New Postmaster General Unveils Plans to Overhaul USPS

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy unveiled plans for big changes he plans to implement in order to overhaul the United States Postal Service (USPS).

He detailed plans for “organizational change” as he insisted the changes are crucial and necessary in a statement on Friday.

According to DeJoy, many areas of the postal service will undergo changes. A management hiring freeze will be put in place along with a request for future voluntary early retirements.

The postal service regions will also be reduced from seven to four as the agency is split into three operating units: “retail and delivery, logistics and processing, and commerce and business solutions.”

“This organizational change will capture operating efficiencies by providing clarity and economies of scale that will allow us to reduce our cost base and capture new revenue,” DeJoy said. 

He continued, “It is crucial that we do what is within our control to help us successfully complete our mission to serve the American people and, through the universal service obligation, bind our nation together by maintaining and operating our unique, vital and resilient infrastructure.”

Mike Blake/File Photo/Reuters

DeJoy’s plans have been met with opposition from the American Postal Workers Union. Mark Dimondstein, the union’s president, has criticized the overhaul, deeming it “a White House agenda” aimed at privatizing the postal service.

According to Dimondstein, the staggering mail delays are an intentional attack on the nation’s postal service.

“These changes are happening because there’s a White House agenda to privatize and sell off the public Postal Service,” Dimondstein said. “But there’s too much approval for the organization right now. They want to separate the service from the people and then degrade it to the point where people aren’t going to like it anymore.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Trump has adamantly refused to bail out the post office as many Americans may turn toward mail-in ballots for the upcoming election.

Now, USPS is nearing a dangerous financial tipping point. While the postal service did see a $547 million-dollar increase in revenue for the quarter, the postal service is still in a “dire” financial position, as previously reported on IJR.

Due to DeJoy’s plan to slash overtime compensation for postal workers, many cities across the United States face delays in mail delivery.

Democratic leaders are now calling for an investigation into DeJoy’s changes that have contributed to the mail delivery delays.


  1. I send around 200 – 300 packages with USPS annually. Until this current postmaster general, they were a good service. They usually delivered on time or a little ahead of schedule. They occasionally delivered things late, but it was pretty unusual, like 1 in 30. Until a package got lost a couple months ago, I hadn’t lost any package in the USPS since the early 2000s. The worst I experienced was a super-long delay that resulted in a returned package, that I had to re-send. I remember it well, and had to re-send it to a different address because we had no confidence in this specific post office.

    Today, it’s like a total crapshoot. 1 lost package so far, and some packages don’t report tracking info when they get to the regional processing center. At least two delayed packages.

  2. The Constitutional mandate is for real, but not to worry trumpers fat Donald is in charge. He doesn’t follow our Constitution because he never read it or has no idea what he reads. trump assigned one of his lackeys to run the post office, this clown will ask trump what to do every step of the way. That being said, you know it will be a disaster, the only thing trump can run is his mouth, where crap comes out !

  3. Michael ups and FedEx rely on the postal service to deliver packages for them they only deliver to a certain number of addresses where the postal service delivers to every address. Ups and FedEx dont walk from door to door for hundreds of houses where a lot of postal carriers do depending on the route. Is that all people know how to do is complain instead of logically understanding something.

  4. Hey Delbert, (why does that name seem so fitting🥴)You really are a piece of work aren’t you? Upcoming loss? In your DREAMS! Are you in denial or just dumb or unaware of the recent and past issues in regard to NY and CA in regard to mail in votes?
    The only thing in plain sight is your TDS infection! Do me a favor and send me a photo of your crying face come November.

  5. In Pittsburgh I generally get everything in good time in the mail. Always have. All these horror stories are news to me.

    What ought to be clear to everyone, regardless of hate for the USPS, is that this season we need it to work well, because up to half the country may want to vote by mail. What could anyone’s motivation be for screwing it up? Trump has reasons. He wants to blame his upcoming loss on corruption and incompetence, and announce that there was no valid election. That’s what he’s doing, now, in plain sight.

  6. and all the while i though they were supposed to pay for themselves foolish me. time to clean house and the dead wood

  7. It’s really simple to solve this USPS problem. Instead of the USPS and it’s employees always blaming everyone and anything else for its woes, the employees should get behind doing their jobs BETTER and delivering mail on-time and ACCURATELY. I NEVER use the USPS for important deliveries because they always FAIL and NEVER deliver on-time. Go UPS and FedEx. Perhaps the USPS should spend time studying UPS and FedEx to learn how to operate a business. Every postal worker I have ever seen has an attitude problem. No other business has posted inside its building anything close to what the post off has. “It’s a federal offence to strike a postal worker!” Now, why do you suppose that is posted? Because the postal workers agitate the public to such a degree that people want to hit them… it’s their attitudes that’s why!
    Rise to the occasion postal workes. no-one wants to bail you out because you do a lousy job!

