Meadows: State Attorney Generals ‘Should Be Suing the Obama Admin’ Over USPS Changes

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows offered his take on state attorney generals preparing to sue President Donald Trump’s administration over operational changes introduced at the United States Postal Service (USPS).

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday, Meadows was asked about DeJoy’s decision to halt executive changes for mail processing and daily operations as several state attorney generals prepared this week to sue the Trump administration to halt USPS changes.

Meadows fired back as he insisted state attorney generals should be “suing the Obama administration.”

“Listen, this postmaster general did the right thing, said we’re going to put these operational decisions on hold. But they’re not President Trump’s operational decisions,” Meadows said. “They came from 2011 under the Obama administration. Now all of a sudden, there’s outrage and this unbelievable uprising.”

Meadows also expressed support for in-person voting as he insisted there is no reason why people should not be able to vote if people are also out protesting.

“We see Democrats with this hypocritical point that says somehow we shouldn’t be able to show up at the polling place and cast a vote. That’s just ridiculous,” Meadows said.

See Meadows’ comments below (starting at 28:50):

Meadows’ latest remarks come less than one day after he weighed in on the postmaster general’s decision to halt operational changes for the Postal Service, as IJR previously reported. According to Meadows, the president was not informed of DeJoy’s decision before it was announced.

“The postmaster general did that on his own,” Meadows told reporters.

He added, “That was an independent decision that was made by the postmaster general and the board of governors… And really it’s more from an appearance standpoint more than anything else.”

Many states are offering residents the option to vote by mail.


  1. “The Obamanation tried to reduce the Post Office during his administration.” Lying Paul The Emeffer

    Attacks on the PO started in 1907. You are WAY late to THIS party, Lying Paul The Emeffer.

  2. The Obamanation tried to reduce the Post Office during his administration. Several post offices were closed and others proposed to be closed in MT at that time. The same was done all over the nation. His other measures, hailed by Democrats then, are now being blamed on President Trump by Democrats trying to get votes. More projection by the lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats, like the ones posting here. 5 Democrat liars in all, the usual suspects.

  3. Faux News that Biden is pushing to the left is like all the news they do. False. We are pushing toward the COMMON GOOD which is the moral thing to do. This party, the GOP, which has turned into Trumpism should not exist. They hate government, that’s the reason they are so bad in governing. History has shown that they make a mess when they are in power and then the Democrats have to clean up their mess.

  4. It baffles me how these GOP legislators like Meadow and Moscow Mitch and Lindsey Graham have been elected by their constitutuents. Not only are they difficult in bypartisan negotiations, but, tell me, what have they done for their states?

  5. The Trump team leaves me breathless, over and over, with their guileless lies and shameless arrogance. Sue Obama, so Trump can’t be blamed for what he’s doing?

  6. Unbelievable… you don’t pick up a plan from almost 10 years ago and not review if its still the right thing to do based on whats happening TODAY.

    Nice try. But this one can’t be blamed on Obama.

  7. Trumpers are asked to believe Mexico is paying for the wall, China is paying U.S. import taxes, Obama should have had a test for a virus that did not exist until 3 yrs AFTER he left office, 12,000 H1N1 deaths from April, 2009-April 2010 is “incompetence” but 171,000 Covid-19 deaths in 8 months is a “great response.” Asking them to believe changes to the postal service implemented in 2020 were a result of Obama 2009-2017 changes is par for the course.

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