Pelosi Tells Cuomo to ‘Just Calm Down’ About Lack of State Funding in Coronavirus Relief Bill

Across the country, states are preparing for a budget crisis as they have lost revenue due to stay at home orders aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

On Thursday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) called on Congress to pass a coronavirus relief bill that included funding for states and localities. However, the bill $500 billion bill did not provide that funding.

“Just calm down,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said when asked about Cuomo’s comments during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

“We will have state and local, and we will have it in a very significant way,” Pelosi added. 

Watch the video below:

Additionally, Pelosi said lawmakers are working on a next coronavirus relief bill that would include funding for state and local governments. But she noted that in the last round of negotiations, Republicans were pushing for a bill that only refunded the Paycheck Protection Program.

“The governors are impatient. I’m a big fan of Governor Cuomo. My own governor, Gavin Newsom, has been so spectacular, my mayor, Mayor Breed. State and local have done their job magnificently. They should be impatient. Their impatience will help us get an even bigger number,” she added.

In his comments on Thursday, Cuomo said, “I don’t believe that they want to fund state and local governments.”

Legislators are set to return to Washington, D.C. on May, 4 and are expected to negotiate another round of coronavirus relief. However, it is likely to result in days of tough negotiations.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) signalled wariness to another multi-trillion spending bill.


  1. We the people have a right to pursue our happiness without government interference. If the country was wide open and working, we would rebound much faster than using government bailouts that only increase our debt and servitude to government. Less government and more American know how and freedom from government oppression is needed to defeat this virus that is far less a threat than all the abortions you fight so hard to keep legal. Pelosi, Cuomo, Soros and all the other socialists are more interested in control than in saving lives or serving the people!

    1. OK for you people who think this is no big deal… just like the flu (you know what donnie said) In 42 days 55,417 Americans died of COVID 19. In 20 YEARS US causalities from Combat Operations in Vietnam was 58,220. DO THE MATH

  2. My governor my mayor? Is she the Queen of California now or bought it in an auction? I’m from Ohio I don’t call governors or whatever mine they are merely my states government officials who are generally useless and
    corrupted. This lady’s ego rivals Trump’s in many ways yet she’s about as corrupt as they come minus Hilary Clinton.

  3. I knew Cuomo was a suck up, last I read he sided with President Trump about the WHO organization dropping the ball on this pandemic and now he wants MONEY!!! Like someone just said, STOP hoard your illegals, in fact, why don’t you get the MONEY from them???

  4. What I find amusing as I’m single no wife and no kids and the federal government takes about 30% of my money I’m just a simple over-the-road truck driver trying to make sure the toilet paper zombies don’t have to use their hand.. whose American dream am I paying for… There’s no such thing as Federal money it comes from somebody..and the dictators in DC take it and give it to somebody else..socialism is at your fingertips in this next election I truly believe Trump will be the last president of the United States..

  5. With regard to McConnell’s bankruptcy comments….bankruptcy sure is popular with republicans…the clown has had four of them…lol!

    1. How many has your government had? Business fail at times, but he came back and became a billionaire. How much money you have in the bank?

  6. Need York’s budget is an annual mess, but its pension system is in pretty good shape – in really good shape compared to Illinois, New Jersey, and…whaddya know, Kentucky.

    State legislators overpromising in exchange for endorsements is a bipartisan thing.

  7. What a misleading headline.

    Pelosi didn’t tell Cuomo to ‘just calm down’, she said that to a journalist.

    Seriously reconsider revising what has now descended to click-bait.

  8. WE THE TAXPAYERS OF THE REMAINING STATES are tired of New York and California asking for financial help.
    Try not taking in so many illegal aliens to support and maybe with all those high taxes you charge residents you can actually take care of the citizens of the United States that live in your states.

    1. You seem unaware of just how much CA and NY put into YOUR state coffers.

      Try some research, you can thank them later.

      1. I’ll have to admit that I don’t know how much CA and NY add to Ohio’s coffers. Since you know could you educate me? When I have your wisdom and can react to your idiotic comment.

        1. You said what I was thinking, in so many words, John, because I’m having difficulty thinking of any way a State adds to another State’s “coffers!” Great comeback, and it will be interesting to see Mike’s response. 🙂

        2. Ohio is, like NY and Ca, a net giver.

          Don’t be so thin-skinned. It wasn’t personally addressed to you so you could take umbrage. It was specifically in response to the dimwit that chose to represent ‘The other states’ that apparently are subsidizing NY and CA.