  8. “General Confusion and Dilbert have lost their minds and are accusing the President of the USPS woes.” Chuck

    That is NOT what I said. To repeat:

    “King Donald The Loser has a personal, financial interest in hurting the USPS.” Me

    Having a motive to profit personally from the control of prominent real estate near his own property is not the same thing as “accusing the President of the USPS woes”.

    There are many ways to break the Emoluments Clause.

  9. Don, for your information, it has never been bailed out by tax payers. The Post Office has never received any taxes to fund their operations. It is strictly run on stamps and own funds.

  10. Yes, Don, USPS was forced to pay the retirement system for every employee under their control, 75 years into the future. No other government function, or private company is forced to pay this fee. That is why they operate at a loss year after year. It is also part of the U. S Constitution written my Ben Franklin

  11. Kayla, below must be one of the USPS leaches!

    The USPS has been MISMANAGED FOREVER. They failed to fund the employee pension fund for YEARS! They operated at a sustained LOSS year after year after year. Finally, Congress had enough and imposed harsh measures, earned by USPS management and all the employees that have NO CONCEPT OF costs vs. revenues, nor do they care.
    Their work ethic is PATHETIC. Go to any Post Office and see exactly how slothfully they pursue their jobs.

  12. Overhauling the USPS will be a MONUMENTAL TASK!

    The culture has had over 50 years to be fulling embraced by they entire USPS workforce, management and Unions!

    When in college, I worked as a supplemental mail carrier over the Christmas volume peak. After delivering the mail on my assigned route, I returned to the Post Office to pick another load of mail. I was pulled aside by a full time USPS mail carrier and advised to “slow down, you are making us look bad.”

    The culture is ROTTEN and feels entitled to staggering annual financial losses, bailed out by taxpayers. The “deal” struck between Google and the USPS is a KNOWN UNDER BID contract, increasing the USPS losses!

  13. An added thought, why would we want to vote by mail when the regular mail can’t be delivered? What would happen when millions of votes suddenly hit the already behind PO??? Nope, maybe by actually showing up to vote, my vote gets counted.

  14. Please, Trump has nothing to do with the PO going down the drain. Before he was even in office, things were bad. Missing mail, missing gift cards, huge delays in delivery. I’ve had replace gift cards and pay late fees because it took 1 1/2 months to deliver the mail. I called the PO when checks didn’t show up in my bank. I was informed that without a tracking number, nothing they can do. Who gets a tracking number on a letter?? Mail that goes here, in my hometown, is carted to Indy and then brought back to be delivered. Why handle the mail 3 times? Both times I got stuck with late fees it took 6 WEEKS for delivery. My worthless mailman leaves my packages on the ground by my mailbox, 75 feet from my house (even in the rain). I finally called the PO to complain and was told my carrier is a little different, “he’s from CA”. I don’t care if he’s from mars, Letters and packages should be safely delivered. Most carriers do a super job but the unions keep the garbage from being canned.

  15. The newly elected postmaster general is trying to violate federal law and contracts that were established in good faith with all of the unions. In addition more than 2 million jobs in this country rely directly or indirectly with the postal service. So if you want more than 2 million people out of work go ahead and support the president and the postmaster general on eliminating more than 2 million jobs and you will find out how the country will completely go into death repair and chaos. So if you truly care about our country you need to support the Postal Service because there are the ones who are delivering every house in this country during this Pandemic while you sit at home and Complain about everything Without knowing all the facts.

  16. Both retirement systems of the Postal Service have been overpaid however Congress refuses to return the money back to the postal service. If Congress wanted the Postal Service to be self-supporting they need to allow the Postal Service to operate as a normal nonprofit. The mandate needs to be removed for the pre-funding of the future retirees health benefits and the overpayment into the retirement systems repaid back to the postal service.The Postal Service has been self-supporting since 1983 so therefore stayed in trouble since 1970 is in accurate get your facts straight.

  17. In addition the Postal Service is the only government agency in this country that is self supporting that is why it does not shut down when the rest of the government shuts down. Delivering Amazon is actually damaging the Postal Service. The Postal Service loses money with delivering Amazon. The congressmen and women receive thousands of dollars worth of postage for free every year. The postage that they do not use they get as free cash to them at the end of the year.

  18. The posts have shown how ignorant you are. The Postal Service has to pre-fund future retirees health benefits 75 years worth in a ten-year period of time. No other public private or government agency in this entire country hast to do that. This was a mandate from Congress. The mandate needs to be removed and the money refunded to the Postal Service.

  19. Squat Dogfart and Dildobert have lost their minds and are accusing the President of the USPS woes. Perhaps they don’t know that he’s only been president for 3.5 years and the USPS troubles have been with us since 1970. Lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats.

