Mnuchin: Pelosi, Schumer Not Willing to ‘Strike a Reasonable Deal’ on Stimulus Package

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is providing more insight into the ongoing negotiations between Democrats and Republicans over the next coronavirus relief package, and he is not too optimistic.

Appearing on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street,” Mnuchin weighed in on how President Donald Trump is still moving ahead with his executive order on unemployment relief amid opposition from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

“The good news is we’re moving forward, the president’s EO on unemployment. We now have many states that are moving through that process. We have, looks like, five states that have already been approved. We have another four states that have submitted and about another 10 states that are in the process,” Mnuchin said.

He added, “The good news is despite Congress not acting, because Pelosi and Schumer aren’t willing to sit down and strike a reasonable deal, the president moved forward with the EO to help people who are still unemployed.”

Watch his comments below:

The president signed the executive order on Aug. 8 after lawmakers could not reach a deal on the next stimulus bill, as IJR previously reported.

Under the executive order, Americans could receive as much as $400. States can offer unemployment insurance claimants an additional $300 in unemployment benefits per week without them spending extra money, or they can provide claimants with $400 if they choose to pay an additional $100 through their separate funds or Coronavirus Relief funds.

Host Jim Cramer suggested a majority of states may be able to come up with the $100.

“I would expect that, you know, most of the states qualify and they can use their $100 they’re paying for unemployment insurance to qualify to get at least another $300 from the federal government,” Mnuchin said.

He continued, “I hope we see the majority of the states, and hopefully since Speaker Pelosi is coming back to look at postal, hopefully, she’ll be more interested in sitting down.”

Pelosi is mulling the possibility of calling lawmakers back from summer recess to discuss changes being made at the Postal Service, as IJR previously reported.


  1. “Have the Demoncrats done a single thing for the public‘s benefit since 2016…?” MWMAGA

    I am confused, BWMAGA.

    Do YOU have ANY idea how Congress works, at all? Itvsure doesn’t sound like it.

    The House has written more than 400 bills and do you have ANY what happened to them? Apparently not, so let me help you out. Missing Moscow Mitch has them stacked up in his office somewhere because HE refused to even discuss them. Because of this, you and millions more will pay more for some drugs, because HE doesn’t care about US.

    This is not normal. This is not what what is supposed to happen in a democracy (or for the dense a democratic constitutional republic, which is ALSO a democracy).

  2. Have the Demoncrats done a single thing for the public‘s benefit since 2016 or have they been out to interfere, obstruct and deny EVERY POSSIBLE ACTION our President has taken?? Answer that honestly and you’ll NEVER vote for a single Dem again.

  3. Go ahead and ask your county registrar for your ABSENTEE ballot, then fill it out and take it back by their office. My husband and I voted at the same time we were voting for a runoff race here in the county we live in. If more people would do that, then they can be sure their vote is counted.

  4. I am sick and tired of all the vacations Congress takes. They are off more days than they work. For the salaries they get, they should be in DC for about nine months out of the year; two weeks off for Christmas and New Year’s Day, and long weekends for Easter, Memorial and Veterans Day. In reality, they should be on a time clock!

  5. I would like to see what’s in both side’s plans. I would guess the Republicans hardly offered anything and the Democrats put in a lot of pork so it would stall and make Trump look bad.
    I know one thing, nobody should be going on any vacations!

  6. The idea is to put a bunch of unacceptable stuff (pork) in the bill and then blame the administration for not caring and with holding money for those who need it.

  7. Pelosi and Schumer are more interested in creating an avenue for voter fraud so that Biden can steal the election. I for one will NOT be submitting my vote by mail. I do not trust the post office to deliver the vote where it belongs and I truly do not think the Democrats will allow any Republican votes to get thru if they are mailed in.

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