California Governor’s ‘Homelessness Tour’ Seeks Money, Solutions to Crisis on Streets

California’s governor began a week-long “homelessness tour” on Monday seeking $750 million to address growing numbers of people living on the streets, stopping first in a rural community to show his state’s problems extend beyond the big cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom last week asked state lawmakers to create the $750 million fund as part of his 2020-21 budget and plans to petition the federal government for additional money to help California’s Medicaid program improve services for the homeless.

“Homelessness isn’t just a concern in our cities, it’s a suburban issue and a rural issue, too. No Californian can say that homelessness is someone else’s problem,” Newsom, 52, said in kicking off his tour in Grass Valley, a town of about 12,000 in the Sierra Nevada mountains northeast of Sacramento.

“Every corner of our state has too many people living on the streets. And the crisis puts stress on public resources, from emergency rooms to jails to public works departments. It takes an unprecedented level of partnership between local, state, and federal government,” Newsom said in a prepared statement.

An estimated 130,000 people are homeless somewhere in California on any given day, more than any other state, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). California, home to about 39.6 million people, is the most populous state in the United States. Newsom and other California officials have traded barbs with U.S. President Donald Trump over the issue, with Trump blaming state and local leaders for failing to solve the problem.

On a visit to San Francisco and Los Angeles in September, Trump said conditions on their streets including trash, feces, and hypodermic needles left by homeless people were hurting their prestige.

That same month HUD Secretary Ben Carson rejected requests for more federal money.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti formally asked the Trump administration for federal assistance on Monday in a letter that indicated the two sides had productive negotiations on the matter.

Newsom, who last week called for the emergency deployment of state-owned travel trailers and tents, was joined by state and local lawmakers on a visit to two homeless shelters in Grass Valley on Monday.

The first-term governor’s tour will also take him to Los Angeles County, the San Francisco Bay area and the Central Valley.

(Reporting by Dan Whitcomb in Culver City, California; Editing by Sonya Hepinstall)


  1. For all of you confused people who think a Republican govenor would be the final solution to fixing the State of California, think back to the LAST time that a Republican held that office. Arnold Schwarzenegger got elected mainly on promises of fiscal reform. He couldn’t (or wouldn’t) get it done. He didn’t solve the legislative mess, so what makes you think party matters here?

  2. 750 million for all homeless in the state and over a billion just for LA? Gavin, just how will this work?

  3. Well California decided it was OKAY to create sanctuary cities and promoted that illegals are welcome to stay in California. Now the governor wants the federals to bail California out of their mess.

  4. take the funds from Democrats retirement and future payroll. they aren’t working so put that money to use on the homeless and mental individuals

  5. They should use shipping containers that have been converted into residences, in some cases using two containers for one residence. This has been done elsewhere, you can search it, and the results are awesome. Some containers have been converted into office space. What a wonderful example of recycling.

  6. Newsom, in particular, has signed huge tax increases into law. He doesn’t want more money to solve the homeless crisis. He just wants more money. No matter how much he gets, he will not be satisfied.

    Ecclesiastes 5:10:
    He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he that loveth abundance with increase: this {is} also vanity.

  7. He’ll force people to leave their houses unlocked, so thieves can rob them and the homeless can crap all over people’s homes.

      1. I thought you graduated to the 4th grade. Better luck next year.

  8. Why don’t all the liberal Hollywood elites and demoncraps in Calistinko put up their personal monies where their mouth is.. You wanted illegals open borders freed criminals you got it!! I hope Trump doesn’t give this demoncrap run stink hole a single penny!

    1. You know, you could reduce the influence and wealth of the Hollywood elite just by not watching their movies and shows and not buying products they produce or advertise. You could reduce their influence and wealth even more by recruiting others to also not watch and not buy. That would do far more than insulting California.

      1. Better yet, stream it all for free and show others how to do it.

  9. Vote out the dem cartel CA voters, restoring jobs , reducing costly housing and business regulations , ending sanctuary cities, removing illegals, ending welfare for illegals, cutting welfare to all, allowing farmers to farm, all these actions + other actions are what it will take to end your crisis. The party you vote for created this mess, it will only get worse as long as CA voters continue to vote for the dem cartel.

  10. California time to wake up. Start with following the law.
    Stop giving giving everything away for free.
    Stop letting illegals in.
    Stop letting people commit crimes and letting them go.
    Stop telling ice to go away. They are there to help.
    Stop taking away the rights of your law abiding taxpayers.
    Start thinking what is the best for the every day Californian taxpayers.
    Who comes up with your crazy ideas. Like in Sonoma you want to buy some houses and kick out the renters and put some homeless in them. Who will probably only stay a few months and be back on the have a very bad problem and you make it worse by the dumb laws you pass. You have some of the richest companies and people in the USA and the world telling you what to do. But they really don’t care because the homeless and the illegal will not be living on their streets or next door to them. And if they try you would have the police there right away. Plus they have their own security to protect them. When you the homeless camp out in front of your place of business and you can’t tell them to move, you have a problem. You think Nancy, schiff, and Maxie care about the homeless and illegals? NO. When was the last time they had to walk the streets and see them? And if they did the streets would cleaned up before they get there. Now, You want to ask for federal help. Why should the rest of the country pay for your stupid laws and ideas.

    1. in order to accomplish that we would have to remove every liberal and democrat from CA! got any empty islands they can be shipped to?

  11. NOW it’s an issue? The other 49 states ( or 56 in Obama world) have been watching it happen. No shame for asking for federal funds to solve the problem that was not addressed early enough. Thumbs up to Ben Carson.

    1. Except that millions have been allocated before to no avail. They created this mess, they should fix it. No more fed funds. And maybe they should reconsider impeding federal action against illegals.

  12. Why is it that throwing more money at problem.
    Is the only solution?
    The best solution is?
    To drag everyone of those scumbag politicians out to the street.
    Let them receive justice out there.

  13. Well if, as Phyllis often trumpets, California industries (specifically film and entertainment) generate well into the billions perhaps Newsom aught to try imposing the beloved progressive idea of a “wealth tax” on the industry’s heavy hitters first. He can follow that up with Silicone Valley’s elite as well.

  14. One obvious solution to solving problems in ALL of the DemocRAT-ruined regimes is to vote them OUT OF OFFICE and voting IN Republicans. Commiefornia has been a disaster since Reagan left Sacramento and became a great POTUS.

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