‘What We Are Seeing Is Politics as Usual’: Meadows, Pelosi Trade Jabs Over Stimulus Negotiations

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) simultaneously criticized the opposing party for their failure to reach an agreement on the next coronavirus relief package.

During a White House briefing on Friday, Meadows claimed Republicans have presented four different proposals to Democrats in efforts to extend enhanced unemployment benefits and a federal moratorium on evictions as they are set to expire on July 31.

Meadows revealed the four offers presented to Democrats have been rejected and they were not countered with a proposal.

He argued Democrats are “willing” to allow Americans struggling as a result of the pandemic to “go unprotected.”

“What we’re seeing is politics as usual from Democrats up on Capitol Hill,” Meadows said.

Watch his comments below:

Meadows explained it “surprises” him a temporary solution to expanding enhanced unemployment benefits has been shot down by Democrats multiple times.

“The Democrats believe that they have all the cards on their side and they’re willing to play those cards at the expense of those that are hurting,” Meadows said.

According to Meadows, negotiations will continue on Friday with Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

He reiterated he is “disappointed” with the results of negotiations thus far and stressed Democrats have not made any offers.

During her press briefing on Friday, Pelosi responded to criticism from Meadows.

A reporter noted Pelosi rejected the one-week extension of unemployment benefits and acknowledged Meadows previously called Pelosi and the Democrats a “politically motivated party that won’t take yes for an answer.”

Pelosi was asked why she rejected the proposal and for her reaction to his comment.

“They’re into projection. Every time they say something, I say, ‘Perhaps you are characterizing yourself and think that that’s how we are,'” Pelosi said.

She added, “We’re not. We’re here. This is serious. This is life-and-death.”

Check out her remarks below:

Pelosi indicated a one-week extension is used as a provision to allow for negotiations. It is useful if both sides are on the verge of reaching an agreement or if they have already reached an agreement, otherwise the provision is not effective.

“A week would be a time for that, if you have a bill. What are we going to do in a week?” Pelosi said.

She added, “First of all they don’t even have the votes for it in the Senate.”

Pelosi reiterated the proposal is only effective if lawmakers are on a path to an agreement, which, according to her, they are not.


  1. And the American Fascists are blaming the Democrats who are not the ones in control of the worst catastrophe since the Great Depression or WW2.

    Totally political of them.

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