Methodist Church to Split Into Two Denominations Over Issue of Gay Marriage

Leaders of the United Methodist Church announced on Friday plans to divide America’s third-largest Christian denomination into two separate ones over the issues of same-sex marriage and gay clergy.

Church leaders have devised a plan to divide into a “traditionalist Methodist” denomination that would maintain its ban on gay marriage and a more liberal wing that would permit it.

The measure, brokered by a mediation expert, will need to be approved during the denomination’s worldwide conference in May.

“This protocol provides a pathway that acknowledges our differences, respects everyone in the process and graciously allows us to continue to live out the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, albeit in different expressions,” said New York Conference Bishop Thomas Bickerton, one of the plan’s authors.

The UMC, with 7 million members in the United States, is America’s largest mainline Protestant denomination. Globally, it has 12.5 million members, mostly in Africa, the Philippines, and Europe, and the United States. It is one of the few remaining mainline denominations that doesn’t allow same-sex marriage.

Under the terms of the agreement, the traditionalist wing of the church — expected to include most of the congregations in Africa and a handful in the United States — will receive $25 million in funding in exchange for dropping any claims to the church’s real estate and other properties.

The plan also calls for $39 million to ensure there is no disruption in supporting ministries for communities historically marginalized by racism.

Also part of the agreement is a plan to postpone sanctions that were set to go into effect that would have punished pastors who performed same-sex marriage ceremonies with suspensions and possible removal from the clergy.


  1. Dave Hardesty,

    You doubt a bloodless and amicable split? So do I but one can hope.

    Or are you doubting other lessons to be learned? As your other post indicates, there are vast cultural and ideological disagreements which some are willing to violently contest. q.v. Antifa. Look at the Genital here. Do you want to have his ilk taking your money and rights for HIS causes? q.v. CA, IL, NJ, NY, etc.

  2. They should ostracize those who do not refrain from their sexual activities that are defiantly against God’s Word and let them start their on church. Being homosexual is not a sin. Practicing the acts of homosexuality is.a sin.

  3. I firmly believe that if all Christians would simply say what the Bible says, and in the Bible’s own words, most, if not all, doctrinal differences would vanish.

    1. I somewhat agree but honestly. Few calling themselves Christian know enough of God’s Word The Bible, they can’t do that. Shoot, most Christians think that when you die you immediately go to Heaven or Hell. Most don’t even keep the Sabbath day holy because they think the Sabbath is Sunday.

      1. Dave, you’ve mentioned some doctrines, not the actual words in the verses. Yes, most Christians don’t know enough of God’s Word to use His words. But, if those who do study the Word would stop paraphrasing it and use the actual words in the Word, more Christians would start to agree with each other. Using your example, the verses they use to mean the dead go immediately to heaven or hell (or even purgatory) don’t actually say that. They say things like:

        2 Corinthians 5:6:
        Therefore {we are} always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord:

        Put that together with all the verses that mention the dead and you can let God’s Word speak for itself.

  4. I showed my children the page in the bible that talks about this. We have a sick society. Just look around at what is being pushed as acceptable.

  5. Interesting. I guess religion is not really from a supreme being and creator of the universe. It appears to the Methodist to just be what ever they vote it to be. Why not just change the name to the Methodist club and have parties and motivational speakers. If religion is not based on worshiping a supreme being and following his commands why do we give tax breaks to something that is nothing more than a club. Malachi 3:6 God does not change.

    1. You are correct, God did not give us religion. He gave us his son and the Holy Spirit so He could save us from ourselves.

  6. So in other words the Methodist Church in the United States is no longer Christian.

    1. Half of it is. The traditionalists sound like they are trying to be.

    2. That’s for God to decide. But I don’t believe that God will save those who defiantly sin against Him.

  7. People agreeing to disagree AND going their separate ways.

    There may be a lesson here for the furture of the country.

  8. I once was a Methodist. That was before it was the United with the Brethern. This article shows two sides of the coin and both sides explained well. Now my current church says to love all to include the LGBTQ members. My church is not going to split or anything like that. My church wants LCBTQ people to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    1. What’s it’s stance on other social issues? Just asking.

      There are many “alienated” Catholics in my acquaintance who have broken away due to politics.

    2. Does your church want them to turn away from sin. At my church if you are an addict or an adulterer or a thief or a liar we love you but expect you to turn away from sin which separates you from God and result in eternal destruction of your soul. That is biblical love not the accepting of people and ignoring behavior that will cause them to loose their souls.

    3. Hate he sin, love the sinner. Exactly what God does.

  9. As a life long United Methodist, I will be the one to say the obvious. Apparently we were not that united.

    1. At least you have your social gospel, not a prosperity gospel.

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