Nadler Asks DOJ for Information on Political Interference in Roger Stone Case

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) wants the Department of Justice to provide his committee information “concerning improper political interference” by President Donald Trump

In a letter sent to Attorney General William Barr on Friday, Nadler asks for information on decisions related to cases involving associates of the president and career officials at the FBI.

“I write in advance of our March 31 oversight hearing in order to request information concerning improper political interference, including by President Trump, in enforcement matters handled by the Department of Justice.”

He adds, “These circumstances are deeply troubling. Although you serve at the President’s pleasure, you are also charged with the impartial administration of our laws. In turn, the House Judiciary Committee is charged with holding you to that responsibility.”

Nadler continues to request information regarding the decision to recommend shorter sentences for Roger Stone and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. 

Additionally, he asks for information about “a series of inquiries into the conduct of career law enforcement officials and investigations related to President Trump and the 2016 election.”

However, Nadler said his committee was not only focused on criminal cases but also allegations that Trump used the Antitrust Division for his personal interests. 

“Our concerns, however, are not limited to politically motivated intervention in criminal matters. We have previously written the Department concerning the President’s apparent efforts to deploy the Antitrust Division for political or personal interests.”

Nadler asks that Barr let several current and former officials testify. He also asks that Barr provide communications between Trump, and other White House officials, and Justice Department officials regarding the cases listed in the letter.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), the ranking member of the committee, blasted Nadler’s request, and alleged that House Democrats were trying to “distract from the job they’ve failed to do, which is reform FISA.”

“The Democrats’ request today is yet another attempt to distract from the job they’ve failed to do, which is reform FISA and finally address the abuse that has plagued our nation over the last three years. The only political interference our committee should be examining is the FBI’s unlawful surveillance of Carter Page and the Trump campaign.”

“The fact that Democrats sent these requests just two days after cancelling our FISA markup and putting our national security at risk is further proof that they care about one thing and one thing only: Attempting to take down President Trump,” Collins added.

Democrats called for an investigation into alleged political interference in the Roger Stone case after the Justice Department recommended a shorter sentence.

Prosecutors initially recommended Stone receive seven to nine years in prison after he was convicted on charges of lying to Congress, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering. However, the Justice Department called that recommendation “extreme” and recommended a shorter sentence.

After the controversy arose, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson said she would proceed with the sentencing as originally scheduled. She sentenced Stone to three years and four months in prison on February 20.

Trump has denied that he pressured the Justice Department to recommend a shorter sentence for Stone. And, Barr said he was already mulling recommending a short sentence before Trump weighed in on the case on Twitter.

Nadler’s letter gives Barr a March 13 deadline to respond to his requests.


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    1. Bob, you’ve only wasted your valuable time trying to pound sense into indoctrinated dead heads. You’ll really need a much larger hammer to continue. They believe what they have been spoon fed; then try to convince the intelligent, educated types what they were told to parrot by their anti-American, anti-capitalist leaders. I have serious doubts any of the Socialists and Commie lovers having orgasms over Bernie on the IJR site are even Americans. There’s certainly no indication of it since some are known anti-America, anti-military cowards.

      BTW: You can add anti-Semitism, Nazism, Racism, authoritarianism, autocracy, xenophobia,Hitlerism and Chauvinism to the definition of Fascism. There are more; but these are good additions to those you have and enough to spoil their Pablum and soil their diapers while in their cribs.

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  4. Great photo of Nadler. The same sour look he had when his multimillion dollar hoax failed. While President Trump likes winning Dems like Nadler and his little gang don’t seem to mind losing time after time.

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      2. The General is as confused as Jerry Doughnuts Nadler over Trump having the Constitutionally granted power to enforce the nation’s laws. For the intelligence impaired, that means he’s the de facto head of the DOJ. He’s also confused over the Constitution granting Presidential Pardon power….which Trump hasn’t used with respect to Stone….yet.

        1. I might agree with you… if what you said was actually true. We all can see what this fascist president and his attorney general is doing. The question is whether you approve of one-party state rule or not. The Unhung Chad seems to approve when it is HIS Dear Leader.

          1. WHO feeds you this baseless propaganda you spew endlessly? Have you ever once had any adults fact-check anything for you; or is it just easier to be a blind and brainless parrot in lockstep?

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