Meadows Defends Pompeo’s Decision to Deliver Convention Speech on Official Trip

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on Wednesday backed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s decision to deliver his Republican National Convention remarks during an official trip despite concerns he violated federal law.

During an appearance on Politico’s “Plug in with Playbook,” Meadows suggested the original purpose of the Hatch Act has been exaggerated.

The Hatch Act, passed in 1939, “limits certain political activities of federal employees, as well as some state, D.C., and local government employees.”

“What it’s really designed to do is to make sure that people like myself and others do not use their political position to try to convince other employees other federal employees that they need to vote one way, register one way or campaign another way,” Meadows said.

He added, “We’ve taken it on well beyond the original intent of the Hatch Act.”

Watch his comments below:

Meadows noted Pompeo “made it very clear” he spoke in his own personal capacity and used no “federal assets” to deliver his speech.

He argued Americans are not concerned with Hatch Act violations and Pompeo’s speech has come into question because the convention has been a threat to Democrats.

“Nobody outside of the Beltway really cares. They expect that Donald Trump is going to promote Republican values and they would expect that Barack Obama, when he was in office, that he would do the same for Democrats,” Meadows said.

He continued, “So listen, this is a lot of hoopla that’s being made about things, mainly because the convention has been so unbelievably successful.”

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign slammed Pompeo ahead of his speech, as IJR previously reported.

“Secretary Pompeo’s decision to address the Republican Convention from Jerusalem isn’t just an abuse of taxpayer dollars; it undermines the critical work being done by the State Department,” Biden Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield said in a press release.


  1. Meadows says that the point of the Hatch act is to prevent public employees from intimidating people with government jobs to vote a certain way. It also prohibits people paid by the Federal government from campaigning, and prohibits the use of Federal money and assets from use in campaigns.

  2. “Pompeo is violating the State Department rules that HE signed off on. Senate approved State Dept officials may not attend political events.” Phyllis

    But, but, but! The White House lawyers and the administration’s lawyers OKed him doing it, though. [Wink Wink]

  3. Phylliphilis must get paid by the word. Because it certainly isn’t for content. Although I wouldn’t know for sure. I only read the first sentence
    and move on.

  4. Chuck, have you not paid attention to the RNC convention?? The majority of the speeches are NOT live. Secondly, Pompeo is violating the State Department rules that HE signed off on. Senate approved State Dept officials may not attend political events.

    I have stopped being surprised at Trumpian logic. Trumpers take medical and public health info from law school grads and college flunk-outs in their freshman yr. And now they take legal advice from a guy with an associates degree in arts. A 2yr degree is not even enough to get one into law school! SOMEBODY please MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN.

  5. As Paul clearly iterated the Trumpian point of view, Trump, his staff and family are ABOVE the law. The actual laws on the books, the Logan Act, Hatch Act, Anti-Nepotism Act,Obstruction of Justice, Lying to the FBI, Congress and Special Counsel, releasing Secret Service costs q 6 months, campaign finance laws, quid pro quo, etc…. those are laws passed for administrations NOT lead by a man with an extensive 43 year long rap sheet—defendant in 1,450 lawsuits—currently the defendant in TWO defamation lawsuits filed by a woman that accused him of sexual harassment and the second that accused him of RAPE AND since taking the oath of office has paid a $22m settlement for FRAUD and a $2m settlement for misuse of his foundation funds. APPARENTLY, if your supporters KNOW you are a CROOK when they vote for you, in Trump World, you can’t be accountable. MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN!!

  6. I for one am really sick and tired of the Dems trying to find fault and illegalities in every, I mean EVERY single thing the Republican say or do or don’t do. They just laying for a gotcha moment…..what a bunch of immature little cry babies! Obama was so far above the law when he was in office that he should have worn an orange jump suit……not to mention their gross double standards! Disgusting!!!!

  7. So, where did they expect Pompeo to speak from? That’s where he is. Did he state where he was or what he was doing in the speech? NO!! Nothing was work related. No offense, but the lying, cheating, corrupt Democrats will try to make something up about it. More Democrat dirty tricks, SSDD.

  8. There will be a flavor of the day everyday till Nov 3. This is just another one. It will melt and go poof as all the rest of them did/do like the triple scoop Russia Russia flavor.

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