Pelosi Clutches Bible as She Urges Trump to Be ‘a Healer-In-Chief’

In a set of brief remarks, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) held a Bible in the Capitol and asked the president to lead the nation in healing after days of protests and clashes with police.

She began by referencing President Donald Trump’s Monday evening photo op in which he held up a Bible, Pelosi said, “Last night when I saw the president hold up the Bible, I was thinking of so many things in the Bible that would have been appropriate in terms of the humanity of all people in country.”

Moments later, Pelosi opened the Bible and read from the Book of Ecclesiastes saying, “Let’s focus on a time to heal, a time to heal, we have had as the role of the President of the United States, the role of commander-in-chief, the President of the United States is a person who has a responsibility to heal.”

She also quoted George H.W. Bush’s statement after the Rodney King beating.

“Those terrible scenes drove us all to demand an end to gratuitous violence and brutality. Law enforcement officials cannot place themselves above the law that they are sworn to defend. It was sickening to see the beating that was rendered and there’s no way, no way in my view, to explain that away.”

Pelosi also quoted former President Barack Obama’s remarks after the death of Eric Gardner.

Moments later, Pelosi called for Trump to be a “healer-in-chief and not a fanner of the flame.”

The Speaker also condemned the police dispersing peaceful protesters with tear gas outside the White House. Pelosi said “What is that? That has no place.”


  1. For her neing a hearler mesns bend over boys and girls and grab your ankles…

  2. The real horror here is Nancys new Botox. That skin gets any tighter or shinier, she won’t be able to talk. Another lift and she will have a goatee. You gotta think about that one…lol

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  4. Let me get this correct Pelosi, the Bible condones abortion and the killing of babies as you and your Dem comrades say is OK.

    1. Well, the Bible actually does condone abortion and the killing of babies…

      Even God Himself wasn’t adverse to killing a few babies and children to make a point now and then, and He absolutely supported, if not outright demanded that His worshippers do the same.

      But we don’t like talking about that God anymore. We like the friendlier one a lot more now.

      1. It condones ripping of babies apart In the mother’s womb. Ed, give me book chapter and verse.

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