Northam Announces Robert E. Lee Statue Will Be Taken Down

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) is announcing that he has ordered the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from Richmond’s Monument Avenue.

During a press conference on Thursday, Northam said, “It’s time to acknowledge the reality of institutional racism, even if you can’t see it. Public policies have kept this reality in place for a long time. That’s why we’ve been working so hard to reform criminal justice laws, expand health care access, make it easier to vote, and so much more.”

He continued, “But symbols matter too, and Virginia has never been willing to deal with symbols. Until now.”

“So, we’re taking it down,” Northam said, adding, “I know some will protest. Some will say, Lee was an honorable man. I know many people will be angry.”

Watch the video below:

Northam continued to discuss the history to the statues of Confederate heroes that were put up after the Civil War.

Speaking about the decision to build the statue of Lee in 1890, Northam said of Virginia’s leaders, “Instead of choosing to heal the wounds of the American Civil War, they chose to keep them on display. They launched a new campaign to undo the results of the Civil War by other means.”

He noted a new law, set to go into effect in four weeks, that allows localities to decide whether or not to take down other Confederate monuments. Northam said he was ordering the removal of Lee’s statue now because “it’s different from every other statue in Virginia — both in size and in legal status.”

He explained, “You see, the state owns it, unlike most other statues. That was another part of the plan to keep it up forever. It sits on a 100-foot circle of land, a state-owned island, surrounded by the City of Richmond.”

He continued:

“In Virginia, we no longer preach a false version of history. One that pretends the Civil War was about ‘state rights’ and not the evils of slavery. No one believes that any longer. And in 2020, we can no longer honor a system that was based on the buying and selling of enslaved people.”

He added, “But my friends, I believe in a Virginia that studies its past in an honest way. I believe that when we learn more, we can do more. And I believe that when we learn more—when we take that honest look at our past—we must do more than just talk about the future.”

“It will go into storage, and we will work with the community to determine its future,” he said.


  1. Knocking down History is a Tragedy. Removing a Symbol will not change how you inherently Feel about the events of the past.

  2. Well, while your removing monuments that have stood for decades, let us not forget it was the DEMOCRATS that DID NOT want to abolish slavery, it was DEMOCRATS that were most involved in KKK, so, therefore we must REMOVE ALL democrats from political office and government!!!

    1. The Democratic party did harbor the political class of the old South, sure, and up until 1963 were loyal Democrats (because they hated the Republicans, who engineered their defeat in the Civil War, and who ended slavery.) Once President Lyndon Johnson returned a conscience to the Democratic party, and got all the civil rights legislation of the 60s passed, the Dixiecrats were no longer so much in love with him. Richard Nixon was the Republican who started the “Southern strategy”, of coddling racist resentment without ever complaining directly about Blacks, talking about dog-whistle topics: forced busing, local control of schools, states rights, law and order. The Southern strategy worked, and by the time of Reagan was bearing fruit. The people who, in the present day, hate colored folk, have a happy home in the Republican party, and are shunned by the Democrats.

      So, Mary, your complaints about Democrats being the home of slavery and the KKK are distracting nonsense.

  3. Who is he trying to kid!? Calling civil War history false and saying no one believes it anymore? Many do, including me and millions of other Americabsxwhi cherish the truth. His actions are not going to change the past, they will only reinforce the hate being promoted by the left. This time it will be statues. Next it will be buildings. Then it will be your property.

  4. Maybe we should also close down Arlington National Cemetery since it’s on Robert E Lee’s estate.

  5. Northam is a hypocrite. There is numerous evidence of his racism that is overlooked because the Democrats can use it to their advantage to control him. He is a total fraud and a disgrace to every race and gender.

    1. Linda, he is worse than a hypocrite, he is a murderer. He would murder a baby born alive if the Mother doesn’t want it. Infanticide is a crime and the payment will come to him eventually. Maybe not in this sick and degenerate country, but in the afterlife I’m sure he doesn’t think exists.

    2. I don’t believe he’s a hypocrite. He is doing what every democrat is doing by hiding their racism to continue oppressing the black population. More of the same from the beginning of time.

  6. If President Lincoln had not sent armed troops into Virginia, Lee may well have stayed with the Union Army. But none of them know that, because “North good, South bad” is the only education they get in schools, now. Lee freed his family’s slaves in 1862. Grant freed his in 1865. Lee built a school for his slaves, which was illegal. Most Confederate generals did not support slavery, but they did support States rights, and felt that the Federal government was taking powers that were not theirs to take. Of course, slavery is evil. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. No man has the right to own another, humans are meant to be free. ALL humans, of every color. But taking down this statue won’t do anything. It’s pandering to the base, by a baby butchering jack-ass. Now, if you want to take down Jefferson Davis, go right ahead. He was a total scumbag, and he did believe blacks were inferior. Screw him.

    1. Wow, someone knows the true history You also know the heart of the person currently running Virginia. I will add that General Lee recommended to President Davis to end slavery and continue the fight for the Souths freedom. Davis refused.

    2. Truth. The Republican Party was formed to stop slavery and Democrats want to hide the fact that they formed the Klan and consistently rejected civil rights.

      1. Truth. In 1963 the Democratic party turned the tables on the South and protected civil rights for blacks. It was the opposite of what they’d done for a hundred years. More truth: the Republicans saw there were votes in all those disappointed white racists, and picked up the South. The party that thinks civil rights is just boring and ought to go away is the party that, 100 years ago, defeated slavery. Times change, and so do political parties.

    3. Sorry, Scott, this history is all nonsense. Lee did free his father-in-law’s (George Washington Custis) slaves, but he did so because there was a provision in the will saying they must be freed as soon as possible, at the most within five years. (Lee took five years to do it.) Lee took leave from the army to manage the plantation his wife had inherited, but was notoriously cruel with his slaves, so badly that he almost faced a slave revolt. He split up slave families, something his father in law never did. Lee thought that slavery was a good thing for blacks, because they were inferior and couldn’t manage themselves, but a bad thing for whites, because it was corrupting and demoralizing. He was never the worst racist hater, but he was on the side of slavery. Check the Wikipedia entry.

      As far as Confederate generals and states’ rights go, I don’t know where you got the idea that they were generally against slavery. I do know that the only states’ right that anyone cared about was the right to enslave people, and to protect that practice through law.

      Lee’s mother in law Molly Custis educated her slaves, which was illegal; Lee did not. Lee did free his remaining slaves in 1862, but by then his home (in Arlington VA, across the river from D.C.) had been occupied by Federal troops for nearly a year, and most of the slaves had run away. He was giving up property he no longer had any hope of controlling.

      So, sorry to say, there’s no reality behind the legend of Lee as the enlightened defender of his homeland. He was a gentleman and a slaver, and that’s the ideal of the Old South.

  7. Here we go…next on their list will be Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Franklin. Believe me, it will not stop with Robert E. Lee. Oh, forgot about Patton…he slapped a soldier once. He’s toast!

  8. They need to be placed in a museum that gives context of the civil war. I do not understand the thought process behind anything else.

      1. Funny, but no, he will be busy murdering babies. What a sick person he is. After he took the Hippocratic oath ( I call it the Hypocritical oath in his case) he goes on to murder children. He will be dubbed a saint for satin when his time comes.

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