  20. The USPS has been in financial trouble since the Postal Strike of 1970. Unions screwed up the whole system.

  21. This is how efficient the USPS is and this is not the first time I have had this happen. I had a pkg sit at the PO in Detroit, Mi for 10 days before it left there, then it took another 5 days to get to San Tan Valley in Az. Why in the world did this need to go to Portland, Or to get to Az?
    Hello John Montgomery,

    USPS expects to deliver your package by Saturday, August 8, 2020 arriving by 8:00pm.

    Expected Delivery by
    USPS Premium Tracking™ Available
    August 8, 2020

    In Transit, Arriving Late

    Get Updates
    Text & Email Updates
    Tracking History
    August 8, 2020
    In Transit, Arriving Late
    Your package will arrive later than expected, but is still on its way. It is currently in transit to the next facility.
    August 7, 2020, 10:15 am
    Departed USPS Facility
    PORTLAND, OR 97215
    August 7, 2020, 3:57 am
    Arrived at USPS Facility
    PORTLAND, OR 97215
    August 5, 2020, 7:11 pm
    Departed USPS Regional Origin Facility
    August 5, 2020, 7:08 pm
    Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility
    August 4, 2020, 5:02 pm
    Departed Post Office
    August 4, 2020, 10:25 am
    USPS picked up item
    August 3, 2020, 3:00 pm
    Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item

  22. While I agree with tbe junk mail I don’t see how they can refuse it. Maybe send it at first class rates.

  23. About time someone did something – The USPS has been losing out to FEDEX, UPS, and Amazon for years now and the APWU refuses to acknowledge it.

  24. Postal Service, Pony Express rider, see a pattern? 99% of what mail I get in my mailbox is junk. Dont need it, dont need mail delivery 6 days a week either. Only check my mail box once or twice a week to clean out the junk mail. The postal Service has lots of room to downsize until profitable without hurting anything.

  25. They need to do something, I ordered a pkg/Lawn Mower Part from outside St Louis and used the USPS Tracking online to track my pkg. It arrived in St Louis then went to Chicago, from Chicago it went back to St Louis then back to Chicago then to Shreveport La. then back to Chicago then to St Louis then back to Shreveport La. to Monroe La. and finally to me 12 days late. Something needs to be done because the Union workers are obviously incompetent.

  26. the Post Office is so top heavy, if put in water it would capsize. I never worked there, but have several close friends who have. There are supervisors everywhere watching every move by every carrier. One friend described how supervisors were packed on a catwalk above the floor watching and timing every carrier. Ask anyone who works there how oppressive it can be. It is also totally over-regulated and there is no incentive to compete since it is a guaranteed operation backed with the authority of the federal government. They even have their own police force. Ridiculous. I see no reason why it can’t be contracted out.

  27. Half or more of my Amazon deliveries are made by Amazon’s own trucks. While USPS provides some last-mile service, the majority has already moved elsewhere. Trump’s attempt to screw Bezos by raising rates would do nothing more than push the remaining business (and revenue) away.
    And first class (letter) mail is headed the way of the dodo bird, replaced by e-mail, e-signatures, scanners, and other technologies (even the fax machine is pretty well obsolete now). Third and fourth class doesn’t cover its own costs.
    The Constitutional mandate to provide mail service is about to get very, very costly.

  28. “DeJoy’s plans have been met with opposition from the American Postal Workers Union.” Under those circumstances, I’m with the new guy. Frankly, during this “pandemic” the USPS has outperformed UPS by a factor of 10 around here. Very surprised.

  29. For what it’s worth, I’ve never had FedEX or UPS lose my deliveries over the years, or give me someone else’s. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve had things go missing from the USPS or have to hand deliver things to my neighbors that end up in my box. This has happened everywhere I’ve lived, so it’s not just one bad post deliverer.

    I usually get three Amazon deliveries a day, and only about one in twenty are via USPS, so they must not be getting too much of Amazon’s business.

    Literally one in twenty of my mail deliveries isn’t spam. It’s more of an endless supply of garbage that I have to dispose of than a vital service that I need.

  30. A postal service is fundamental to an effective national government. It is crucial to democracy when a third or half the country will vote by mail. I suspect the reorganization I’m reading about here is going to be implemented in a hurry, so that mail delays will become longer and reliability of delivery will suffer, and then Trump can claim a failed election and start suing in the Supreme Court to become President for the indefinite future.

  31. This is why we can’t afford having a failed “businessman” as our president. King Donald The Loser has a personal, financial interest in hurting the USPS.

    Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post and they make comments and write articles criticizing His Majesty. His Majesty don’t like dat, so he blames Bezos.

    Bezos also owns Amazon and Amazon uses the USPS to help make deliveries, therefore King Donald The Loser wants to take down the postal service which means YOU will pay more for YOUR deliveries. Fools.

    The USPS is saddled with unreasonable restrictions that need to be removed, too.

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