One of Two Seattle Protesters Hit by Car Dies, Other in ICU

Two female protesters in Seattle were hit on Saturday by a speeding car that drove into a crowd demonstrating on an interstate highway, causing injuries that led to the death of one, while leaving the other in serious condition.

Seattle has been the scene of numerous protests, some on interstate highways, since the May 25 killing of George Floyd, a Black man, on a Minneapolis street while he was in police custody, and which was captured on video.

Summer Taylor died late on Saturday at Harborview Medical Center, a spokeswoman, Susan Gregg, told Reuters by telephone, adding that Diaz Love, the other injured protester, was in the intensive care unit.

Police said the car driver, a 27-year-old Seattle man, was arrested at the scene of the accident, which took place about 1:30 a.m. PDT (0830 GMT), and faces multiple felony charges.

“He was placed in custody when troopers arrived on scene,” Chase Van Cleave, a Washington State Patrol trooper told Reuters by phone earlier.

“The investigation is still ongoing. At this time we’re not suspecting drugs or alcohol as a factor in the crash.”

Investigators do not know if the driver intended to hit the demonstrators, he added.

A video of the incident posted on social media shows a lone white car speeding up Interstate-5, swerving to avoid a van that was parked to block the roadway and heading toward a small group of panicked protesters who tried to scurry away.

The car can be seen striking two individuals, who were both flipped over its roof to land on the pavement.

(Reporting by Kanishka Singh in Bengaluru and Peter Szekely in New York; Editing by Diane Craft and Clarence Fernandez)


  1. Chuck, from the look of it, his Jaguar was going as fast as he could handle around the parked van, while swerving to draw a bead on protesters who weren’t running away. Nailed them, too. Sure, a Jag can go 130 mph, but he had to maneuver. Looked pretty deliberate to me. Fleeing the scene doesn’t speak to innocence either.

    Maybe it was a case of vehicular sarcasm gone wrong? Sarcasm seems to be a term that Trump uses to clear himself of responsibility. Maybe it works for this guy, too.

  2. Too bad, so sad. Stay out of the street and you may have a better chance to live. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She went out to disrupt people’s lives. She won’t do that again. Dildobert – “going as fast as he could”? Dummy!!!!! I believe that car was capable of faster than 40 mph. Typical inflammatory statement by a Liberal. Nice try, but no cigar. Squat Milkfart – we knew you’d try to back up the protesters. More BS from you. I see you are posting under another of your many names. Your another phony clown.

    Imagine what will happen when the police are defunded and abolished. Fun, fun, fun on the highway.

  3. Charles: I watched a six-second clip, taken from a rooftop, and it appears to me the car was going as fast as he could around the parked van, maybe 40 mph, and headed at an angle across the road, straight for protesters. Although he slowed after flipping two of them head over heels over his car, he didn’t stop: he then ran for it. Two protesters in cars chased him, according to news reports, and blocked him in, until the police arrived and collared him. It’s kind of the opposite narrative of a guy out for a peaceful drive who had to swerve and, oops, hit somebody.

  4. Why were the police called? I thought these “protesters” loathed them. I guess it’s only when it’s useful to them they want them. But why did the highway patrol allow them to be on an interstate? Left coast logic.

  5. Geez, it isn’t worth killing someone. But they shouldn’t be out protesting and blocking a highway. We get that Floyd was murdered by one rogue cop. It’s time to do something actually helpful.

  6. The freeway had already been closed. I’m curious how he got on it.

    No matter what, its reckless driving. You don’t drive that fast when there are people on the road – it doesn’t matter why they are there and there were plenty of lighting to see them. This isn’t going to go well for the driver.

    1. If they’re not within a crosswalk, they should be cited for jaywalking. We are a nation of laws.

  7. I watched the video several times and the driver was not “speeding” as the MSM loves to say.
    The car was on a freeway, approached a commotion ahead, drove to the right to avoid sideways vehicles and once cleared the van, moved left to get back onto the roadway and with the commotion, the driver was distracted and hit the two women who should not have been there in the first place. They appeared to not be part of the accident where the van was stopped, just part of a rubbernecking crowd (or protesters).
    The driver stopped, indicating that he wasn’t trying to escape or evade the police.

