Nurses Fight Back Against Anti-Lockdown Protests Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

A viral video of Denver, Colorado, healthcare workers pushing back against anti-lockdown protestors is circulating on social media.

News reports have revealed protesters in multiple cities blocking traffic to try and fight against coronavirus stay-at-home orders. Two frontline nurses in Denver decided to stage a counterprotest.

The video, reportedly filmed at a Colorado protest on Sunday, shows a woman hanging out of the window of a Dodge Ram truck with a sign that reads, “Land Free” while a nurse blocks her vehicle.

As drivers continue to honk their horns, the woman can be heard yelling at the nurse, “Go to China if you want communism.”

Check out the video below:

The nurses’ viral video has garnered reactions from Twitter users who have praised the healthcare workers for their work and their actions.

The heightened weekend protests began shortly after President Donald Trump’s “liberate” tweets on Friday.

Following the first protests in Michigan, Trump supporters in other states — including Colorado, Texas, California, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, and others — began to flood streets to protest stay-at-home orders even as coronavirus cases and deaths continued to rise. Some protesters even created obstacles for ambulances trying to get to hospitals, according to reports.

During Saturday’s White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefing, Trump was confronted about the protestors and he seemed to defend them.

Despite footage capturing hundreds of protestors not practicing social distancing guidelines which could increase the possibility of spreading the virus at an accelerated rate, Trump believes the protestors were acting responsibly.

Trump also criticized Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.) and Gov. Ralph Northam (D-Va.), insisting the stay-at-home orders are “too tough.”

“These are people expressing their views,” Trump said. “I see where they are and I see the way they’re working. They seem to be very responsible people to me, but they’ve been treated a little bit rough.”

As of Monday morning, the United States has more than 760,000 coronavirus cases and over 40,000 deaths.


  1. “We all have the right to protest when we feel our personal liberties are being infringed on. Carry on.” Karen

    And the rest of the nation has the right to be protected from the selfish, careless, and irresponsible actions of you dumbasses.

  2. Right. The rules were just changed by this group of protestors. These are the new rules. Body autonomy and freedom of speech. So going forward, the old rules no longer apply. In the future, when someone kneels at a football game these guys will say, “We all have the right to protest when we feel our personal liberties are being infringed on. Carry on.”
    New rules created by and supported by anyone who is protesting closures right now.

  3. “We can block traffic. We can stand. We can sit. We can kneel. We can even kneel while music is playing.” Karen

    I am confused.

    A while ago, the American Fascists said:

    No, you are not allowed to block traffic. We will mow you down with out pick-up trucks.

    The American Fascists made it clear that some people (especially if you are have the wrong colored skin) are not allowed to knee, especially if our national anthem is playing in the background.

    You have some explaining to do, Karen.

  4. I just want to be sure we’re all clear on the new rules:
    1. All of us have sovereignty over our own bodies and no one can tell us what we can or cannot do with our own bodies. This is still true even if our choices about our own bodies harm ourselves, another adult human or child or pregnant woman.
    2. We do not have to obey authority when they are wrong. We do not have to peacefully comply.
    If we are pulled over by the police for absolutely no reason, we do not have to comply with unreasonable requests.
    3. We can protest to make a statement. We can go to the Capitol building with guns. We can block traffic. We can stand. We can sit. We can kneel. We can even kneel while music is playing. We have the right of free speech in all circumstances even when it violates existing laws we perceive to be harmful.
    4. We have the right to work. We cannot be told we cannot work. We cannot be forced to take time of work. We cannot be forced into taking responsibility for others, particularly when it jeopardizes our own ability to work and earn income. We cannot be forced to sacrifice our own bodies for the good of someone else.
    5. Also… and this rule is important….. no matter what we did to bring about a situation, not matter our own participation in the decision, there is nothing at all any of us can do to abdicate our right to 100% sovereignty and autonomy over our own bodies.
    I would ask for this in writing, but there’s plenty of video evidence. As long as we are ALL in agreement on these new rules and they apply equally to everyone, then carry on. Please try not to block the routes to the hospitals while protesting if it’s not too much trouble. I know you’re all agreeing not to go there when you get sick and overload the healthcare system, and we appreciate that.
    From here on out — the rest of us — assuming any of you are still alive — do not want to hear one word ever again about you trying to stop anyone else from exercising the same right to 100% autonomy. That’s the American Way.
    I swear to God heads are going to roll if these new rules are only for white men, because your choices today aren’t good for the rest of us and no one stopped you.

  5. These idiot protesters are being manipulated into putting themselves and their communities at risk. They don’t care about others, I get that, but they have families, too. They are willing to put THEM at risk.

    Fortunately, only 30% of America Fascists are fighting the shutdown. 70% of them are in favor of protecting themselves properly. 95% of Democrats are in favor of doing what is necessary to get to where we can get out of this.

    Elections have consequences.

  6. Their argument is that if you protest the draconian lockdown, it means you are “spitting on the dead”. This is how tyrants shut down debate. It will not stop. 35,000 dead and an economic depression where many more will die. Or give millions their livelihoods back, even if a few more die. Our choice.

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