Pelosi Calls CDC Guidelines on COVID-19 Testing ‘Scary’ and ‘Dangerous’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) slammed the Trump administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Wednesday after the agency changed its guidelines for COVID-19 testing.

During a conference call hosted by the Democratic National Committee, Pelosi criticized the Trump administration for its failure to take testing seriously.

“The CDC guidelines that they have put forth are scary and dangerous. It really is very sad and just reinforces the lack of attention and understanding that we have to have in order to crush this virus,” Pelosi said.

She added, “Scientists tell us, and they have told us over and over again over the past months, that we must be testing more, that we should be testing 3 million people a day. The administration has resisted that.”

Watch her comments below:

Pelosi suggested the president was talking about himself when he said testing is “overrated.”

“Every time he says something like that it’s like a rejection of himself, overrated,” Pelosi said.

She recognized “testing, tracing, treating, isolating, mask-wearing,” and “sanitation,” as steps scientists say, are necessary to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Pelosi reiterated the Trump administration will not reinforce these measures.

“Shame on them,” she said.

Pelosi went on to note the success of other countries in mitigating the effects of the pandemic in comparison to the United States.

“You have success from science. You have crisis from chaos and that’s what this president is about,” she said.

On Monday, the CDC revised its guidelines regarding asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus, as IJR previously reported.

According to the agency, asymptomatic carriers do not need to be tested for the coronavirus.

Previous CDC guidelines recommended testing “for all close contacts of persons with” the coronavirus.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there are more than 5.7 million coronavirus infections in the United States alone. The death toll stands at more than 179,000.


  1. Although not related to this thread the Piglosi called on Biden to cancel the debates. Who would have guessed? Try doing it Biden and you may as well take your name off of the Nov 3 ballot.

  2. So Polosi begins the day saying we should listen to the “experts” the regarding Corona Virus. Then ends the day saying their suggestions are “scary” and “dangerous”. Go figure.

  3. “I have recived information tha supports he was one of the creators of this GROSS abd Un-Human virus …….has a PATENT on it even! With other very rich people! HELLO!” Brad

    Ah, yes, a conspiracy theorist with “special information”. As if we haven’t heard THAT one before.

    Good grief. This country is full of CRAZY people!

  4. Fauci got an MD from Cornell in 1966 (academically first in his class) and went to work as a researcher at the National Institutes of Health, and has continued to work for the Federal government to this day. He is 79 years old.

  5. Gee Nancy,

    Either you are for the CDC *ahem* experts or not. Make up your mind.

    I hope someday a Constitutional amendment is passed not only on term limits, but also requiring drug and cognitive tests for EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE GOVERNMENT.

    That also includes releasing tax records AND financials.

    Unreasonable? BS. YOU WORK FOR US. Employers check ALL OF THIS and also credit histories.

  6. I find out version of Marie Antoinette scary and dangerous. The woman is a sociopath.

  7. Centrist, those poll numbers should scare the crap out of you as in 2016 Hillary had a wider margin over Trump at this same time in the campaign and Hillary did not have a dementia problem which is on the cusp of surfacing with Biden.

  8. Prune Face Pelosi has a problem….she’s brain dead but her mouth keeps on going. All you liberals who keep voting for this witch, deserve everything miserable thing that happens at the hands f this deranged moron.

  9. I can’t wait until November 3 when this old deranged hag is put out to pasture and hopefully no longer a threat to our great USA!

  10. Dan, Nancy Pelosi is not “attempting” to remain relevant. She IS very relevant and will remain so.

  11. Julia, Have you recently pulled your head out of your backside.
    Typical liberal moron’s response, now go back to playing in your sandbox, don’t forget your little girl toys.

  12. Make it so we can buy Hydroxychloriquine over the counter and open the country up and let the chips fall where they will. People can decide for themselves if they want a mask or to sit at home or go to work. The numbers have been falling and things may straighten themselves out before some dangerous new vaccine shows up.

  13. i guess being drunk makes you a virus expert now. 6 months of bashing trump claiming he doesn’t listen to them, and now you don’t listen to them

  14. I have this curious notion that Congress has no control over this COVID-panic they and the media have helped create and she is totally out of her element but continues to dig her professional grave by attempting to remain relevant.

  15. Absolutely agree with Brad!
    Hey Nancy,
    BTW, nice attempt at your party’s reflecting the things
    your party does and claiming that the Republicans are
    doing. Intelligent people can see through your bullshit!

  16. “She recognized testing, tracing, treating, isolating, mask-wearing, and sanitation, as steps scientists say, are necessary to slow the spread of the corona virus.”

    But then again she talks about the science…..from one (1) person mind you, who is neither a Dr. or a Scientist (Fauci) who has been wrong and has flip flopped on every single thing he has said! Not to mention I have recived information tha supports he was one of the creators of this GROSS abd Un-Human virus …….has a PATENT on it even! With other very rich people! HELLO!

    I say “Nancy……..go to China Town WITHOUT a FACE MASK or any WORRIES and celebrate with the Chinese ………. it’s all good!

  17. The only thing dangerous is the Walking Dead Pelosi. She looks like the Medusa from Clash of the Titans. I’m just wondering how they managed to cover up the snakes in her hair. On a side note, the lying, cheating, corrupt Democrat media has been outdoing themselves on biased reporting of the national conventions. During the Democrat convention, every word was shown of the speakers and their lies were celebrated and supported by the commentators. During the Republican convention, several speakers were not shown on NBC and ABC, instead focusing on tearing apart the speakers or Todd’s blue/red state map or ABC’s black commentator calling Trump and his speakers racists, critical of black and brown people. On CBS, they showed all the speakers, then tried to tear apart their speeches. All three networks talked about the convention violating laws about people speaking from where they work. Well, the Democrat complained about the Tulsa rally, the Florida convention site, the North Carolina site, basically not wanting a Republican convention at all. So, Pompeo was speaking from Israel (where he happens to be yesterday) and Trump’s example of naturalizing 5 people at the White House. Well, he was left with no where else to speak from. The Democrats should instead be worrying about all their Constitutional violations with their legislation to change how the Congress votes or how they’ve set up massive cheating in voting on their behalf. Perhaps they’ve forgotten how Clinton gave political speeches from the White House or Obama’s. Anyway, it’s just one more example of the Democrats lying, cheating, and being as corrupt as possible.

  18. What a Worthless piece of trash ,,, they’re GUIDELINES !! Vote them all out of public office.

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