  8. Peaceful protesting is no longer peaceful when the protesters are endangering people’s lives. Parking vans across an interstate where people can be doing 70 or 80 MPH at 1:30 in the morning where there is inadequate lighting is a crime. What if there was a child in that car and the car slammed head first into one of those vans? Everyone involved in that protest needs to be prosecuted. I’d go with attempted murder. And let that driver go. Who in the hell expects people to be standing around in the middle of the highway? Clearly he didn’t intentionally hit them or he would not have stuck around for the police. Those people deserve the Darwin Award. I have zero sympathy for stupidity that endangers other people’s lives.

  9. Peaceful protesting is no longer peaceful when the protestors are endangering people’s lives. Parking vans across an interstate where people can be doing 70 or 80 MPH at 1:30 in the morning where there is inadeq

  10. 1. Didn’t your parents tell you NOT to play on the freeway? 2. Protesting on the freeway won’t do anything for your cause other than piss people off.

  11. Morte206. The protesters had no business protesting on the interstate. They knew the danger by doing so. The way I look at them dying is (so be it). John, John. You need to shut your leftist mouth, baby killer.

  12. First responders, including law enforcement, should stay out of this sort of thing … whether they are called or not. IMHO.

  13. Play stupid games, win prizes for the stupid.

    Just like the privileged, white gal who tried spooking a police horse and received a kick. Good thing the horse was gentle and she didn’t get stomped. The mounted police pick sturdy horses and train them for things like crowd control.

  14. It looked to me like the driver saw them in the road at the last second after maneuvering around the van and tried to swerve to miss them.

    1. I grew up in NYC. Even children had the sense to get out of the way when cars came along.

      Apparently these folks weren’t as smart as children. Improve the gene pool…..

  15. I was going to pass this article…until I read “drove into a crowd demonstrating on an interstate highway.” LOL…are you kidding me. How stupid can you be? What is even more ridiculous is there are people who will probably try and defend this insanity. If you break the law by tying to block a federal interstate and put innocent peoples lives’ at risk, it no longer falls into the category of “peaceful demonstration.” It then falls into the category of civil disobedience. Those individuals truly committing acts of civil disobedience are willing to face the consequences of there actions.

  16. john: so you think the black dude in the jaguar on the interstate at 2 am was a Trump supporter?

  17. Parked a VAN in the middle of Interstate??? Are you serious? What could go wrong?

  18. “See the difference?” Morte206

    Nope. I said nothing about your views on that nor did I imply anything. That one was all on you.

  19. GC: I would argue that incidences around the world have already proven the deadliness of vehicles under the wrong hands. Whether being purposefully driven or placed to incapacitate (similar to a bomb) that vehicle has been weaponized by its “operator” and that operator should be brought to justice.

  20. The legal peaceful civil disobedience was the occupation of the I-5 by protestors. The act of placing a vehicle across an actively used Interstate is intentionally deadly and should be appropriately punished (what that may be I’m not sure).

    Change is good, on that we agree. The irresponsible parties brandishing weapons at protests and protesters (of any type on either side) are most definitely (imho) wrong in doing so and I don’t appreciate your implication that I agree with their actions.
    See the difference?

  21. “Whoever amongst the protesters parked that van illegally across I-5 should be prosecuted as well.” Morte206

    You are wrong, Morte206. Peaceful civil disobedience has a long and important history, through Susan B. Anthony, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Henry David Thoreau.

    When the laws and powers are against you or are just wrong, sometimes resistance to them must break the law peacefully to force change.

    Change is good, especially when righting wrongs. Getting all high and mighty about peaceful protests is not good. Right-wing extremists think that protesting in state buildings while brandishing lethal weapons as an explicit threat to elected politicians is good. I don’t. See the difference?

    1. How many people died or were even injured by protesters in state buildings with lethal weapons? Your analogy is weak. These radical leftists have no regard for human life, from the womb, to nursing homes.

  22. Charlottesville all over.

    The Anti-Humanity, Fascist-In-Chief trumpisakiller

    is drawing all of the assholes like him into the light.

  23. Whoever amongst the protesters parked that van illegally across I-5 should be prosecuted as well. Idiocy on that level deserves incarceration perhaps even more so than the driver being charged.

  24. May Ms Taylor Rest In Peace and Ms Love recover fully. None should ever have to die for their beliefs.

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