McEnany on Renaming Military Bases: ‘The Bases Are Not Known for the Generals They’re Named After’

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is weighing in on the debate over whether military bases named after Confederate generals should be renamed.

During her White House press briefing on Friday, a reporter asked McEnany how it is helpful for an African American who wants to serve in the military to report to “a base named for a Confederate general who worked to still put and keep in place slavery, which impacted their ancestors.”

McEnany explained these military bases are not recognized for the generals and are instead acknowledged for those who have served America.

“The bases are not known for the generals they’re named after. The bases are known for the heroes within it, the great Americans, Black, white, Hispanic, of every race who have died on behalf of this great country,” McEnany said.

Watch her comments below:

McEnany’s comments come amid protests calling for the end to racism and police brutality and, with that, the removal of representations of Confederate leaders.

The White House threatened to veto the National Defense Authorization Act over its provision to rename military bases, as IJR previously reported.

The House passed its version of the bill on Tuesday preparing for negotiations with the Republican-led Senate, as IJR previously reported.

The Senate bill includes a provision to change the names of bases including Fort Bragg and Fort Benning. These two bases recognize men who fought against American troops during the Civil War.

McEnany argued Trump is standing with the majority of Americans who do not want to see the bases renamed.

“The president stands with the American people. Fifty six percent don’t want to see the bases’ names changed,” McEnany said.

She continued, “Where he stands is in a place where many soldiers who have lost their lives overseas, the last ground that they saw were these bases, and by changing their names, he believes that it is not appropriate.”


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    The article is about renaming bases. YOU tried to change the subject (deflect) to “Is this an idiot attempt by the Left to HELP the economy?” I Ching

    “So…you and your compatriots feel ENTITLED to things you yourselves did not esrn.
    You feel privileged to things you cannot provide for yourselves.” I Ching

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  3. It won’t be enough.
    Next will be the cities, the streets in those cities, and the buildings in those cities.
    Then it will be people’s names.
    How about we start by renaming Sheila JACKSON LEE?
    They will always want more.

  4. Note the entitlement and privilege built into Socialism. Every where and every single time.

    If these morons REALLY believe they could make things work, then let them do so WITHOUT OUR HELP, resources, or monies. Thinking people understand that it will never do so and they will be parasites.

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  6. Ok, this is all kind of ridiculous. There are a lot of things that are more important to worry about now besides bickering about renaming bases. This particular excuse against changing the names is beyond silly.

    I served on many bases during my time, and not once have I ever given any importance on what the base was called. I had several commands get renamed where I was working, and the biggest pain was having to get new patches sewed onto my uniforms.

    I wouldn’t have cared if I was serving at “Texas Base 0067” vs Fort Hood. I can’t say that a base name ever held any importance to me, regardless of who it was named after.

    I’d be willing to bet money that any of our soldiers who died in our wars wouldn’t have cared at all if the last bases that they were at were renamed. Their last thoughts weren’t how much they would miss Fort Bragg.

  7. “Is this an idiot attempt by the Left to HELP the economy?” I Ching

    This is I Ching’s idiotic attemp at deflection.

  8. Sure, because renaming is sooo much effective than actually doing things.

    OK. Rename Yale, Stanford, WashingTon DC (I’m pushing for The Morass myself, when one considers the primary types of people working there. and the state, New York, etc.

    Imagine the billions spent on making new signs, changing maps, etc.

    Is this an idiot attempt by the Left to HELP the economy? Blind squirrels and broken clocks.

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