Obama Shatters Publisher Records With Newly-Released Memoir

Former President Barack Obama is breaking records with his 768-page-long memoir titled, “A Promised Land.”

In the first 24 hours of the memoir’s release, it sold nearly 890,000 copies in the U.S. and Canada, according to a report published by the Associated Press.

“We are thrilled with the first day sales,” David Drake, publisher of Crown Publishing Group, said. “They reflect the widespread excitement that readers have for President Obama’s highly anticipated and extraordinarily written book.”

Michelle Obama also penned her own memoir titled, “Becoming.”

On its first day, “Becoming” sold 725,000 copies in North America.

According to AP, it has sold more than 10 million copies since 2018.

Michelle Obama won a Grammy for the audiobook of her memoir, as IJR previously reported.

President-elect Joe Biden took to Twitter to congratulate her.

“Congrats [Michelle Obama] on winning a Grammy for telling your story with strength — and with grace. Jill and I are so thrilled for you. Just beat Barack to an EGOT, will ya?” Biden wrote.

The former president’s memoir details his time at the White House and what came next.

He wrote about former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), former President George W. Bush, Biden, and President Donald Trump, as IJR previously reported.

Barack Obama addressed the president’s attacks on him.

“It was as if my very presence in the White House had triggered a deep-seated panic, a sense that the natural order had been disrupted,” he wrote.

The former president added, “Which is exactly what Donald Trump understood when he started peddling assertions that I had not been born in the United States and was thus an illegitimate president. For millions of Americans spooked by a Black man in the White House, he promised an elixir for their racial anxiety.”

Barack Obama explained Trump’s opinions of him “had migrated from the fringe of GOP politics to the center — an emotional, almost visceral, reaction to my presidency, distinct from any differences in policy or ideology.”


  1. I said “you CAN be brought” to believe anything if you believe in religion. It is not a foregone conclusion. That is left up to the individual. There seems to be a lot of individuals who DO believe all kinds of nonsense, though.

  2. General, I am a Methodist. We believe in accountability for our actions. Not all religions absolve one of their sins with a private confession or declaration that it was God’s will. That doesn’t fly in the Methodist church. Personal responsibility was taught in our home and in our church. In the Methodist church, free will carries with it accountability for one’s actions and inactions. For a Methodist, being a Christian is not simply going to church. It is living the teachings. Methodist don’t need the 10 Commandments

    I am glad that you see believing in conspiracies and fantasies as irrational. There is not massive voter fraud in America. Mexico is not paying for “a wall” and tax cuts are not free. But you also need to recognize that the DNC did not tell anyone how to vote in the 2016 or 2020 primaries. Bernie was not the nominee because he did not have the support of the majority of Democrats. AOC can win in NY 14th, but only a select few districts. Her ideas are supported by others in the House, but not the necessary 218. Over 30 years, Bernie has garnered support of 13 Senators, also not enough for passage of a bill.

  3. “HOW does one believe something that is proven to be false time and time again in a court of law?”

    “Apparently if you wish to believe something is true, you do not need evidence.” Phyllis

    I have TRIED to tell you the answer to these questions, but, apparently, you still ignore it. If you believe in religion by the time you are 8 years old, you can be brought to believe ANYTHING, especially something as irrational or emotionally charged as politics. Religion offers a way to deny accountability for ANYTHING. Reverse the burden of proof. Assert as fact that which is not evidently true. That goes for flat-earthers, birth certs, tax cuts, or evolution / science. Health care workers are seeing this every day, now, with Cult-45 Trump Virus deniers demanding a miracle cure for a disease that they don’t believe is real. You can be brought to believe ANYTHING, if you only believe hard enough.

  4. “Barack Obama explained Trump’s opinions of him “had migrated from the fringe of GOP politics to the center —” As Stuart Stevens iterates in his book “It Was All A Lie” the Republican party DID seek out the vote of racists every election since Nixon’s “Southern Strategy.” BUT the R establishment thought they could control the racists. Donald Trump proved them wrong.

    The Republicans have campaigned on “Voter Fraud” for decades. Despite shouting “voter fraud” in the 2016 and 2020 elections, R’s have been unable to provide evidence IN A COURT OF LAW to substantiate the claim.—BUT a Reuters polls found 52% of Republicans CLAIM to believe Biden win was a result of voter fraud. HOW does one believe something that is proven to be false time and time again in a court of law? No, I don’t get it, but I do see a pattern.

    Every R since Reagan claims “tax cuts pay for themselves.” It was not true with Reagan’s tax cuts, the Bush tax cuts, the Brownback tax cuts, or the Trump tax cuts—But R’s are still buying it. Go figure.

    Another example is gun control. For 8 years we heard “Obama is coming for your guns.” Did not happen. Thankfully, unlike with Obama and Clinton, Biden was not subjected to the gun take away mantra. But if R’s decide to bring it back up in 2022, R’s will fall for it again.

    Birthers claimed the short form Hawaiian birth certificate was not sufficient evidence to authenticate Obama was born in Hawaii. Obama complied with releasing his long form birth certificate. Still not enough, they wanted to see his college applications and grades, which no institution has ever considered as acceptable proof of birth. It would make sense if Obama was offering his college applications and grades as proof of birth, but NOT his short and long form birth certificate. The birther claim was especially eye opening as EVIDENCE has never been a consideration in Voter Fraud allegations, Tax Cuts Pay for Themselves, Universal background checks is confiscation of your guns, or Media Bias. Apparently if you wish to believe something is true, you do not need evidence. Interesting times in which we live.

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