‘It’s Chaos’: Melinda Gates Blasts Trump Admin’s Coronavirus Response

Melinda Gates and her husband have spent billions of dollars fighting diseases like polio, and in a Friday morning interview, she slammed the Trump administration’s response to coronavirus, calling it “chaos.”

Asked if she is surprised that the U.S. was not “better prepared,” Gates said that she is surprised that “we’ve wasted so much time. That we haven’t had leadership at the national level to get out tests in the right way, protective gear in the right way, contact tracing in the right way.”

She went on to praise the way that Germany has handled the coronavirus (the country has suffered less than 8,000 deaths, reportedly). Gates noted that Germany is starting to “slowly re-open based on the science.”

She added, “That’s the kind of leadership we should expect as citizens in this country and we’re not getting it. We haven’t gotten it yet during his crisis and so you’re seeing what’s happening and it’s chaos.”

Asked if she blames the Trump Administration, Gates responded, “I’m disappointed in what I’ve been seeing, yes.”

See her remarks below:

Gates has apparently decided that it is time to speak out about the Trump Administration’s handling of the coronavirus. On Thursday, she gave an interview to Politico in which she praised Germany’s response and said that there has been a “lack of a coordinated effort” in the United States.

On Friday morning, she urged caution in reopening the country, saying that she believes “we are still at the beginning stages of this pandemic, that we have seen the first part of it. To reopen we need to do far more testing and tracing and we need to be very careful and go very slowly as we reopen.”

Watch the video below:

In early March, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation teamed up with a few other charities to pledge to donate $125 million to combat the coronavirus pandemic.


  1. I am one who believes it is high time we got back to a sense of normalcy in addressing the “threat” of Corona.

    Contrary to what some may believe I do not want to perform the viral equivalent of lining people up in front of an open ditch and gunning them down because I disagree with the forced continuation of “Shelter in place.”

    While here in Missouri they have thankfully begun to relax some of the restrictions to employment and commerce, in other places, not so much.

    As much as the number crunchers and the communicable disease experts believe they know, they do not have the eyes of God. They may be good at what they do, but in the end they are much like meteorologists. Making predictions about a future that no man can predict. I live on the edge of tornado alley. We have the potential of severe/dangerous weather here. It seems that whenever a storm rolls through, the local airwaves are taken over by the weathermen with their Doppler radar and their dire predictions, tornado watches, warnings, etc. If the wind and rain kick up, the municipalities start leaning on their tornado warning horns. I swear it sounds as if the Luftwaffe is going to imminently fly over and bomb the living crap out of us.

    There are some who are terrified each and every time the horns sound and run for the bathroom and hide in the tub. (Furthest inside room with no windows.) And you have guys like me who go, “Okay they’re blowing the horns, so what? Maybe there is actually a tornado within a hundred miles, more than likely there isn’t.” I’ve lived here long enough to know that your garden variety tornado is a very fickle thing. Drops out of the sky, is on the ground for a few seconds/minutes and gets sucked back up into the clouds. They do have a potential to do a lot of damage while they are down, (See The Wizard Of OZ) anywhere from one roof, house, barn, etc. to several, to more than just a few. The monster tornado that hit Joplin in 2011 was what they call an EF5. That one was a direct hit on a major urban area. In both cases pretty rare.

    I look at tornados much like I do vehicle accidents. Oh, by the by, driving is a privilege, not a right. However once that privilege has been earned it cannot be arbitrarily taken away and I am not an advocate of unlimited speed. But I digress. Vehicle accidents are an inevitable risk inherent with motor vehicles. It goes with the territory. You take what precautions you can, but that doesn’t guarantee a positive driving experience. I know this from first hand experience. Same, same with tornados. “2011 marked a huge spike in tornado activity in the United States. 1,704 confirmed tornadoes killed 553 people. This includes 158 deaths from the category EF5 tornado that struck Joplin, Mo., on May 22.” How Many People Have Died From Tornadoes? (Infographic) When all is said and done tornados tear up a lot of real estate, however, they are not as deadly as motor vehicles. So having been nearly killed in a wreck, do I tremble with fear each time I get behind the wheel, or find myself a passenger? Hardly.

    All that said, my position is that there are not enough places to hide from all the dangers of life. Corona is but one more risk to be considered. Proverbs 22:13 says The lazy one [manufactures excuses and] says, “There is a lion outside! I will be killed in the streets [if I go out to work]!” Lazy could be interchangeable with timid. There comes a time when one has to put on their big boy pants and get out in the real world. There are few who have the financial luxury of being able to afford selective agoraphobia. To demand that society pick up the financial slack so that they can continue to hang out at the house is a self-centered pipe dream.

