Newsom Praises Trump for Swiftly Sending Swabs After Personal Request

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is praising President Donald Trump for the federal government’s swift delivery of swabs for coronavirus testing in his state.

During Wednesday’s appearance on NBC’s “The Today Show,” Newsom was asked if the federal government had been sufficiently providing the resources his state needs to combat the pandemic.

“In many cases, they have,” Newsom said. “And I’m just speaking candidly and honestly for the state of California. Last week, I called the president personally and said we need more swabs for specimen collections so we can sustainably increase our testing capacity. They were delivered the next day.”

Newsom noted his awareness of other governors having different experiences with the president. However, he made it clear that his experience is based solely on the Trump administration’s assistance in handling the coronavirus outbreak in California.

“I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I’m really focused on doing my job, trying to save lives day-in and day-out, putting my head down,” he said.

See Newsom’s remarks below:

Newsom went on to explain why he opts to stay focused on the main goal while disregarding the negative aspects and obstacles.

“I try to avoid the finger-pointing and the hand-ringing. It’s just too many American lives here at stake in the state of California and in an extent, we need more support, we do. But we also have to be resourceful and California is a nation’s state, has the capacity to do more than many and we need to be held to account, as well.”

Like many other states, Newsom is also exploring options to slowly begin reopening California. Confirming the state had entered phase one of reopening, Newsom tweeted about the outlined plans to gradually reopen the state’s economy.

As of Wednesday morning, California has more than 46,000 positive coronavirus cases.


  1. I might hate Gavin Newsom. I might disagree with 99% of his policies. I will say this, he has been a fantastic leader for the State of California during this pandemic and I can’t name one person who would’ve done a better job. I said fantastic, not perfect, just like Donald Trump has been a fantastic leader, not perfect, as the President of The United States during this pandemic. Let the people polled say how much they would want sleepy joe to lead them during this pandemic, but, remember this, all sleepy joe has said is with hindsight. The ONLY thing he did in real time is condemn Trump for the travel ban. Just how do you think that would have worked out for us if biden was President and he DIDN’T insitute that travel ban? That should speak for itself. I could be the GREATEST leader of our time if I could use hindsight in making decisions. People, pull your heads out of your asses and realize just how EASY it is to sit in the cheap seats and criticize in hindsight.

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