          You getting all panty-twisted and pouty with my comment, but ignored the one where you, Ohio, is apparently supporting NY and CA.

          You should be more concerned with the predominantly red states that aren’t pulling their weight.

      2. Explain how another state adds to my states coffers you dipshit. Considering all the federal funds NYC alone leeched over the years for it’s illegals and baby murdering. Not abortions anymore since you can kill the little unwanted bastards even when they are long past viable. That’s how they look at human beings that just want to be born and have a life but their choice was taken away against their will at that. Now you tell me do we treat adults like that do they just execute people in the streets in NYC? Because I don’t see much of a difference in abortion and executions beyond the time frame they are done in a person’s life span. I digress explain to me how the two states who are the heaviest burden in the entire country somehow places money directly into other states coffers. Tax funds absolutely don’t count considering these states already paid taxes for these federal funds. That’s merely California and New York sort of paying their share while overpopulating and over burdening the federal government. I bet if we took a real close look at what states produce the most pollution as well as who has the highest cost of living we’ll see a pattern with those two states being at the top.

        1. Easy, cuntwad.

          They pay more in tax to the common pool than they use, thatt your state puts in less of than they take out.

          It’s basic math, I know, but get a child to explain it to you if you run out of fingers.

    2. Not sure about California but NY pays out more in taxes than they get back so they are supporting other states. They are called donor states….Connecticut leads, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, North Dakota, Illinois, New Hampshire, Washington State, Nebraska and Colorado round out the list. The most federally dependent states are W. Virginia, South Carolina, Mississippi, New Mexico, Louisiana, Tennessee, Vermont…..on and on. Also Blue States are less dependent on the Federal government VS Red States.

        1. “There are various ways of thinking about what WalletHub’s “state dependency” map tells us. One approach is to shine light on the red-states-as takers paradox: Dominated by Republican voters who profess their distaste for the federal government and its social programs, these are the very states that rank highest on the dependency index. That, for example, is how Business Insider handled the story:

          [W]ho really benefits from government spending? If you listen to Rush Limbaugh, you might think it was those blue states, packed with damn hippie socialist liberals, sipping their lattes and providing free abortions for bored, horny teenagers. …

          As it turns out, it is red states that are overwhelmingly the Welfare Queen States. Yes, that’s right. Red States—the ones governed by folks who think government is too big and spending needs to be cut—are a net drain on the economy, taking in more federal spending than they pay out in federal taxes. They talk a good game, but stick Blue States with the bill.
          Fair enough. That’s a catchy perspective. And there are few things more fun than exposing hypocrisy.

          Alternatively, we could use the “state dependency” map as an opportunity to reflect on a different paradox—the longstanding role of the far-away federal government as an agent of community. Because of federal programs, people in places like South Carolina and Mississippi are getting a helping hand not from their neighbors a few blocks away or in the next county over, but from residents of Delaware, Minnesota, Illinois, and Nebraska. Whether you like that idea depends, in part, on how you personally reconcile the tension between two long-cherished, core American values—our passion for individualism and our regard for community—and whether you see “community” as encompassing the whole country.”

    3. Both New York and California SEND more money to DC than they GET back. What state do you live in I bet you are just like Kentucky they TAKE more than they GIVE

  9. Yeah, just calm down, Andy. She’s got to get her pet projects paid for, by sneaking them into the bills, she doesn’t have time to make sure States get necessary operating funding. You and your State just wait your turn, until her $16 a pint ice cream is paid for.

  10. They all want the money to fund the government pensions that were always underfunded. State, county and city.

  11. “Just calm down”? Do as I say…not as I do, Nancy? Where was your calmness when you ripped up Pres. Trump’s Speech? Where was your calmness throughout the bogus impeachment hearings? I am not in any way condoning Cuomo’s remarks because I think NY was ill prepared under Cuomo. His demands and criticisms of Pres. Trump were out of order and at times…rude. As the speaker of the House, NP…you totally seemed to have lost your grip. Too much chocolate?

    1. But, that was her telling an excitable journalist to calm down, not Cuomo.

      Pays to get your facts right.

    2. She didn’t tell him to calm down. She told the reporter to calm down.

      FFS, people get themselves twisted-up due to their own inability to read basic English so often these days.

  12. If I remember correctly NY was short $6 Billion in this year’s budget before the Covid-19 virus. Why should the federal government pay for Cuomo’s fiscal irresponsibility? Maybe this will stop his tax and spend agenda that is driving everyone out of the state.

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