    There are literally millions, who have been forced out of work due to the bureaucrats running the country, economy and citizenry into a tree in an attempt to stave off the perceived threat of Corona. While more than a few have died and people do die, that’s a fact. None of us will get out of this world alive. I just don’t believe that forced quarantine of the entire population is the way to go. It is a financial disaster for the poor displaced working schmucks who have been forced into unemployment. It is also a financial disaster for many small businesses, who are facing going out of business over being classified as “non-essential.” The myopic and heavy-handed executive orders are crushing the life out of the country and all over trying to prevent a bunch of what ifs. The economic poison cure is rapidly outpacing the perceived danger of Corona in its destructiveness.

    And yes, I do admire Shelly Luther I look upon her as a gutsy lady. She was tired of not being able to provide for her family, care for her stylists and keep her business from going under. So she got up on her hind legs and defied the stranglehold that the executive decree had over her. Much like the founding fathers stood up to king George and broke free from England.

    And as Forest Gump would say, “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

    1. “It is a financial disaster for the poor displaced working schmucks who have been forced into unemployment.”

      It is a financial disaster for the working schmucks forced to work for such low wages for so many years that they had no option but to stay at a job that caused them to be exposed of a virus that might deny them work by getting sick anyway, wreck permanent havoc with their lungs, have medical bills bankrupt them financially, or eventually kill them and maybe some of their family, all because Dear Leader is inept and incompetent.

      Oh, I think you have a lot more waiting inside you itching to get out. Don’t bother.

      1. Scott Urquhart Forced you say? are they literally under the gun to slave away for substandard wages? No. Are they forced by some law to remain in the employ of someone who does not compensate them in the way they wish to be compensated? No. You are no more than a whiney, entitled Trump hater. I’ll bet you live in your mom’s basement and spend all of your money on Pop Tarts and video games. That is, when you are not cowering under your bed in fear of Corona. Sheeple like you buy, hook, line and sinker into all of the fear-mongering tripe about Corona, being cranked out by a news media that fully supports the draconian edicts being laid down by constitution shredding bureaucrats who are exercising martial law control without declaring martial law.

  2. Of course Melinda being an egg spurt on running an entire country and producing enough equipment to go around. Is she an egg spurt on pandemics and medical response or does she watch Bill write a check? I think the latter. Of course she’s a Liberal and has a mouth. More Blah, blah, blah.

  3. Germany would welcome you and your hubby and especially all your tax dollars.
    Have a safe trip!

  4. Dr. Gates, please give us your professional opinion. Or is it PhD Economist Gates? What exactly is your expertise in the areas of national health and the economy?

  5. Sweden did Not shut the Country down at all. There are not worse off either.
    Many have said that staying inside is the reason for the spread, that we need to get outside and social distance. You and Bill
    Have an agenda to keep us locked down until you’re sure that Trump will lose reelection. You two are Evil. I don’t want your vaccine.

    1. BS!

      The country has paid a heavy price, with 3,175 fatalities from COVID-19. That’s more than 31 deaths per 100,000 population, compared with about 8 per 100,000 in neighbouring Denmark, which imposed a strict lockdown early on that is only now being slowly lifted.

      Not that YOU care, but as in all countries, it is the poor and immigrants that get hit the hardest. Immigrants are more likely to live in large family groups. They don’t have summer homes to which they can escape cities. A bus driver or taxi driver can’t work from home.

      You are ignorant and are spreading nonsense and lies.

      1. Sweden developed immunity whereas Denmark did not. That was the lesson of that story.

  6. Germany has a smaller population for one. Secondly you’ve been funding the WHO, the CDC, the NIH, and the UN! Surely you could have told your pocketed minions to be prepared. Anthony Fauci knew this was coming in 2017 and you and hubby were financing him. So where is your culpability? No. Trump is doing the best he’s able under the circumstances. Perfect? Perhaps not. But we’ve been a free society, here. So farewell to you both.

  7. Can someone please shut she and her husband up? No one care what they think. Kust because they are rich doesn’t mean we need to listen to anything they have to say. It’s getting old.

  8. Melinda…maybe you should go live Germany. This was an unprecedented crisis that most likely no one could have handled better. The fact that you donate so much money shouldn’t make your opinion any more or less front and forwRd than anyone else’s. And as America is learning everyday, there is always a back story…and often it comes down to money who those who stand to make it making the most noise.

  9. Millions into WHO. Look at their track record. From the same people who brought you Windows Vista. Well Microsoft is well versed as getting viruses.

    Meanwhile…what was the Dems playbook? They were focused on impeacement and blasted the travel ban.

  10. Why should we believe her over Fauci and Birx? Aren’t we supposed to be listening to the scientists? Sorry, this woman is a globalist first and an American second.

    1. i think there is a history with the Gates and some in the medical world. Surely there is oreto this story…time will tell.

  11. Another Tevia. The made millions off the American economy but they push the socialist agenda of the biggest failures in the world history.

    1. That’s exactly what would have happened if Hillary had been elected. And Comey and Clapper would have been ringmasters.

      1. Biden will be a puppet president to someone. He’s too out of touch. He dare not win. We don’t know who’s controlling his strings.

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