MSNBC Founder Says Biden Is ‘Not Ready’ to Face Trump in General Election

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) is leading President Donald Trump in several general election polls. 

However, that may change as the election draws near and Biden becomes more visible, according to MSNBC founder Tom Rogers.

“Trump has been dominating the media as we all know, and Biden has not been in the spotlight,” Rogers said during an appearance on “Morning Joe” on Monday

“But that’s going to shift. And when it shifts, Biden needs to perform,” Rogers added. 

He continued to argue that Biden is not able to deliver a “convincing message” for the election.

“The bottom line is the candidate needs to be able to articulate a clear and convincing message, and particularly when it comes to the pandemic … he’s not there yet. And it pains me to say this, it really does, but his performance in being able to come up with a compelling narrative and a passionate storyline that really is ready for prime-time election season when it comes to talking about the legacy of Donald Trump, of mass death and economic collapse, he’s just not there yet.”

“His performances have been very unsatisfying, and basically he’s been getting softball interviews,” he added.

Watch the video below:

As Biden, who has been criticized for a series of gaffes on the campaign trail, has been sequestered to his basement where he holds virtual campaign events that rarely receive much media attention, his poll numbers have improved.

Meanwhile, Trump has received a lot of attention and criticism for his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, and several polls have found Biden leading the president — despite an early bump in Trump’s approval rating.

However, Rogers suggests that any benefit Biden has received from not being so visible, will not be enough to carry him to the victory in November.

“Letting Trump continue to devalue his own political standing has been beneficial to Biden at a time when Biden’s own media appearances from home have unfortunately shown a worrisome inability to focus his message and articulate clearly and crisply,” Rogers said.

He added, “As we move toward Election Day, Biden will no longer be able to let Trump do the talking. He will have to come out and present the case against Trump himself, as well as his vision for the future.”

Currently, Biden leads Trump in averages of polls in Florida, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, three states that could determine the outcome of the election.


  1. Doesn’t matter. The old pervert Biden could forget to put on his pants and walk out to the debate and CNN would just say he’s trying to be green to cut down air conditioner usage.

  2. It is true that trump makes mistakes but he is clearly trying to keep America great while Pelosi, Biden, Hillary, Obama, the DNC, media, Soros, Gates etc are openly socialists and using this virus to political advantage and control. Example: dummycrat California directing government funds to aid illegal NOT citizens. Democrats continue to fund and legalize abortions that kills hundreds of thousands every year. Do you really think they are concerned about a few 100 deaths from covid? Not likely!

    1. Where the hell did you get your statistics? One hundred…really! We will be at 100,000 deaths by the end of this week. So yes, Americans are concerned unless you have been holed up in a cave.

  3. How did anybody get the idea that Trump was ready to be President? The former game show host and entertainer is foolish looking. He finds a new way every day to embarrass the country. His unfitness has been demonstrated 20 times a week ever since his inauguration. Joe is not my first choice, but the ignorant and ego-blind oaf who controls the Republicans in no choice at all.

    1. Nice try. And if this “virus” wouldn’t have come along the stock market would go even higher than 29,000 plus and unemployment would go even lower. You aren’t a fan of success are you? He’s not a mealy mouthed politician but he will drain the swamp. Obama will regret his actions.

      1. Cherl is really confused by reality.

        It isn’t what COULD HAVE been possible that matters. It is the millions of unemployed, the damaged or lost businesses, and tens of thousands of needless DEATHS and the incredible incompetence of this administration dealing with the Trump Virus that needs to be taken into account.

  4. Leading in Pennsylvania? Not in the part of PA where I live. The Governor is making the Democrats look bad with his dictator like antics. Biden is hardly mentioned. What has he done and can he do?

  5. Biden is NOT the man who can battle Trump and convince anybody of anything. Trump will call him names and bust his chops and Biden will get mad and challenge Trump to pushups or thereaten to beat him up in an alley or behind the schoolyard. Hes nearly dementia prone or even closer to Alzheimers. He should NOT debate Trump, he’ll fumble and fuss & just get mad and look like the fool he is,maybe he’ll call him names or swear at him (not helpful for the Dems)

      1. Sad but true. Same in 2016, when we had a choice between Trump and the truly evil Hillary. We have not had a candidate for president from either party that I respect and can put my full trust behind since Ronald Reagan.

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