faces add on’s!!!! Had to go from my home town to another on in California and saw a trash can nailed to a power pole with a large dolls head sticking partially out of it with a sign saying “CAN POLISE”!!!!!! See there are a lot of people in the State that want her gone!!!!!! But being it is a dim wit state, it maybe be like peeing into the wind to get rid of her!!!!!!

  2. What did Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Democrats do? They only obstructed the aid bills and complain constantly. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  3. ***Dorothy****
    As I mentioned previously you should find that yellow brick road and when you get to OZ ask for a brain. Actually it’s “Your ignorant opinions aren’t wanted.” Not Jim’s. Your loyalty to Pelosi is at once sad and funny.

  4. At the current rate of testing, all the American people can be tested by January 2027…that’s how poorly this crisis is being managed by the clown in the whitehouse

  5. Dorothy, Pelosi and others: Stop your constant whining about testing. We have been developing different tests at a rapid pace considering we knew nothing about the virus. It takes time to manufacture the hundreds of millions of test kits we would need. We can’t just pull them out of our rear ends. Another thing. The reagent chemicals needed to make the tests work come mostly from…..that’s right, CHINA. Another reason to switch all pharma manufacturing back here.

  6. This woman should stop attacking Trump and start doing her job. Go back to Washington D.C. you P.O.S.

  7. Stan, she never was on ‘vacation’. That was merely right-wing bullshite.
    Pelosi has been on-task both for our families and children these last three months, in a bloody impressive way. She’s completely right: unless we get widespread and reliable TESTING in place, there’s simply no way we can reopen this economy without exploding the numbers of infected again. And Drumpf’s moronic, scatter-shot approach has proven completely inadequate to the challenge. Even his previous supporters are seeing his failures now. And did that: all hail

  8. Jim, your racist comments about Obama, and the anti-China rants about ‘Kung flu’ prove you’re can’t be taken seriously either as a rational person, or an interlocutor. Your ignorant opinions aren’t wanted.

  9. Bobbie, your ignorance of the news and the timeline of this crisis is as obvious as your bias. I’m a moderate conservative, and Drumpf’s utter FAILURES in the last four months are visible from space.

  10. She has a lot of nerve to criticize Trump. She holds things up. He’s done an outstanding job with this crisis. He will get the testing done I’m sure. Give him time. Back off Pelosi, you worthless piece of s***.

  11. Trump’s actions to curb the kung flu is far above the actions taken by the previous crooked mobster and his demented sidekick who waited six months – April 2009 to October 2009 – to do anything about the “Swine flu”. Praise be to the Kenyan Marxist for his do-nothing actions; but Damn Trump for working night and day FOR America and breathing.

    TRUMP to KAG in 2020. Vote straight GOP. Vote the Fascists out of D.C.

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