Obama Praises SCOTUS Ruling on DACA, Says ‘We Have to Move Forward and Elect’ Biden

Former President Barack Obama (D) is praising the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The DACA progam was created in 2012 by Obama to protect immigrants who were brought to the country illegally as children from deportation. Those immigrants have been called “Dreamers.”

In a tweet on Thursday, Obama said, “Eight years ago this week, we protected young people who were raised as part of our American family from deportation.”

He continued:

“Today, I’m happy for them, their families, and all of us. We may look different and come from everywhere, but what makes us American are our shared ideals and now to stand up for those ideals, we have to move forward and elect [Joe Biden] and a Democratic Congress that does its job, protects DREAMers, and finally creates a system that’s truly worthy of this nation of immigrants once and for all.”

The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday morning that President Donald Trump’s decision to rescind DACA in 2017 was illegal. 

Chief Justice John Roberts, who joined the court’s four liberal justices to uphold the protections, called Trump’s move “arbitrary and capricious.” 

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden shared Obama’s tweet and echoed calls to make DACA protections permanent. Biden said, “Thanks, Barack. You’re right — and we won’t stop until every Dreamer feels safe in this country.”

In a separate statement, Biden said, “As President, I will immediately work to make it permanent by sending a bill to Congress on day one of my Administration.”

He continued to hail the protections offered by DACA but added, “The joy of today’s victory does not erase the difficult road ahead. We know that much work remains to be done.”

“But I will continue to stand with DACA recipients, their parents, and their families at every step, and in November, joined by millions across this country, we will reject the President who tried to rip so many of our family members, friends, and coworkers out of our lives,” he said.


  1. “Eight years ago this week, we protected young people who were raised as part of our American family from deportation.” He forgets the important part, they were raised illegally, ILLEGALLY!!! Because someone was committing a crime for 8 years doesn’t suddenly make it OK. They were stealing from America, like the adults. It’s just another lie from the Obamanation, his corrupt administration, a worthless stain on America.

  2. At last a voice of kindness and decency in this miasma of stench and filth that Trump wallows on. Thank you God…

    1. Hahaha You’re funny. What past president keeps jumping into the spotlight? None. He’s still infuriated that President Trump was on his way to out performing him until the impeachment attempt and COVID mysteriously got in the way. You know God? Probably not.

    2. Yes Marie. And Obama is actually is smart and READS. I’m sure it makes Trump very angry since Obama rents a place in his head….

      1. Yes Janice. Didn’t you say that Zuckerberg is a Trump supporter? Trump is in Obama’s head otherwise he would skulk off into his millions. Do you get dizzy trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about ?

        1. Could you be specific in the “out performing Obama”? Only in Trump world is it a positive to increase the number of uninsured Americans, have the POTUS laughed AT publicly by world leaders in a UN General Assembly and privately by 4 world leaders at a G20 meeting. You appear to believe it is a positive to be played by authoritarian leaders and have the POTUS praise human rights violators on the world stage. HOW was it a positive to claim to believe Putin and NOT U.S. Intel agencies? Were you of the belief that North Korea is denuclearized and Iran has re-negotiated the JCPOA? Is it possible you believe Trump exceeding Obama’s 8 yrs of golf rounds and vacation days in 3.5 years IS “outperforming? Was Trump’s 22 million settlement for fraud and 2 million fine for stealing from his own charity your idea of “out performing”? WHAT exactly has Trump outperformed Obama?

          1. WHAT exactly is a lie, Chuck?
            1. The uninsured rate has not gone up under Trump?
            2. Trump was not laughed AT while speaking to world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 25th, 2018?
            3. On December 4, 2019 PM’s Johnson, Macron, Rutte, and Trudeau were not caught on a hot mic mocking Trump?
            4. On July 16, 2018 Trump did not stand on the world stage and say that he believed Putin, not the U.S. Intel agencies reporting on Russian interference in the 2016 election??
            5. Obama’s golf outings that Trump found so excessive tallied 333 rounds in 8 years. How many rounds has Trump played in 3.5 years?
            6. In 2017, a judge did not approve Trump settlement of 22 million for 2 class action FRAUD lawsuits for Trump University?
            7. In November, 2019 the New York Supreme Court ordered Trump to pay a $2 million fine for misusing his charity for personal expenses.
            8. Is North Korea denuclearized?? What news outlet is reporting that??
            9. Has Iran succumbed to the charms of the 45th POTUS and renegotiated the JCPOA?

