Pelosi Called out for Apparent Misstatement About Impeachment Witnesses During ABC Interview

During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said House Democrats were “in court” to try to get more witnesses for the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Host George Stephanopoulos played a clip of Republican Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) criticizing House Democrats for not trying to enforce their subpoenas and force several White House aides to testify about their knowledge of the decision to withhold military aid to Ukraine.

Pelosi said Collins’ statement was “not true” and went on to claim that the House had taken several subpoenas to court.

“That isn’t even true. We are in court on the witnesses. It could take a very long time,” Pelosi said.

Watch her comments below:

When Stephanopolous noted that House Democrats did not subpoena former National Security Advisor John Bolton, Pelosi claimed that the House was seeking to enforce subpoenas of other prospective witnesses.

“Well, on the other witnesses we have been in court. And we haven’t ever eliminated the possibility of subpoenaing Bolton.”

However, Politico’s Kyle Cheney noted that House Democratics only sought to subpoena former White House Counsel Don McGahn and have “intentionally avoided subpoenas for other Ukraine witnesses.”

Cheney also noted that the House was not “in court” to get other White House aides to testify either.

“None of the witnesses Schumer has identified as crucial for Senate trial — Bolton, Mulvaney, Blair, Duffey — are being pursued in court by the House. They weren’t even subpoenaed.”

And legal expert Ross Garber tweeted out a Pinnochio emoji in response to Pelosi’s comments saying, “House didn’t subpoena Bolton and other key impeachment witnesses. And House didn’t seek to enforce subpoenas it did issue. Senate has no more power to enforce subpoenas than does the House.”

Pelosi has decided not to transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate yet — effectively putting a pause on the Senate’s trial — in an effort to force Senate Republicans to agree to call new witnesses during its trial.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has rejected Democrats’ witness list thus far.

And Senate Republicans have accused Democrats of trying to force the Senate “to do House Democrats’ homework for them,” and make the case for impeachment “more persuasive” by calling witnesses that could be damning to Trump’s defense.


  1. I’m not surprised after all this is the woman who passes a bill without reading it

  2. Political genius and master strategist my ass the old bag is a bumbling fool

  3. Pelosi is becoming a one woman comedy show. Her thinly veiled plots have been unsuccessful. And it appears that most of the other sheep are afraid to tell her. The candidates who could be taken away from campaigning should be mad as hell for her obvious plan to tie them up.

  4. Didn’t Bolton say the first time it was brought up about a subpoena he wouldn’t do it because he was writing a book? Now he says he is willing to talk. He just wants to promote his book when it comes out. Nancy how do you keep finding all these witnesses after all this time? You had your hearing were where they then? What I find funny is when they start in the senate all the presidential nominee have to be there. That leaves joey and petey by themselves on the campaign trail. You think she was smart enough to plan that?

  5. Nancy, your boy Shitt f’d up by holding secret SCIF sessions and NOT interviewing these witnesses. You had three years to plan your ultimate “impeachment” and still f’d up. This is what happens with rushed, sloppy things. Consider if your plastic surgeons acted as unprofessionally and stupidly as Shitt.

    So…this thing called “due process” will only make your side look worse, should the Death Turtle decide to exercise this Constitutional process.

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