Melania Trump Thanks Students for Shifting Their Lives Amid Pandemic

The first lady is offering a message to students, thanking them for shifting their lives amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a video message, First Lady Melania Trump said, “Over the past two months I know you have had to make many changes in your life. Many of you have had to attend classes in your homes and haven’t been able to see your friends. Many of you were looking forward to your prom, spring sports and graduation.”

Trump’s pre-recorded remarks were first made during a CNN Coronavirus Town Hall on Thursday.

While noting the changes for students and children were “not easy,” the first lady applauded them for being “so strong” and expressed that she is “proud of the examples you have become.”

“So, thank you for helping your families, your friends, your communities and our country to stay healthy and safe during these unusual times,” Trump said. “Thank you for keeping up your studies and learning in new ways.”

See her comments below:

She then urged students to “take care” of themselves as the country navigates through the coronavirus pandemic, which has now caused there to be over 1.6 million confirmed cases in the U.S.

She also encouraged them to read a book, practice a sport or learn a new one, and help out around the house.

“These are important and healthy habits that we can all easily practice, and they are a reminder that we will only get through this with patience, compassion and care,” Trump said. “Tonight, please know, that the President and I are with you during these challenging times and we continue to do everything we can to support you.”

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  1. Who wrote this for her? Typical speech. Cold..detached..unemotional Plastic. Just like she… Useless accoutrement.. pretty.. but useless.