Michelle Obama to Give Families a ‘Much-Needed Break’ as She Will Host a Story Time for Kids

Children will soon be able to tune into a story time led by former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The former first lady is partnering with PBS Kids and Penguin Random House to begin “Mondays with Michelle Obama” in April.

Every Monday, Michelle Obama will hold a weekly read-along series where she will read four of her favorite children’s books, including “The Gruffalo” by Julia Donaldson, as PBS Kids announced. The story time will be live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

“At this time when so many families are under so much stress, I’m excited to give kids a chance to practice their reading and hear some wonderful stories,” Michelle Obama wrote on Twitter, along with the announcement.

She noted this will give families “a much-needed break.” She wrote in a statement:

“As a little kid, I loved to read aloud. And when I became a parent, I found such joy in sharing the magic of storytelling with my own children — and then later, as First Lady, with kids everywhere. At this time when so many families are under so much stress, I’m excited to give kids a chance to practice their reading and hear some wonderful stories (and to give parents and caretakers a much-needed break).”

This comes at a time that the coronavirus outbreak has caused several schools across the country to close for the remainder of the school year.

According to reports, Michelle Obama may toss her support behind Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“This week was President Obama’s moment to enter the campaign. Of course Mrs. Obama supports Joe Biden and we will keep you posted on her plans,” an Obama aide told The Hill.

A Biden aide said:

“We know what pretty much everyone in America does: Michelle Obama is probably the most beloved member of the Democratic party and her support is a big deal. Any future announcement would reflect the incredible impact her voice has.”

Michelle Obama’s husband and former President Barack Obama endorsed Biden on April 14.


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    Who cares if Mike Obama is reading to kids. What a waste of ink.

  2. WHY??? would anybody subject their child to the vile beast that is BIG MIKE!!!

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  5. WHO cares what Mike plans to do? She/he is a worthless has-been with no value or interest to the United States EXCEPT to those of the freeloading “gimme more free stuff” crowd.

    1. At least she’s doing something positive. If Melania had come up with the idea for something like this, she would have had tremendous support from both sides. This would have been the perfect time for her to display a compassionate face for the administration, but maybe she just doesn’t care.

      1. Eddie, I guess that you don’t look at or read the news!!!!!! Every time The First Lady says or does anything, the MSM and the dim wits and libs go nuts!!!!!! Just in the last month, she had the Easter Egg Hunt, cancelled and they all lost their minds over it, but once again OMG the WH did something that they didn’t want done, but the has been does and says something, it is okay and needs to be played up by the MSM and people like you!!!!!!!

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