            I do not know if you and Obsidian are in need of Prevagen—or assistance reading the IJR articles.

          2. The BS and lie is that you somehow think that the President did not outperform Obama. Obama divided America, created riots and got police murdered with his constant racial rhetoric. He did nothing for the economy or make anything better for Americans. He stifled progress with his attacks on industry and energy creation. He was more concerned with starting racial division. Trump has reversed this. Trump brought jobs back to America, created incentives for higher wages rather than the Obamanation ‘protests’ for higher wages. The incentives from Trump and Republicans has made American industry stronger, while Obama made it weaker. Obama’s Iran deal? More BS. There was no verification process in the ‘deal’ in any way. Israeli spies revealed that Iran never decreased production of nuclear material. But, Obama did give $2.2 billion to Iran, $400 of which was ransom for Navy sailors. Obama funded the startup and provided 90 % of ISIS weapons. Obama lied about making Syria destroy the chemical weapons they got from Saddam. Obama abandoned a US Ambassador and CIA staff, then he and his staff lied to the relatives of the dead and America about the cause because it was Obama and the Hillarrhoid that destabilized Libya. Obama cut funding to our military, capped military pay and set a record for no COLAs for retirees and SS recipients. Obama, Holder and the BATF conspired to sell Mexican Drug Cartels automatic weapons (Fast and Furious) that resulted in the murder of a Border Patrol agent, Mexican Federales and the attack on a children’s school. Obama spied on a rival political party’s campaign to support his party’s candidate using a fake dossier, compiled by foreign agents, paid for by his party’s candidate. Obama and his administration are the subject of a criminal investigation for that and the Mexican President has called for an investigation into the Obama administration for the ‘Fast and Furious’ fiasco. Trump has reversed all of the Obamanations BS, including boys showering with girls, having to fight Liberal courts all the way. You constantly spew Liberal/Democrat BS. You’re a liar.

      2. Jaundice, the Obamanation is a liar, always has been. He also divided this country and started the latest wave of racial tensions. Perhaps you don’t remember that the riots started with his lowlife speeches.

        1. Go Chuck! Phylliphilis appears to like copy and paste. And, of course, seeing her name in print. Doesn’t seem that she gets any answers to her diatribes.

  3. The no good bigoted, racist, Caucasian trash

    n*gger trumpuke is getting the shit kicked out

    of him by what he thought was HIS Scotus.

    SssssssssssssssssssssssWwwwwwwwwwwwwwEeeeeeeeeeeeEeeeeeeeeeeeTtttttttttttttt !

      1. Could you provide the Trumpian definition of “racist” so we know what is the basis for “only racist is you.”

          1. This is NOT a chance that I will ever join the Trump cult simply to decipher the language of Trumpism. I am a capitalist and see the financial opportunity of writing a Trumpism dictionary, but I will happily take a pass on going undercover in Trump world.

          2. Syphilis – You’re a BS artist, that’s all, nothing more. You can try to change definitions to suit your agenda, rewrite history to suit your agenda, remove the truth from the public eye like what is happening in the media, remove Conservative comments from social media, etc., but in the end, what you’ll get is another revolution when you finally gain control/rescind our rights with your cheating ways. When the conflict is done, If I have anything to say about it, Liberals/Democrats, media execs and all the other lying, cheating, corrupt Trash that is the Liberal/Democrat party will be rounded up, taken out to the 2000 mile limit and dumped overboard. They’ll be given the chance to swim to any country they want, just not this one. A firing squad will be waiting for them on the beach. It’s what should have been done with the Loyalists/Tories, ancestors of the Democrats, after the last Revolution. That was a mistake that will be rectumfried. Bet on it.

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