Newsom: ‘I’d Be Lying’ If I Said Trump Was Not ‘Responsive’ to CA’s Needs

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is shedding light on President Donald Trump’s latest coronavirus response efforts.

During an interview on Wednesday, CNN’s Jake Tapper noted responses from officials across the country who have opted to suppress their concerns and complaints about the federal government’s response efforts.

According to Tapper, there are fears that Trump may punish citizens in states where governors are considered complainers.

Despite the whispers behind closed doors, Tapper also noted that Newsom appears to be amicable with Trump and working collaboratively with the federal government.

Newsom was asked if he found himself censoring his sentiments of the federal response.

“You and President Trump seemed to have been working collaboratively. He praised you yesterday. Do you find yourself, by necessity, tempering what you say in terms of any issue you might have with the federal response?” Tapper asked.

Newsom recalled California’s recent history of natural disasters — the wildfires and droughts — and his dealings with the federal government. He then noted how it is not the time to be at odds.

“This is not the time to bicker,” Newsom said. “I don’t care who’s up and down, whose polls are looking better than someone else’s or who wants to run for president or who doesn’t.”

He continued, “When it comes to times of crisis, we need to [rise] above the partisanship and I’ve extended always an open hand, not a closed fist, in those circumstances. And this is no different.”

Check out Newsom’s remarks below:

Despite the ongoing issues other governors may be facing, Newsom is acknowledged that Trump has been responsive to California’s needs.

“Let me just be candid with you. I’d be lying to you to say that he hasn’t been responsive to our needs. He has,” Newsom said of Trump. “And so, as a question, as a sort of an offer of objectivity, I have to acknowledge that publicly.”

Newsom noted the Mercy ship and medical sites the federal government has established to aid California’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

While Newsom did admit that he could ask for more or criticize some aspects of the federal response, he tries to stay focused on maintaining order and developing trust to give California residents what they deserve.


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